Love Bites

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Chapter 2

Aria jumped up shocked but the man who was shoving his tongue down her throat looked pissed to be interrupted. How was I meant to know someone was in here? It was clear to me that this man was Aria’s mate. I mean if Aria’s red face didn’t give it away, then the fact that the man was growling at me and had Aria in a protective hold, would. I knew my best friend very well and she always wanted to save everything for her mate. That included her first kiss. Unlike me, I had my fair share of make out sessions. They were never all that to me. It always felt wrong. I was super happy for Aria but her mate advancing towards me set off alarm bells and I decided it was probably best to leave as I really didn’t want to get beaten up.
Aria pushed him away from me and looked him straight in the eye, “Chris. This is my best friend. You can’t just go and growl at her. She had no idea that I had found my mate. Please leave so I can talk to my best friend in peace.”
Chris mumbled under his breath and left Aria’s room. As soon as he did Aria dragged me to her bed, but I decided to sit in her armchair because I was still slightly disturbed of the scene, I had witnessed on the bed a few minutes ago. Aria couldn’t stop smiling and I was so happy that she had found someone. It reminded me of how I still hadn’t found my mate. The one who will make me blush like Aria did and how he will love me and take care of me and how I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling at the mention of his name.
My eyes watered up but I shook the tears away, refusing to let them escape. This was about Aria-not me. “So, tell me everything. How did you two meet? Is he good to you? I swear if me makes you upset, I will give him a piece of my mind” I asked Aria.

Although, looking at Chris I wasn’t sure if I would be able to even get a scratch on him.
She blushed before answering, “Chris is going to be the beta. He went on a training course and he just returned today. I went down to check on the preparations for Dylan and Chris was there ordering people around. We made eye contact and it was magical. It is the best feeling ever- being next to your mate. Chris is super sweet to me and he cares for me. I know you wouldn’t hesitate to give him a piece of your mind Scarlet, that’s why I’m telling you this. He is amazing, even though it is early days, I know you have nothing to worry about.”
I sat talking with Aria for about an hour. We laughed so much that we cried then I actually cried because I just felt so lonely without a mate and being the amazing friend that Aria is, she comforted me and told me that there was someone out there for me and I will get the mate that I deserve. I cleaned myself up after my crying moments and said bye to Aria. I came here to help, and something told me that she would be preoccupied.
She was begging me to stay but I knew better. Aria was just too nice, but she wanted to spend time with Chris before the Alpha King comes home. I knew it but she refused to admit it. I hugged her and went downstairs. Too lost in my own thoughts, I bumped into Harry.
“I’m so sorry Harry. I wasn’t paying attention.” I said, smiling a little.
“Oh it’s ok kiddo. Can you please help me? I need help decorating the hall for this evening. Your mum rang and told me that she’ll bring your dress here and you will be able to help for the whole day. Please.” Harry pleaded with me. I sighed and nodded; I wouldn’t say no to Harry. After all, I did come here specially to help. Harry gave me a massive smile and I was led to the hall.

I got started on hanging up some streamers and banners with the help of some maids. Whilst hanging them up, I heard muttered voices and strived to hear. It was between the head cook- Dorota and one of the other cooks. They were speaking about the Alpha King. I heard Dorota say that the Alpha King didn’t want a mate and he said that he would reject his mate. That poor girl who would end up as this horrible guy’s mate. I haven’t even met him, and I already hate him. Thinking those words made me feel weird for some reason. It was like my wolf and body were protesting. Sighing, I carried on with my work and thought about what I heard. I hate people who just think that they can just reject their mate because they don’t want one. They never think of the consequences. The pain that the people suffer when they get rejected is unimaginable. I feel so sorry for those people. Then there are people like me who are mateless.
Shaking my head to clear those thoughts, I carried on with the task at hand, hanging up the banners. Afterwards I cleaned up the pieces of tape which were on the floor. Once I was finished, I sat down and took a little break.
When I finally had the effort to stand up, I admired my handiwork and was happy with the way it turned out. My next job was to help the kitchen staff with food preparation. I wasn’t actually cooking but I got out ingredients they needed and whatever else they needed. That took me about an hour and the kitchen staff were so grateful. I told them that I was more than happy to help. Once that was done, I left the kitchen and without thinking I headed up to Aria’s room. As I was going, I stopped in my tracks remembering what happened when I walked in there last time. There was no way I wanted a repeat of that. Instead I decided to ask my mum where she was, I rang her, and she told me that one of the maids had taken the bag.
I sighed. I made my way back downstairs and walked around trying to find the maid that had my bag. Finally, I found her wondering the halls. She apologised for taking so long to find me and I told her it was alright. I took the bag from the maid and headed upstairs. I knew this place like the back of my hand, and I headed to a spare room and locked the door. I placed the bag on the bed and saw the note my mum had written, “Scarlet, wear this and look presentable. Mum.”

Of course, my mum would say that. I think she believed I hated dressing up but that wasn’t true. I loved it but I was just lazy. Unzipping the bag, I found the dress along with makeup, jewellery and shower things.
My mum knew what I needed. Smiling to myself I went into the shower and grabbed a towel. I had to be quick because guests would start showing up soon. I showered in record time and made sure I had shaved as well. I quickly dried myself and got on my underwear and bra. Next thing was my dress, I slipped it on and brushed my hair. I didn’t dry it, so I let it fall in natural waves. Luckily for me, my hair dried pretty quickly. Makeup was the next step, I put on some foundation, mascara, eye liner and eye shadow- making sure it all matched. I didn’t need my mum telling me how I should have tried harder. She always wanted me to look my best, apparently it was because my mate could turn up at any moment. Carrying on with the task at hand, I put on some lip gloss and slipped on some heels. The simple earrings finished off the look and I was happy that I was ready on time. I could hear guests arriving. Making sure that everything was in the bag; I made my way out and put my things in Aria’s room. Thank God that no one was in there.
Making my way downstairs, I nervously approached my mum, worried that she might tell me I should have made more of an effort. When she saw me, she smiled, and I took that as I look good and I breathed a sigh of relief. Mum had a glint in her eyes that confused me, it was like she knew something was going to happen. Again, my thoughts were making me paranoid. Instead I focused on looking around for Aria. Harry stood at the front nervously and cleared his throat. It was then that I spotted Aria at the front with her dad and her mate- Chris. Aria was smiling and looked excited. She must be happy to see her cousin after all these years.
The hall went silent and I stood with my family nervously glancing around. I was getting restless and I had no idea why. My mum elbowed me in the side and mouthed stop it to me. Although she still had that same glint in her eyes. To stop myself, I looked down at the floor. The floor was obviously so interesting.

I got lost in thought about what the Alpha King would be like. Would he still be violent? Would he try and kill? My thoughts were stopped when my Jake stood on my foot. I glared at him and he smirked. Marie shook her head at the two of us but elbowed Jake as to say, ‘stop annoying your sister’. I might have been childish, but I stuck my tongue out at Jake after Marie elbowed him. Harry started speaking, so I quickly straightened my body and listened to what Harry was saying. “Now without further ado please welcome your Alpha King.” Harry’s loud voice projected across the hall.
People started to clap and cheer, so without hesitation I clapped along with them. I tried to get a glance of the Alpha King, but people are so inconsiderate that even though they can see I am so much shorter than they are, they just stand in my way. They won’t even move when I say excuse me. How rude can people be?
I shook my head but continued clapping. When suddenly out of nowhere this amazing smell hits me. It smelled like strawberries and vanilla and I found myself becoming addicted to it. My body and wolf urges me to follow it. As much as I try to get to where that wonderful smell is coming from, I can’t. No one lets me through.
I hear someone’s loud and clear voice saying, “Thank you for that warm welcome. I appreciate it a lot. Please sit and eat and enjoy your evening. Then tomorrow I want my council here at 9am sharp.”

It sends shivers down my spine and I smile which surprises me. I took an educated guess that it was the Alpha King’s voice, but I still don’t know where that scent leads to. Within seconds people disperse and go to different corners and chat. I am left by myself stranded in the middle of the hall. I nervously smile and try to find Aria to ask her about this smell.
After about 5 minutes when I am wondering around trying to find Aria, I bump into someone. I look up and see that’s it is just David. He smiles and shakes his head at me. I sigh and go to the bar and get a glass of lemonade. Maybe a drink would cool me down. However, I found myself wanting to just go home but this smell felt like it was prohibiting me from doing so. Like I wouldn’t be able to leave until I found the source.

This wasn’t good, people might think I was crazy if I kept wondering around trying to find this smell. So, I went to the nearest toilets and took a few deep breaths, I needed to snap out of whatever this was. When I think I can go out the smell hits me again but this time it was so much stronger. I can’t stop my feet walking towards it but when I opened the door it was gone. It seemed fainter and I breathed out and walked towards Marie and Jessica.
When they both see me, the beckon me over and I gladly come. I sit down where they have saved me a seat and notice that everyone has their own table. One for each pack. As I sit down, my mum pokes me in the arm. She glances around with her eyes. I know what she was asking, if I had found my mate. I wanted to tell her about the smell but I decided against it and shake my head instead. I excepted the disappointed look I usually get but mum just smiled at me and mouthed “soon”.

Soon? Did she know about that smell? What was going on? I didn’t have time to dwell on those thoughts as everyone began eating and choosing what to have as there was so many different varieties.
I settle on a chicken salad. I felt uncomfortable in my seat and my body tried to get me to walk towards that smell. It took all my effort to restrain it. Today was not the night to make a scene and embarrass myself. After everyone had eaten and talked loads, we all got up and headed towards the stage.
Again I could smell the scent but this time it was so strong that my body was tingling with excitement. People stood talking and I saw Aria beckon me over. I gladly went. I had so much to tell her. As I was walking over to her, I heard a scream and turned around quickly. There was a female lying on the ground with a pool of blood around her with an arrow sticking out of her side. A note was attached to it which when read aloud said, “Welcome back, Alpha King. Enjoy our gift.”
There were gasps across the hall and I was among them. This was the cruellest thing to do, killing an innocent female as a “gift”.

I saw her pack members crying around her and screaming for her to wake up. I swallowed a lump in my throat and felt my knees weaken. As my knees gave way two big arms stopped me from falling. I was suddenly pulled into someone’s warm embrace and I loved it, my body tingled with excitement. My eyes closed on their own accord and I breathed in that intoxicating scent. That scent that had been driving me crazy for the whole bloody evening.

My eyes opened and as I looked up at the figure, I saw the Alpha King himself and that one word I had always wanted to hear came straight from his mouth. “MATE!”

So, I did what any other she wolf would do if they were mated to the killer Alpha King. I ran.

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