Love Bites

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Chapter 15

Dylan’s emotionless face made me reconsider my idea but remembering Alec’s words, I took a deep breath and walked towards Dylan. He stood up his chocolate eyes piercing into my eyes. I swallowed a lump in my throat and before he could say anything I rushed out and said, “First, why the hell didn’t you tell me about the ceremony? This should be a decision taken together. Secondly, I know that you are avoiding me because you are afraid to lose me and after all you’ve been through, I understand. But avoiding me isn’t going to be the solution because I need you here with me. You have to trust me as well, Dylan. I can be strong as long as you are by my side,” My voice broke a little at the end.
Dylan’s face slowly softened, and he ran his hand through his hair. He looked at me, his eyes full of guilt and love. “Oh Scarlet, I had no idea how long I was going to avoid you and you are obviously right I don’t want to lose you again just like I lost my parents. I won’t ever leave your side. That’s why I am holding this ceremony and if people know that you are their queen then they can protect you and that’s all I need.” He pulled me into a hug, and I hugged him back. I guess Dylan was right, and after all I knew I was going to be crowned Luna Queen at some point, it just was going to happen earlier than I wished. I knew I would be okay, as long as I had Dylan.
I felt all my pain go away and was filled with happiness, but something was pushing me to say something else. I broke the hug and looked into Dylan’s eyes. How I was going to say what I heard before coming here? Telling Dylan would mean that I would have to accept that Alec was the traitor. My heart broke for Alison, what was going to happen to her?
Deep breaths. One thing at a time. First, I had to tell Dylan what I heard and then we go from there.
“Dylan there is something else you should know. On my way here, I heard Alec talking on the phone and he was saying how he would make sure people could attack tonight at the ceremony and how Jasmine would get her rightful place as Queen.” I blurted out in one go.
Dylan glared at me, his eyes slowly switching from his chocolate eye colour to brown. He was having a debate with his wolf. It was clear he believed me, but I needed him to calm down.
I took my chances and lent up and kissed Dylan hoping that he would calm down. It had been some time since Dylan, and I had kissed, and my wolf was demanding another taste of Dylan. He responded immediately and picked me up. Automatically my legs wrapped around his waist and he put me on the desk. When we broke this kiss, our foreheads were touching.
Dylan was calm now and I was about to say something, but Dylan pulled me in for another kiss and this time the kiss was full of passion and my hands made their way to his hair. When we broke apart, he started leaving little kisses down my neck and I bent my head back and suppressed a moan. Sparks were flying through my body and my wolf was growing more excited by the minute. She wanted Dylan to mark us, but I knew that right now was not the right time.
“Scarlet. I have to stop now otherwise I’ll take you right here and now just like I’ve wanted since I first laid eyes on you.” Dylan’s voice was husky and full of lust.
I blushed and hopped off the desk. Dylan lifted up my chin, “Don’t hide your beautiful blush from me Scarlet.”
I smiled, and Dylan kissed me briefly on the lips before his eyes glazed over. He was mind linking somone, my guess was Chris. He was probably making sure there was extra security at the ceremony.
Dylan glanced at me and said, “Chis will make sure there is more security, I am not taking any chances. Also, Jasmine and her father are going to be put in the Rebel cell.”
I nodded and shivered. The Rebel cell was used for prisoners who were extremely dangerous. This was a cell that had one-way glass, that was just red and was heavily guarded. If you tried to get someone out of this cell, you would have to pass the lasers, then the eye check, then more lasers and then guards and finally a pin.
Both Dylan and I decided to keep this little discovery about Alec to ourselves. We had secret guards to keep an eye on Alec and report his whereabouts at all times to Dylan and me. I kissed Dylan on the cheek before leaving his study and going to Aria’s room.
Alison was there, and she looked so happy that I almost felt guilty for telling Dylan about Alec. I didn’t want true mates to be separated but then was reminded that Alec was putting everyone in danger here by letting those monsters in. My wolf assured me that I was doing the right thing. I sighed. Aria dragged me in, and both girls were already ready.
They both looked beautiful as they always do. Aria and Alison looked at me pleading me with their eyes to let them get me ready.
I sighed and let the girls do my hair and make-up. I knew that finding out about Alec has put me off but I knew this ceremony was necessary so the pack can be strong. This day was always going to happen, it was just happening a little sooner than I would have liked.
Alison curled my hair and left it down. Aria kept it minimal on the make-up, which is what I wanted. I had some nude eyeshadow with eyeliner and mascara. I then had a light pink shade of blusher put on and finally some red lipstick. Aria handed me a dress in a bag, and I went to get dressed. I slipped on sliver heels and put on blue earrings. Aria and Alison took loads of pictures of me and kept gushing how gorgeous I looked and then I took pictures of them and finally we took pictures together. Spending time with my girls almost made me forget about my worries, but they came rushing back and I composed myself. Now was not the time to freak out, I had to make sure Alec didn’t suspect a thing.
We walked out and Chris and Alec were there waiting patiently. I smiled at them both and managed to stop my wolf from confronting Alec there and then. Both boys looked head over heels for their mates. Aria had a pretty blush on her face whereas Alison was bright red. I smiled at them both and was heading to Dylan’s study.
He came out before I could go in and he stopped in his tracks when he saw me. I looked down at my dress and straightened it out. I hoped I had nothing horrible on my face. He was looking at me with pride and lust in his eyes. I blushed and turned away. He pulled me back and whispered in my ear, “You are so beautiful. I just want to make love to you right now. To hell with the ceremony.”
I gasped and playfully hit him. My face was probably a crimson colour. Dylan chuckled at my reaction and whispered in my ear, “I will make love to you Scarlet and it will be very soon. My wolf and I are getting very impatient, especially after the other day.”

My eyes widened in shock and I felt my core tighten in desire. I shake the feeling away; this was not the time for this. I knew Dylan would have no problem taking me back to our room, but we couldn’t, not yet anyways. We walked hand in hand down the stairs. It felt good to have this much contact with Dylan and my wolf was enjoying it too.
I heard someone calling us and we walked towards the hall. Heads turned to me and I suddenly felt myself becoming very self- conscious and nervous. Dylan squeezed my hand in reassurance. With help, I got up on the stage and found a bowl with a knife on. I knew that as a symbol of respect I would cut myself. It wasn’t that I was worried about. I was most worried about Alec. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, fidgeting and saw the secret guards keeping an eye on him. Seeing that everything was under control, I breathed a sigh of relief and headed towards the ball.
An elder wolf came forward and came to the bowl and said loudly, “Today, we are here to witness our Luna Queen and King become one. They will mix their blood in this bowl and drink it. They will swear to protect this pack and all packs across the world. They will then appoint their Royal betas.”
People were cheering, and I faced Dylan and smiled at him. He gave me a reassuring smile and the elder wolf handed Dylan the knife. Dylan cut his wrist and let blood fall out of it. He said in a loud voice, “I promise with all my heart to protect all the packs from any danger, to be a fair ruler and to always listen to everyone. I also promise to fight until my last breath and make sure we are protected from any threats that may come to us. I promise to be loyal to my Luna and she will only have a place in my heart. I promise this to my pack.”
Cheers erupted, and Dylan handed me the knife. Swallowing the lump in my throat, my shaky hand took the knife. After taking a deep breath, I cut my wrist. It was a sharp pain and the drops of blood began to fall. With a newfound confidence I said, “I promise with all my heart to guide all the pack members with their decisions. I promise to be fair and listen to everyone. I promise to look after the mothers and the children of the pack. I also promise to be loyal to my Alpha and bear him pups. He only will be in my heart. I promise this to my pack.”
People were jumping up and down in excitement. I looked at Dylan and he looked at me in admiration. I blushed. The elder wolf mixed our blood and poured it in two wine glasses. I looked at Dylan and smiled. We twisted our arms and drank the blood. It tasted bitter sweet. The elder wolf shouted, “Your new Alpha King and Luna Queen.” The sound was deafening but it made my heart fill with joy to know so many people look up to us.
Chris then came on stage with Aria. Dylan silenced the crowd and said, “This is my new royal Beta Chris.” Do you promise to guide me, to be by my side and to protect this pack with all you have?”
Chris replied, “I promise to guide you through your write and wrong decisions and to always be by your side. I promise to protect this pack with all I have until my last breath.”
Dylan’s gaze turned to me and I cleared my throat and said, “Aria. I am appointing you as my new Royal beta female. Do you promise to guide me, to be by my side and to help me with all my decisions?”
Aria replied, “I promise to guide you and to help you with all of your decisions. I promise to always be by your side.”
The crowd went wild. Chris and Aria stood up. Aria hugged me and they left the stage. I held Dylan’s hand and lent my head on his shoulder. I loved seeing the pack like this and I felt this urge to protect all of them.
Scanning the crowd for that one certain being, I was met with Alison’s teary face. Alec was gone and, on the move, ...

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