Love Bites

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Chapter 14

I woke up with a pounding headache. My back was aching, and I found it hard to open my eyes. My eyes took some time to even focus on my surroundings, I found myself tied to a chair in an isolated room. I couldn’t even mind link Dylan about my whereabouts because we hadn’t mated.

Damn. This was not how things were supposed to go. A man who looked to be in his late 50’s walked in and smiled at me. I found myself feeling uneasy by his gaze and smile.
“I’ve managed to kill Dylan’s parents and now I will kill his mate.” The guy said, laughing, causing me to gasp.

This was the guy who killed Dylan’s parents. He was the leader of Typhoon. He was going to kill me, but I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I wasn’t just going to sit here and do nothing; I knew that I would fight till my last breath.

The man came right up to my face and said, “This is just too easy. Everything was placed in my grasp. When you’re gone, my daughter Jasmine can finally take her place as Luna.”
I gasped in shock but then remembered Jasmine’s words about how we will pay. Great. I was now sitting in front of the father whose daughter I had humiliated. Even though it was bad timing, I couldn’t help the small smile that formed at the memory of Jasmine being humiliated.

The man came towards me and smirked, “That’s right. My daughter Jasmine, the one who you made cry. Let me tell you something. I don’t care if your Luna Queen, but no one makes my daughter cry and if you do well, I’ll kill you.”
I should really watch my mouth, it has been known to get me into trouble. I heard a gun click and before I could comprehend what was happening, Jasmine stood by my side with a gun against my head. She smirked at me and all I wanted to do was wipe that off her face.

Think Scarlet, think! I had to stall or do something. I wasn’t going to let her kill me this easily.

“Wipe that stupid smirk off your face bitch. Didn’t anyone tell you that mates are for life? If you think killing me will suddenly make Dylan yours, then you are mistaken. Dylan will kill you before you even have a chance to seduce him.” I scowled.

Jasmine’s smirk was replaced with a look of anger, “Dylan will be mine. You are just an obstacle that needs to be removed.”

Before I could reply, there was a loud growl and I heard clothes rip and men screaming. My heart was racing, I knew that growl.
There was 8 wolves fighting and tackling down all the people in this room. The gun was knocked out of Jasmine’s hands and she was tackled to the floor along with her father. It was then that I saw a familiar figure step out of the shadows and I smiled.

Dylan stepped out of the shadows and he looked furious. His eyes were pitch black which meant his wolf was in control. I tried to get free, but the ropes rubbed against my skin and caused me to let out a little cry.
Dylan’s black eyes darted in my direction and he marched over, snapping the ropes. I got up and swallowed a lump in my throat. Before I could say anything, however, Dylan stormed over to the guy who tried to kill me. My wolf begged me to go to Dylan, but I was stopped by a familiar wolf. Aria.

I knew that this had to be something Dylan did alone, after all he needed the closure. Instead, I stayed back and watched my mate release his anger.
“You dare touch my mate! You dare kidnap her! You may have killed my parents, but you will NOT kill my mate.” He shouted. I flinched.
He picked up the guy and punched him continuously. I knew that all of Dylan’s anger and pain was coming out. All his anger from his parents’ deaths and I knew that all I could do was watch him.

“You will not live a moment longer, you try to kill the only reason that I can live, that is punishable by death.” Dylan said whilst punching the guy.
“NOOO.” Jasmine’s voice projected across the room. She had somehow managed to get free and was now rushing towards Dylan. I tried to get her attention to tell her not to interrupt Dylan, but she didn’t get my warning. She pulled Dylan off of her father and touched Dylan and told him to calm down. He looked even worse than before. He pushed her away and let out a loud growl. Deciding that it was time for me to intervene, I walked towards Dylan and stood in front of him. He looked at me and then pulled me into a bone crushing hug. I wrapped my arms around him, and he was breathing heavily. I pulled away from him and found that Dylan’s original eye colour had returned. My hand made its way to Dylan’s cheek, he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths before opening them again.
Jasmine stood by her father in shock. She looked at me with anger and before she could storm over to me, 2 guards held her back. Dylan walked over to the man and picked him up the collar and chucked him into the arms of the guards. Both Jasmine and her father were taken away, as were all the other rouges.
I turned to Dylan, but he walked away without giving me a second glance. I looked at him walk away in shock. He just ignored me. I walked after him and heard him giving orders to the men about Jasmine and her father. I stood there awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other. When he finished talking, I looked up, but he was already gone. What is going on with him? Did he just forget what took place here? I swear this man was giving me a headache, his moods were worse than a teenager.

Aria came out with Chris’ top on and hugged me. “I’m so glad you’re alright Scarlet, Dylan was going crazy without you. He kept blaming himself.”
I hugged her back, but her words echoed through my head. Maybe Dylan was scared about losing me again, after all he went through that has to be it. I smiled at Aria and followed Dylan’s scent. It was clear that this was the human world, meaning I had to be extra careful. Trying not to draw any unwanted attention to myself I quickly walked to where Dylan’s scent was the strongest.

I was stopped by a guy who looked like he was in his late 20’s, the awful stench of alcohol was prominent on his breath. I rolled my eyes and tried to walk past him, but he blocked my path. Drunk guys were always harder to deal with because they hated being told no.

Again, I tried to get past, but he pushed me against the wall. Already weak form being tied up, my body found it hard to get out of his grip
“Hey beautiful, you’re coming home with me.” The guy said.
I shook my head at him, and I pushed him out of the way. Sighing, I started to walk away but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back harshly. I screamed in pain as he twisted my wrist. That wouldn’t hurt me if I wasn’t so weak already. He tutted at me and leant in as to kiss me. I kicked him in the shin and pushed him, so he fell. He messed with the wrong girl. Then without looking back I ran.
I could hear him screaming out for me to come back. I kept running. It felt as though my legs would give way. I turned back to see where this guy was and ran into a hard chest. I gasped as tingles spread throughout my body. My eyes met his chocolate ones which where slowly turning black. I was breathing heavily, and my body was aching. Dylan pulled my weak body behind his frame and started growling loudly. With one single punch he knocked the guy unconscious.

That was super-hot, my wolf said, and I couldn’t help but agree with her. My vision started going blurry and I tugged on Dylan’s arm. He turned around and almost immediately his eyes became his normal chocolate colour and he picked me up carefully. My wolf was sighing in content whilst I rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes.
When I opened them again, I found myself back at the palace, in my bed. I got up and rubbed my eyes. I went outside and saw maids and cooks rushing around like crazy, there were decorations everywhere. I was so confused. I walked downstairs and bumped into a girl that I had never met. “Oops sorry.” She said.
“OMG. You are the Luna. Pleasure to meet you, I am Kaylie.” Kaylie said.
I remembered when Aria told me that Kaylie and her friend where coming back. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Kaylie had long blonde hair which was wavy, and she had piercing blue eyes. She was beautiful. I had a good conversation with Kaylie, and I found out that she had just found her mate which was Caleb. I was super happy for them. I knew that they would make a good couple. I was glad that I didn’t take Caleb to that party. My mind wondered back to when Dylan picked me up but then I never saw him after that. In fact, I had no idea how I managed to get into my bed.
I turned back around and walked back upstairs as Kaylie went to find Caleb. I followed Aria’s scent and found she was telling Alison that she had to find something beautiful to wear. I knocked on the door and Aria and Alison’s eyes brightened up and they dragged me into Aria’s room.
“Um…. guys what is going on?” I asked confused.
Both girls looked at me weirdly. “Well it’s the ceremony to make you the Luna Queen and all the other royal positions will be given as well.” Aria looked at me like I was dumb.
I stared at her in shock and bewilderment. Me, becoming the Luna Queen? I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t even marked. How could Dylan come up with this decision by himself? He didn’t even tell me what was going on. I wanted to become Luna Queen but not right now. I just wasn’t ready yet. Alison patted my arm reassuringly and gave me a smile. I smiled back at her weakly.
I stood up and decided that I was going to go and confront Dylan and ask him what the hell is going on.
I stepped outside and heard Alec on the phone. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but what was being said intrigued me.
“It’s done. He doesn’t suspect a thing. I will let you in at the ceremony to attack. I won’t fail. I will make sure that Dylan gets Jasmine. This ceremony won’t happen.” Alec’s voice was a whisper, but I heard every single word.
I ran towards Dylan’s scent, he needed to know this new information. My thoughts were with Alison; her mate was betraying his own King. My main priority is to make sure that what Alec said wouldn’t come true. I burst into Dylan’s study to see his stone cold, emotionless face staring at me...

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