Love Bites

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Chapter 22

“…. I would love to be your mum.” I said smiling down at Grace.
Grace’s eyes lit with happiness she jumped up and I caught her with ease. Her ginger curls were covering her green eyes, but her smile made my heart swell in happiness. Grace laid her head on my shoulder and I saw her motion for Dylan to come over. Dylan came over smiling but he took one look at my unimpressed face and his smile turned into a nervous smile. I handed Grace over to Dylan and walked away.
I decided to sort out Grace’s room for her, it would be a few doors down from our room, it would be better if she didn’t sleep with Dylan and I, just in case. This also gave me a good reason to be away from Dylan, his little game that he played still pissed me off.
While cleaning out the spare room, Aria came rushing in tears streaming down her face, makeup smudged and hair sticking up in all directions.
I stood up and looked at her in worry, “Aria, what’s wrong?” I asked sitting on the bed and motioning Aria to sit next to me. She sat down and hugged me tight whilst saying, “Oh Scarlet what am I going to do? This was never meant to happen. And, oh, what will Dylan say? What will he do?”
Still as confused as ever I looked Aria in the eye and asked her, “Aria without me knowing what the problem is, I can’t help you.”
Aria wiped her tears with the back of her shirt and said to me, “Scarlet I’m pregnant.”
I smiled. I was so happy for Aria, but I didn’t understand what the big problem was. I mean, this was bound to happen. Aria looked at me and sighed. She then said, “Scarlet it should be the best news of my life, but it isn’t. It will never be until YOU have kids. You see the Alpha King has always had their kids before his beta, but I’ve broken that. Unless you are going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” Aria’s face lit up but when I shook my head she sighed.
It took me a while to process this information. I didn’t realise how serious this was until now. Dylan has always followed the rules of his ancestors, so what if he makes Aria abort her child because he hasn’t got a child. We haven’t even completed the mating process; he might speed it up or even force it on me.
No, now I was being paranoid. Dylan would never do those things. Aria is his cousin, he loves her.
Taking a deep breath, I held Aria’s hand and asked her, “Are you sure you are pregnant? I mean have you consulted a doctor just to make sure?”
Aria shook her head but pulled out a pregnancy test with 2 blue lines on.
I said to her, “Go and see the doctor Aria and then we’ll figure out what to do.” She smiled and left the room. I got up from the bed, sighing. Our life feels like it can never get away from drama.
Instead of stressing about Aria, I focused on Grace’s room. I figured that Dylan had already ordered a few things for Grace’s room which made it easier on me. After ringing the adoption centre, I found out that Grace actually sleeps in a proper bed. So, I hunted down some barriers which I put on either side of the double bed. This was to make sure Grace didn’t fall down during the night. Once that was done, I took a step back to admire my work. Even though it was completely finished, I was pleased that Grace would have a proper bed to sleep on. Now, there were more important matters that required my attention.
Like actually finding Grace and spending some time with her. She was a little spitfire but I found myself missing her.
I was heading down the stairs when I felt something touch me, I quickly looked around but saw nothing. Shaking my head, I continued walking until something fell out of my pocket. I picked it up and saw it had writing on. Curious, I opened it and gasped. It said,
Your mate has done the wrong thing by keeping you here. He knew the consequences of having a mate, and now you’ll have to die. Sorry that you won’t get to lead a normal life but it’s the way it has to go.”
I stared at the note for 5 minutes and debated whether or not to show Dylan. After all, I did have a right to know why I was going to die and what else Dylan was keeping from me. However, me being me, I didn’t block the mind link, so I didn’t have to tell Dylan anything because he was behind me growling.
I turned to face his black eyes staring at the note in my hands. I knew I shouldn’t be scared but I couldn’t help that my palms started sweating and my heart beat was speeding up. Little Grace came running down the stairs shouting for Dylan. I gasped; I didn’t know how Dylan would react, so without hesitation I motioned for a guard to take Grace up.
I heard her screaming and shouting to be put down, I sighed. Today there just had to be so much drama. Dylan’s eyes slowly came up to mine and in a flash, he had already put his lips on mine. The kiss was one of possession and anger. I couldn’t help but respond and pull Dylan even closer. When the kiss broke, our foreheads were touching, and we were both breathing heavily.
Dylan’s eyes had gone back to normal which made me sigh in relief. However, before I could ask him anything, he snatched the note out of my hand and rushed off. That bastard! He just left me in the middle of the hall, wanting him more than ever.
I let out a scream of frustration. He was bipolar, I was sure of it. Happy one minute, angry the next. He was worse than me on my period. I stormed upstairs and slammed the bedroom door shut. I couldn’t deal with his mood swings any more. It was driving me crazy.
A knock on my door brought me back into reality. It was Aria, she looked happy and relieved. I motioned for her to come in and asked what happened.
Aria said, “I’m not pregnant Scarlet! It was a false positive! I know I shouldn’t be this happy but at least I haven’t broken the tradition. Oh, yeh one more thing, hurry up and get pregnant. We can’t all wait for you!!”
I blushed at Aria’s words and found myself saying, “Well I would if my mate actually wanted to spend time with me!”
Aria’s eyes widened but then they quickly returned to normal and her smile was replaced by a smirk. I found myself shifting uncomfortably on my bed.
“Scarlet. Seduce him.” Aria smirked.
“Wait what? I don’t think so Aria.” I said quickly shaking my head.
Aria rolled her eyes at me and walked out but then came running in a minute later with something in her hand. She chucked it at me.
It was lace and bright red lingerie, I stared at it open mouthed. Aria came and sat down, “Well I was going to give it to you later but hey the timing was right. Oh, don’t look at me like that Scarlet. How do you think I seduced Chris?”
I let out a little laugh at how open Aria was about this. Remembering how Dylan upset me on numerous occasions, my laughter faded, and tears started to build up in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall. Aria being the amazing friend she is gave me a big hug and mouthed to me to seduce Dylan. She left as Chris was calling her and I was left sitting on my bed with a red pair of new lingerie Luckily this time I had blocked Dylan out of my mind but I just didn’t know if I could do it, one part of me was saying to seduce Dylan because I knew how much I wanted him but the other part was telling me to wait and he should come to me and apologise. My wolf was begging with me to complete the mating process because she could sense how much Dylan’s wolf wanted us, even if Dylan himself didn’t show it.
I heard Dylan coming up the stairs and muttering to himself, quick as a flash I ran into the wardrobe where I put on my new lingerie. It’s now or never Scarlet I told myself. I wore my silk gown over my new undergarments.
I heard Dylan say, “Scarlet? Where are you? I’m sorry about my behaviour please forgive me.”
I didn’t come out until I heard the door shut, letting out a breath I was holding in, I came out of the wardrobe. I could feel Dylan’s eyes on me, it made me shiver.
I turned to face Dylan, his eyes now filled with love and lust which got my wolf excited. I cleared my throat and said, “I’m feeling incredibly hot, so I’m just going to sleep in my undergarments.”
I slowly took off my silk gown, loving Dylan’s displeasure of how slow I was going. His eyes feasted on my now exposed body. His chocolate eyes turned black very quickly.
“Scarlet if you know what’s best for you, then you’d cover every inch of your body.” Dylan’s deep voice sent shivers down my spine.
My eyes flashed with glee, “What happens if I don’t?” I asked.
“Then I’ll take you right now, I don’t care if anyone hears us.” Dylan said, closing the distance between us.
It’s now or never.
“Well I won’t be complaining.” I said, smirking a little.


That’s all Dylan needed, he lifted me up, and my legs automatically wrapped around his torso and gently lay me down on the bed. Dylan kissed me passionately and I quickly responded. He left little kisses from my lips all the way to my mark and he kissed it which made me moan and I arched my back.

Dylan smirked against my skin. His kisses went from my mark down my body, past my stomach and towards my core. I held my breath as I watched him slowly take off the piece of cloth covering my core. He never broke eye contact with me as he removed my underwear. I watched as his eyes left mine and looked down at the most sensitive part of my body. I shivered under his intense gaze. Dylan glanced back up at me and smirked. My eyes were clearly showing how much I wanted this, and Dylan could see this. He reached up behind me and undid the bra, releasing my breasts. The bra was flung across the room and I now found myself naked in front of Dylan’s lustful gaze. I couldn’t help the moan that released from my lips as Dylan’s mouth latched onto one of my breasts. I had never felt pleasure like this before.

After the assault on my breast, Dylan turned his attention to the other one and it was then I realised the bastard was still fully clothed. I sat up and rose my eyebrows at Dylan. He looked at me confused before I motioned to his clothes.

“If you wanted me naked that badly, all you had to do was ask love.” Dylan smirked.

I rolled my eyes and pulled off his shirt before he got rid of his jeans but kept his underwear on. His impressive bulge was clearly very prominent, and I blushed. Dylan then turned his attention to my core, he trailed small kissed down to my thigh and I shivered in anticipation. I had never even been touched down there.

I heard him groan, “You’re so wet Scarlet. You’re so wet and it’s all for me.”

I squealed as Dylan attacked my core with his tongue. The rough strokes of his tongue hindered my capability to even speak. I was a moaning mess, clutching onto Dylan’s hair.

“Don’t stop Dylan.” I managed to breath out.

He paused and looked up at me with his signature smirk, “Are you enjoying this love?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice and Dylan went back to attacking my core. I withered in pleasure as Dylan hit that spot. I knew it wouldn’t be long till I climaxed, and I found myself begging for it. I wanted it so badly and I knew I was close.

“Yes, right there Dylan. Oh my god.” I breathed out.

Just as I felt it, Dylan suddenly stopped. I groaned in frustration and looked at Dylan, whose eyes were full of love and lust.

“You have to wait till the main show my love.” Dylan claimed my lips again and I sighed in pleasure.

I didn’t even notice when Dylan had shed his underwear but when I felt his member near my entrance, my eyes widened in shock.

“Shh, don’t worry love. I’ll look after you, I promise.” Dylan left small kisses on my jaw.

I knew it would hurt because I was a virgin, but I also knew that Dylan was telling the truth. He would look after me.

Dylan pressed a kiss on my mark, causing me to moan and at that moment he thrust inside me. I cried out in pain and Dylan’s impressive member filled me. Dylan kissed my mark again and then claimed my lips, swallowing my cries. He waited until I was okay, but I knew it was killing him.

I wriggled against him, “Dylan move.” I panted out.

That was all the encouragement he needed, as he pulled out of me and then thrust into me again. He began slowly but it wasn’t enough for me. I groaned in frustration, “Faster Dylan.”

Dylan moaned as his thrusts suddenly became harder and faster. I was begging for my release as I felt it build up. Dylan whispered in my ear, “Let go baby.”

I screamed out Dylan’s name as my release finally came. It didn’t take long for Dylan to find his release; I felt his seed spill inside me.

Dylan fell by my side and pulled my sore and naked body towards him. The heat radiating off of Dylan made me snuggle closer to him. I finally felt complete. Dylan kissed me on my forehead and told me to sleep.
So I fell asleep in the arms of my mate…

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