Love Bites

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Chapter 19

Grace buried her face in my chest and whimpered. The sound of Dylan’s growl caused the little children to cry. The workers tried to calm down the children but it wasn’t working. Alison and Aria rushed out and looked at me.

I gave Grace to Aria and rushed off to where Dylan was. I could still hear voices in my head, and I said I was on my way. What on earth happened to Dylan? He was fine when I left.
I felt Dylan’s anger hit me in waves before I even saw him. My wolf was begging me to find Dylan, she knew that I was the only one who could calm him down.

Dylan wouldn’t hurt me, that I was sure of, yet I was still nervous. Dylan’s anger issues were really bad. Guards looked at me in worry and I took a few deep breaths before stepping into eye shot of Dylan. Of course, he knew I was here, but I figured he’d probably want to see me. I gasped in shock when I saw the living room in a mess. Glass was everywhere and the sofa was thrown out the window. Dylan’s eyes met mine and he rushed over and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.
I felt him burry his face into my neck and breathe in my scent. He kissed my mark and I shivered. I felt him smirk against my skin. Clearly Dylan liked the effect he had on me. That action of his caused colour rose to my cheeks. Dylan kissed me and I responded immediately. Dylan kissed me like he was afraid of something, like this was our last kiss. Guards disappeared and we were left alone in our own moment.

I pulled away and raised my eyebrows, demanding an explanation for the now ruined living room that I had spent hours re decorating.
Dylan nodded, and we went to his study. He locked the door and sat down on his chair, he motioned me to sit on his lap and I did. “Scarlet, they threatened to harm you, to take you away from me.”
“Who Dylan?” I asked.
“I don’t know, we just got a note and that’s what it said. So, obviously I got angry. How dare they threaten to take what is mine?” Dylan’s voice became louder and I jumped in shock.
“Ok big guy, you need to calm down.” I said to Dylan, holding his face in my hands, in hopes that he will calm down.
“Yes you’re right. I’ll figure this out. No one will take you away from me” Dylan leant into my touch and I smiled. At least he was calm.
“You mean WE.” I corrected him.
Dylan shook his head and said, “Only me and my trusted friends. You need to stay safe.”
I stood up and looked at him in disbelief. “Why? This concerns me. I want to help.”
Dylan growled and stood up, “I will not lose you, so you will not be helping me in any way shape or form with this. I need you to stay in here, where you’ll be safe.”
I sighed in frustration and said, “If that’s the case, then why tell me? I can’t help so there is no point me knowing.” I hated being treated like I was useless and helpless. So yes, I was angry at Dylan. He was treating me like I was a kid.
Dylan also let out a sigh and ran his hands through his hair. He came towards me, but I stepped back and said, “You continue with your work and only inform me of things that I can actually do. I don’t wanna know about things that I can’t do and have to stay here so I am safe.
I walked out and slammed the door. Mumbling to myself, I was lost in my own world when I bumped into Alex who looked sheepish and blushed. I was about to say sorry when I saw what he was wearing. A suit and he had cleaned up. He had a box of chocolates and flowers in his hands. I noticed that he was heading to the orphanage where Alison just happened to be. I winked at him and walked off chuckling to myself.
A guard approached me and said, “There is someone at the door for you Luna.” He bowed.
I nodded and went downstairs. I opened the door and gasped. My whole family was here. My little brother Matthew jumped in my arms. I was so happy to see him. I spun him around a few times and his giggles were like music to my ears. I saw my brother – Jake and Marie- his mate. I noticed a little bump on Marie, and she blushed. I was ecstatic. I was going to be aunt. Of course, my mum cried when we hugged and complained about me not phoning her enough then she said that she wanted grandkids. I told her that her son is having a baby, but she wanted one from me. My dad was willing to wait a few years, as was I. It was so nice seeing my family. I turned around, thinking I would sit down with my family and have a proper catch up as they didn’t get to come to my crowning ceremony as it was so rushed.
“Hey, why didn’t I get a hug?” A voice came from behind me. I gasped. I recognised that voice in a heartbeat. Quickly turning around, I ran into my cousin brothers’ arms, he was just like my brother having looked after me when I was younger. Daniel caught me with ease, and he chuckled. It had been ages since I had seen Daniel because he found his mate who happened to be an Alpha’s daughter, so he left our pack to become Alpha of his mate’s pack. When I was growing up, I was surrounded by boys, Jake, Daniel and David. All three were very protective of me and although at times it was annoying, I loved them all.
I heard my parents laugh as I refused to let go of Daniel. Daniel didn’t seem to mind as he walked to my parents and I smiled.

A growl from the stairs made sparks go down my spine. I reluctantly jumped from Daniels embrace. Dylan was standing there with an unreadable expression. I knew that Dylan was jealous, and I secretly smiled to myself. Before Dylan exploded, I had to tell him that Daniel was family. Obviously, I was still mad at Dylan but for Daniels sake I had to explain to Dylan. Dylan was standing on the stairs, so I quickly decided to run up and tell him. But, clumsy me wasn’t paying attention to the stairs and didn’t see something that was on the stairs. I stepped on it and slipped. I let out a little squeal and waited for my body to hit the stairs but of course it never did. Instead I was pulled up and into the arms of my mate. Warmness surrounded me and I snuggled into it. I could hear Dylan’s heavy breathing. My wolf was begging me to complete the mating process, she wanted Dylan. Me on the other hand remembered my conversation with Dylan and pushed him away.
I felt cold and wanted to be back in Dylan’s arms again. Dylan looked shocked then he smirked at me and I blushed realising he could read my mind. I told him, “Look big guy. Don’t get all caveman and start threatening to beat up Daniel. He is family. My cousin to be precise. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to have a good time with my family.”

Not giving Dylan any time to respond, I turned away and smiled at my family members. I motioned for them to come up and completely ignoring Dylan I walked my family to a seating area we had upstairs. My mum had warned me that it was just a flying visit as they had to go to another pack tomorrow which made me sad, but I knew that they’d come back soon. We had a massive catch up and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Marie was telling us the story of how she found out she was pregnant and apparently my brother was so shocked he fainted. Poor Jake was so embarrassed and that just made me laugh more. Daniel told us that he was now trying for a baby with his mate. They had been mated for a few years now but just wanted to enjoy themselves first before settling down and having pups. Once we had our massive catch up, I showed my family to their rooms which were prepared as we had our catch up. I knew my family would be exhausted after the long day of travelling. After they settled, I left them and found Matthew following me. He smiled at me cheekily and I shook my head but couldn’t help but smile. I decided on going to see Grace again because I felt bad for leaving her. Matthew could come with me. I reached the orphanage and as soon as I entered the room. Grace came running to me. I picked her up and she laughed. Matthew looked at me and stuck out his bottom lip, I could tell he was jealous, and I laughed.

Grace wanted to be put down and show me something. When I placed her on the floor she ran off and came back with a picture. It was a picture of me and her. I found it so cute and I kissed her on the cheek and Grace returned the gesture.
Matthew came in between me and Grace. He looked Grace straight in the eye and said, “She is my sister, not yours so stay away.”
Grace’s eyes started watering and I sighed. Matthew was so annoying sometimes. Poor Grace, she was only 3 after all. But what surprised me is that Matthew went over and apologised to Grace without being told to do so, what’s more he even hugged Grace. I stood there shocked, I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open.
I could help but notice how Matthew ever so gently wiped away Grace’s tear and she shivered. Maybe in the future, I thought. Grace was called in for bed and Matthew promised he would visit her tomorrow and I let out a gasp. Matthew always said he hated girls. Now these things don’t convey that message to me, and he suddenly switched from shouting at Grace to looking at her like she was the most amazing person ever.
Matthew ran without me and I just sighed and walked slowly. I got a message from Dylan to meet him at the pack doctor’s office. My wolf was nervous and sacred while I was confused. Nevertheless, I headed to the pack doctor’s office. I was greeted by the site of Dylan pacing up and down, nervously.
He looked up at me and pulled out a pregnancy test and passed it to me. “I think your pregnant Scarlet and if you are, I’ll kill the guy who touched you before me.”
My eyes went as wide as saucers as the pregnancy test was shaking in my hands. I looked at Dylan’s eyes and they turned black instantly. I was breathing heavily and stepped back before hitting a wall. Dylan smirked at me and all I thought was, Oh Moon Goddess, please protect me because this is not my mate…

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