Love Bites

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Chapter 18

I woke up with warmness surrounding me and I snuggled into it, enjoying the feeling. Two arms held me tighter and my eyes flew open. I was greeted to the sight of Dylan’s sleeping face. He looked so relaxed when he was sleeping and, in my eyes, he was more handsome. Yesterday’s events were still clear in my head, I was glad that Dylan got his revenge on the pack that tortured his parents and that annoying bitch Jasmine was now dead.
Of course Dylan marking me was still fresh in my mind. I touched my mark and smiled to myself. However, I felt myself feeling a bit worried and scared. I knew that when Dylan marked me it was only a matter of time before we completed the mating process and then let’s not forget the heat period which would probably make me pregnant and on top of all of this I have a duty to the packs and all the other packs and their Luna Queen.
My head was pounding and I closed my eyes, trying to lessen the pain. The pain vanished and I opened my eyes to see Dylan fully awake and leaving small kisses on my forehead. I blushed and he said, “Scarlet you know I can read your mind, right? You need to calm down, everything will be fine.”

Smiling at my handsome mate, I nodded. As I glanced at the clock behind Dylan I groaned. It was already 10am. Even though I didn’t want to, I escaped Dylan’s embrace and walked to the bathroom. Dylan wouldn’t have let me go if I didn’t escape. I felt cold without him and my wolf was urging me to go back to him. She already wanted to mate with Dylan and complete the process and I tried not to think about it. I quickly brushed my teeth and showered. As soon as I got out, I heard Dylan’s get out of bed too. Well at least I won’t be tempted to get back into bed if he is up and dressed.
Humming to myself, I walked into my wardrobe and got dressed in jeans and a top. I brushed my hair and let it down. After, I decided to put on some mascara and lip gloss and then walked out. Today I had to meet the pack and get to know my duties and help people. I knew that after the fight, the people would need reassurance that everything was fine.
Dylan was sitting there ready in a jeans and a top that showed off his muscles. Those amazing muscles. Dylan turned around and smirked at me. I blushed realising he can read my thoughts.

“It’s okay. It takes some time to hide your thoughts. Although I don’t mind hearing how hot you think I am.” Dylan winked at me.

I rolled my eyes and left the sanctuary of our bedroom. Dylan came out behind me and I shook my head. My thoughts needed to be controlled now. Well until I figure out how to hide them. I don’t need to increase Dylan’s ego anymore.

My wolf was laughing at my expense. I reached downstairs and saw Aria and Alison siting down and chatting normally. There were many people there, I saw Chris and Alex. I also noticed more guards in the hall, which was obviously more security as per Dylan’s orders. As soon as my girls saw me, they rushed over and gave me a massive hug. I was nearly knocked over but steadied myself. I was laughing while Aria and Alison were saying how proud they were of me and how much they loved me.
Someone cleared their throat behind us, and our group hug broke up. Of course, I knew it was Dylan, he looked at me and smirked. His eyes travelled down to my mark which was now on full display due to our group hug. My eyes were wide, and I blushed, pulling up my top for the mark to be hidden. I had to tell my friends before they found out, especially Aria; she’ll have my head for not telling her. Aria came up to me and pulled down my top. I looked at her with shock; she just raised her eyebrows and pointed to my mark.
Crap! I have a lot of explaining to do. I am dead now; Aria is going to kill me. Alison on the other hand was just happy for me, she hugged me again and then raised her eyebrows suggestively and I playfully slapped her hand away. I was so happy to see Alison happy and she seemed almost unaffected by Alec’s death, although I know she must be grieving in her own way and I respected that.
I pulled up my top and cleared my throat, “Today I am going to go around houses and talk to the women and children, however my first stop is the orphanage because many kids have lost their parents due to the battle. I am taking Aria and Alison with me.”
People looked at me in respect and Dylan looked at me in pride and joy. I turned to Alison and Aria and nodded. We left the hall and went towards the orphanage. Aria was trying to ask me about my mark, but Alison kept shaking her head and Aria would let out a loud sigh.
I giggled at Aria, she was a like a 5-year-old not getting her own way. Aria glared at me and I laughed even more.

You wouldn’t think that she is upset because I didn’t tell her I was marked. You would honestly think it was a much bigger deal.

As soon as we reached the orphanage, I got many people saying to me, “Good Morning Luna” or “Nice to see you Luna Queen.”
I was still not used to the formal greetings and just smiled and nodded. I wanted people to just call me Scarlet but that wouldn’t happen because Dylan was firm on respectful terms, and he didn’t want anyone expect my closest friends and himself of course to call me by my name.
A lady by the reception smiled warmly when she saw us. I smiled back and Aria explained that we wanted to see the little children and the lady happily showed us to a room where boys and girls were all running around, playing, laughing and most importantly having fun. I couldn’t wait till I have children. Nope, that thought has to go. It was so random, and I felt a little scared about where it had come from. Even thought it had only been a day since the fight, I was glad that any child who unfortunately lost their parents were being well looked after.
A little girl with ginger curly hair came running up to me held her hands up. I smiled and picked her up, resting her on my hip.
“De (the) boys are being mean to me. Dey (they) say I have ugly hair.” The little girl said to me, tears building up in her eyes.
I looked over to see Aria and Alison playing around and I chuckled at their silly behaviour, they could easily be mistaken for 5-year olds. I turned my attention back to the little cutie I was holding.
“What’s your name sweetie.” I asked sitting down and putting her on my lap.
“My name is Grace and I am this many years old.” Grace said, putting up 3 fingers.
I smiled at her. I saw boys laughing and pointing at Grace. Grace put her head on my chest and let out a little cry. Slowly I put her on the chair and went towards the boys who were teasing Grace. I knelt down and said, “So you are the boys teasing Grace. Well, boys, it’s not nice to tease someone because of their hair colour. I think you are just jealous that Grace has such amazing hair whilst you have boring old black, brown or blonde hair.”
The boys hung their heads in shame and I just smiled. I saw them go up to Grace and say sorry. Her face brightened up and that made my day just a whole lot better. I love doing these things. Grace ran to me and I picked her up, she was giggling, and I just couldn’t stop smiling.
I walked around with Grace because she was giving me a very detailed tour of the orphanage, I found it very cute. One of the ladies came up to me and told me, “Grace here has been with us since she was a few months old. We were told her parents passed away in a terrible accident while Grace was at home.” My heart broke for the little girl who had already made her way into my heart.

However, I didn’t have time to dwell as voices suddenly rushed through my head, catching me off guard.
“Luna!” “Luna Queen!” “We need you, come quick.”
“Scarlet you need to hurry and come here. It’s urgent.” I noticed Chris’ voice.
Before I could respond, a loud growl shook the whole of the orphanage and screams were heard. Grace put her face in my chest.
I recognised that growl anywhere…. Dylan.

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