Love Bites

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Chapter 16

I rushed over to Alison and asked, “Alison, where’s Alec? Why are you crying?”

Of course, I had an idea, but I needed to hear it from Alison. A part of me still wanted to believe Alec wasn’t capable of betraying us or his mate.
Alison wiped her nose and told me, “Alec, he said that he loves me but he has to leave and that I won’t see him for a while but he will come for me. What is going on here Scarlet?”
I looked at my best friend and hugged her. I knew that she would be feeling rejected. After all she has been through with Alec; this was not the way I had thought that he would leave. I looked at Dylan; I purposely let him in onto what Alison was saying. He was talking to guards; people were talking and looking confused. Aria caught my gaze and rushed over. She nodded at me and I walked over to Dylan where he was talking to Chris and the guards.
Before a word left my mouth, there was a loud bang. I jumped. Dylan stood in front of me growling. Chris was by Aria’s side in a matter of seconds and people were screaming. The door was bashed down and entered people I had never seen before, but it seemed as though Dylan had. He was growling and he clenched his fists. I rubbed soothing circles on his back to calm him down and saw him back muscles slowly relax. He turned to me and pulled me next to him. I held his hand, hoping that it will restrain him from doing anything he would regret later, although I highly doubted that he would.
A man with jet black hair pointed to Dylan and shouted, “You release my Alpha and his daughter, whose rightful place is right there beside you. This whore shouldn’t be there.”
Growls came from all wolves, but Dylan suddenly seemed amazingly calm. I noticed that Alex was standing there his gaze focused on one of the girls from Typhoon. He looked sad and I sighed as I realised that they were mates, however when I looked at the girl, she was holding hands with another man and I saw her purposely kiss this guy. Alex fell to the ground and not caring what was going on I rushed over to him, meaning I broke contact with Dylan.
Alex was on the floor and I helped him get up, he gave me a friendly smile. “Look, Alpha King. Your mate has abandoned you for a guard! Ha! She is a keeper.” The man with black hair said, smirking in my direction.
I looked at Dylan to see his face saddened. I mentally slapped myself. How could I be so stupid? After all Dylan has been through, I should be by his side and I shouldn’t have left him. But now I know exactly what to do. I smiled in this idiotic person’s direction and made my way back to the stage.
I held Dylan’s hand even though he was hurt about my actions to show him I was sorry, and I would never leave his side. Dylan squeezed my hand and that gave me the confidence I needed to speak to this bastard with a smug look on his face. “Oh, I am sorry, but I was always taught to wait for your mate because they are your other half, but it seems as though you didn’t teach your “pack” members that at all. And if one of my pack members need help then it is my duty to help them. But then again, I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about duty or respect because you are all pathetic wolves and all you do is kill for fucking fun.” I spat out, my anger getting the better of me.
He looked at me in shock while I raised my eyebrows. I saw people in my pack members, smile and clap for me. Alex mouthed thanks to me and walked towards his mate with a serious and determined face. He let me in when he said, “I Alexander Filer, reject you, my mate.”
I smirked to myself when I heard the girl gasp in shock and fall to her knees. That’ll teach her, for not waiting for her mate. Alex proudly walked away and went back to focusing on protecting the pack, I knew he would be hurting but hopefully this situation would be able to keep his mind off of it and it helped that the stupid girl had already betrayed Alex, so he could use his anger to protect the pack.
I heard Alec’s voice as he brought out Jasmine and her father. Alison saw Alec and broke down; I couldn’t handle my friend’s constant sobs and I looked at Alec in disappointment. Dylan let out a loud growl. Jasmine walked towards Dylan, but I stepped in front of him. Enough was enough. This bitch was going to die today, by my hands or Dylan’s. My wolf and I knew it would be by my hands, my anger and jealousy wouldn’t wait for Dylan.
Before she could say anything, her father pulled her down and whispered something in her ear. She smirked and left, swaying her hips, like she thought Dylan was watching her. I knew that Dylan was actually watching Alec as well as Jasmine’s father very closely.
“Well, this is a sudden turn of events. Is it not? I am going to enjoy killing your mate, Dylan. Of course, none of this could have happened, if it wasn’t for Alec. He betrayed you and now you will pay the price. His mate will be safe, that was our only agreement.” Jasmine’s father- Paul said.
“I am going to enjoy this so much. Too bad our kidnapping plan didn’t work. Scarlet you aren’t as smart as I thought. You didn’t recognise my voice that night when you came out into the hall and that “fight” of yours actually worked in your downfall.” Alec said smirking at us.
I looked at him in shock, he was the one who I had heard? I felt so stupid but realised that right now is not the time to dwell on the past.
“Alison come here, you’re better off here with me rather than with these people.” Alec said holding out his hand for Alison.
I saw Alison get up and wipe her tears. Her determined face made me feel proud because I knew exactly what she was going to do. A smirk made its way onto my face as I watched Alison walk up to Alec and slap him. The echo sounded through the hall and left everyone shocked.
“I would rather die than go with you, Alec. You betrayed your own mates’ trust and for that I will never forgive you. I, Alison Tybalt, reject you, Alec White as my mate. I thank the Goddess that you never marked me.” Alison said, loudly before walking away without looking back.
Alec’s face was in shock and denial. He couldn’t believe that his mate rejected him and slapped him. I was so proud of Alison. Dylan smirked as well, showing me that he was also proud. Paul shook his head and patted Alec’s back. His eyes turned to me and Dylan stood in front of me in a protective stance. My wolf was itching to get out and help Dylan. It was hard trying to keep her under control.
“KILL THE GIRL” Paul shouted. Suddenly people started shifted and fighting. The hall was a blood field in a matter of seconds. Dylan shifted into his wolf and was standing in front of me. Guards surrounded me; I could even see Aria and Alison in their wolves killing the others. When I tried to leave the guards pushed me back into the circle. I felt so helpless and I hate feeling helpless, like I can’t do anything. If my friends can do it then so can I, title or not. I burst through the crowd of guards and shifted into my wolf.

Momentarily, I felt bad for ripping the dress, but it wasn’t my main priority. Shaking my head, I reminded myself that I wasn’t helpless; I was one hell of a fighter.
My wolf was glad to take over and we started to kill the rouges. I heard Dylan in my head, shouting at me to change back and to protect myself. I assured him that I was more than capable of fighting for myself. He growled but stayed near me.

My eyes were looking for one target and I smirked when I spotted her. Jasmine was standing in a circle of guards. Pathetic bitch wasn’t even capable of fighting, she was all bark and no bite. Quickly, I mind linked Aria and Alison my plan and of course they agreed. I ran over to a corner where there were spare clothes. Quickly, shifting into my human form I put on the clothes and ran towards Jasmine. Aria and Alison were in front of me killing all the wolves in our path.
When we reached the pack of guards, I looked to see Paul fighting with Dylan and Chris fighting with the Beta, Alex was fighting Alec. The main people were occupied. I punched one guard in the face and kicked the other in the shin. Alison and Aria finished them off. I took one look at Jasmine’s face and smirked, this was the opposite to how she was when I was kidnapped. She looked so confident then but now she just looked pathetic. I grabbed her by the hair, and she screamed. Luckily no one heard her scream in the midst of all the chaos. I pushed her to the ground and kicked her in the stomach. She cried out in pain. I picked her up by her neck and pushed her up against the wall and whispered in her ear, “Now, next time I advise you not to go after my mate. Of course, if there is a next time.”
She squirmed in my grip. A little part of me was telling me to stop but the rest of me was screaming to kill her. After all she did, trying to take my place and my mate so there was no reason why I couldn’t kill her. I decided to do something that I knew would put my life at risk but I was so angry, that I knew I would end up killing this bitch.
I dragged Jasmine by her hair across the floor and to the stage where I held Jasmine up, for all wolves to see. It was suddenly silent; I saw Paul glaring at me but a new found power and confidence arose in me and I spoke to Paul. “Now, you said to me that you would kill me. You killed my mate’s parents. Tortured them. Do you really think that you’ll be able to kill me? I won’t let you. I will not leave my mate here and allow you to walk all over him. So, I think now is the perfect time for revenge. You think its ok to kill someone’s parents, then I think it’s ok to kill someone’s daughter.”
My pack members looked at me in admiration and respect. Dylan looked at me in pride and I saw love in his wolf’s eyes. I saw the knife that we had used earlier to cut our wrists. Grabbing Jasmine by the neck, I picked up the dagger and looked at Jasmine’s petrified face. My wolf urging me to kill her now, I slit Jasmine’s throat and let her lifeless body fall to the ground. My wolf and I were now satisfied that the bitch was dead. I turned to Paul’s beta and said, “You said her rightful place was up here.”
I saw Paul lunge for me, but he was taken down by Dylan. Making my way over to both wolves, I smirked as I saw my mate beat Paul. I stood at a safe distance and looked at Dylan’s desperate face. He wanted to kill Paul so badly and I nodded in encouragement. That’s all Dylan needed. He tore off the head of Paul and chucked his headless and now lifeless body away. I guess the death of his daughter made Paul think recklessly which made it easier for Dylan to finish him off once and for all. Chris pierced Pauls’ beta in the chest with glass. I looked at Alec and Alex still fighting and noticed Alison in human form now slowly walk towards both men. She had a piece of glass in her hand and she was trembling. I was breathing heavily; I had no idea who Alison would kill. I was ready to run, just in case it was Alex.
However, to my relief and surprise, Alison pierced Alec with the glass. His body feel to the ground and he looked at Alison in shock and then he died. Alison fell to the ground and I was heading towards there when Alex bent down and picked up Alison in his arms. I stopped and smiled. I knew Alex would look after Alison; they both could heal each other after everything they had been through. I headed towards Dylan and Chris who were now in human form and fully clothed.
I couldn’t help myself. I jumped into Dylan’s arms. He caught me effortlessly. His arms wrapped around my waist while my legs wrapped around his waist. I could hear him chuckle and I placed my head on his shoulder. I heard him whisper commands to guards. All the remaining pack members of Typhoon where being killed. It was mostly men with 4 women as well and they had all been charged with assisted attempted murder of the Luna Queen.
Right now all me and my wolf wanted was Dylan. After the ordeal, we had been through I wanted nothing more than to be with him. Dylan was slowly walking away from the horror place and towards our room.
When we reached, he placed me down and we both sat on the bed. I said, “I am so happy that you are ok. I don’t know what I would have done if something had happened.”
Dylan closed the gap between us, and our foreheads touched. He said, “You were so brave. I can’t explain the pride that me and my wolf was feeling when you said what you said to Paul. When you killed Jasmine, I felt so relived and you were a really good fighter. I am so happy and lucky to have an amazing person like you for my mate.”
I blushed.

I felt Dylan’s breath nearing my lips, my wolf was begging me to kiss him, so I closed the gap and pressed my warm lips to his.

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