Love Bites

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Chapter 21

I woke up with coldness surrounding me instead of the warmth of Dylan like I was used to. I abruptly sat up and found no sign of Dylan or Grace in our room. Hearing some noise downstairs, I sneakily went to investigate and saw Dylan making breakfast for Grace.

It warmed my heart to see this touching scene. It made my mind wonder to when I have kids with Dylan. I’ve always been a very maternal person and suddenly I wasn’t too worried about having kids young. I always wanted to wait but now I wasn’t too sure. Seeing Dylan with Grace was making my ovaries go crazy and being on my period didn’t help it either. My mum had me when she was 19 and I am currently 19. Although I think due to the hardships that we have faced, we were taking things slower than other mates. However, I still wasn’t in any rush to have kids, when it happens, it happens.
I made my presence known and Grace’s little eyes twinkled with joy and I looked at Dylan in question, but he didn’t say anything. Before I could say anything, Dylan picked up Grace and left the room. He was blocking me out from his mind as well. What was that about? My mind couldn’t wrap around what had gotten into Dylan. So, I tried to contact him, but he blocked me. What the hell?

I sighed in frustration. My good mood was ruined, so I decided to skip breakfast and get ready. My family had already left early this morning which made me more upset because I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to them. All I got was a text from my mum saying how much she loved me. I washed my hair and shaved, feeling refreshed as the hot water made me forget Dylan’s strange behaviour.
Getting out and drying myself, I tried once more to access Dylan’s mind, but he had blocked me out. I quickly got one of my brother’s jumpers on and some leggings.

Fine. He wanted to act like this, then I was going to hunt him down and get to the bottom of his weird behaviour.

First step was trying to follow Dylan’s scent, but it was all over the place. I rushed downstairs, hoping to get a clearer picture but nothing. This was driving me insane. This kept getting stranger and stranger. All I wanted to do was have a good day with Dylan and Grace but nope he took Grace and ran off. Now I had to hunt him down because he decided to be childish and completely block me out.
Screaming in anger and knowing he had done this purposely I picked up a vase and smashed it to the ground. Not bothering to care about the surprised faces of my pack members I stormed off and slammed my door shut. Within seconds Aria and Alison had burst through the door with concerned faces and took one look at my angry face and took a step back.
I collapsed on my bed feeling so down. Aria and Alison sat on the bed and I heard Alison say, “Hey, Scarlet what’s wrong?”
I sat up and sighed out. “I just wanted to have a nice day with Dylan and Grace, especially after the events of the last few days. But no, he went off with Grace and purposely blocked me out of his mind and I can’t follow his scent because it’s everywhere.”
I huffed and folded my arms. Aria and Alison looked at me and smiled at me cheekily. “He loves you Scarlet, you know that he would never do it purposely.” Aria said, patting my shoulder.
I rolled my eyes and was about to say something before there was a knock at the door and Dylan’s voice said, “Scarlet can I come in?”
“NO you cannot. I have no clothes on.” I shouted. That was the first thing that popped into my head, I needed an excuse for him not to come in.
“Oh well, I am gonna see you naked sooner or later. Plus, it isn’t the first time I’ve seen a female naked.” Dylan said, opening the door a fraction.
I slammed it shut and said, “I don’t give a crap how many girls you’ve seen naked BEFORE we were mates but you aren’t seeing me naked… yet.”
Making sure the door was locked, I turned and saw Aria and Alison’s amused facial expressions. I mumbled swear words under my breath and was about to hide somewhere but the door came crashing down. I jumped and let out a little squeal.

Dylan’s amused face came into view and he folded his arms and said, “Naked, are we?” With his eyebrow raised.
I screamed in frustration and walked out of our room throwing my hands up in the air. He is the one who blocked me out and left with Grace. Now he’s coming back as if nothing had happened?

Dylan trailed behind me, but I ran downstairs and out into the garden. I ran behind a tree and took of my clothes. For the first time in months, I finally shifted into my wolf which was a brown and grey colour howled at finally being free. She took off in a run and the surroundings whizzed past me in a blur. I would say that I was an average sized wolf.
It must have been a good hour before I was heading back to the pack house. I had blocked Dylan out so he wouldn’t know where I was, but I felt stress free and happy. Suddenly I was knocked over by another wolf. My wolf got into defensive position but then realised that the wolf in front of us was none other than Dylan.
His black and silver wolf overpowered mine. He was massive and I seemed tiny compared to him. Dylan growled at me, obviously not liking the fact that I ran off and blocked him off from my mind. I gave him a wolfish smirk and ran back to the tree where my clothes were. I shifted back and put on my clothes.
Dylan came out in all his naked glory. I gasped at how good his abs looked then was snapped back into reality and turned around closing my eyes. I felt Dylan’s breath on my neck, he chuckled and said, “You are going to see it soon anyway.”
I felt colour rise to my cheeks but remembering what happened before, I pushed Dylan away and started heading back to the house. I heard Dylan on numerous occasions telling me to wait and he needed to speak. Of course, me being the stubborn girl I am didn’t listen and entered the pack house.
Grace was standing there with a sign that said, “WILL YOU BE MY MUMMY?” My mouth was hanging open and Grace rushed over and said, “That means daddy talked to you. So now you’ll be my mummy?”
Dylan came from behind me and smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his neck nervously.
I cleared my throat and said, “Well Grace…….

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