Love Bites

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Chapter 24

My head was pounding when I opened my eyes. Groaning, I clutched my head in pain and blinked a few times so my eyes could focus where I was. I found myself tied to a chair with the knots tied super tight. I could feel the ropes cutting my wrists. I tried to mind link Dylan, Aria and Alison but couldn’t get through to anyone.

What was going on? Why was I unable to mind link anyone?
Sighing in frustration, I tried to look for a way out and found one door and one window but there was nothing else in the room which I could use to help cut these ropes. As if on cue, the door opened and in walked 2 men who I didn’t recognise as they were wearing masks. My heart started racing but my wolf reassured me that we would be fine as help was closer than I thought.
I assumed that my wolf had communicated with Dylan’s wolf and they were close. The two men came closer to me and untied me. My wrists were bleeding and swollen when the guys untied me. However, I still wasn’t allowed to get up. These guys pulled me 3 chairs and sat on either side of the one chair which was opposite mine. Suddenly the door was kicked open and a 3rd guy with a mask on sat on the seat opposite mine and took of his mask. I didn’t recognise his face but the cruel smirk on his face told me everything I need to know.
“Wow I can’t believe that I have the Alpha King’s mate here, right here, within my reach.” The guy said, smirking.
I shuddered in disgust.
“Oh where are my manners? I am Nate and this is Daniel and Garret over here You see we are all Alpha’s here but the way your mate is ignoring us and not treating everyone fairly like he promised, caused us to take a drastic step like this. If we have you, my dear Luna Queen then we can get whatever we want.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was outrageous. I cannot believe that because they think Dylan wasn’t paying attention to their problems, they decided to take a drastic step like this.

In fact, I was sure that Dylan was dealing with their problems but due to recent events, it was taking longer than expected.
Nate put his mask back on and one of the two men followed him and the other stayed back. I rolled my eyes. Honestly how pathetic are these Alphas. Instead of having faith in Dylan or even asking him, they kidnap his mate. Did they really think that Dylan would help them after this? It occurred to me that they clearly underestimated Dylan, and that would be their downfall.
Suddenly without warning a burst of pain hit me. I screamed in agony and fell to the ground clutching my stomach in pain. My eyes started watering as I felt as though my body was burning. I felt so hot and sticky and on top of that this excruciating pain which I could feel all over my body.
The guy rushed over to me and took off his mask, through my teary-eyed state I could clearly make out the face and gasped in shock. It was Daniel, Daniel my cousin. The boy who I have always considered as my brother, but he is the one helping Nate. Something just didn’t feel right to me, I’ve known Daniel all my life and he admires the Alpha King, has always looked up to the Alpha King, so why the sudden change?
“Look Scarlet I know that this must be difficult to understand but you are in heat, luckily I’m your cousin so your scent won’t affect me but I know all too well as my mate went through the pain, Dylan should be here soon but the Nate and Garret will smell that you are in heat and most likely will try and mate with you. We need to get you out of here.” Daniel said, helping me get up.
I let out a groan of pain and feel to the floor as another wave of pain hit me, hurting me more than the last. The burning increased and I found myself screaming and shouting at Daniel to chuck me in cold water. I felt Daniel wipe the sweat from my forehead with a rag. He tried to whisper soothing words, but it didn’t help. I needed Dylan.
Daniel picked me up bridal style as I continued to scream and was about to jump out the window when Nate and Garret came in with their eyes black and full of lust. Daniel growled at them in a warning way, but they kept coming closer. I was snatched out of Daniels hands by Garret and Nate knocked Daniel out by hitting him on the head from behind, as he attempted to save me.
I shook my head as tears fell, I screamed at Daniel and told him to wake up and save me like he has always done. My pain increased as Nate and Garret began touching me, I screamed out in agony. They seem to take it as it was screams for them to continue. Nate began to kiss my neck done to my chest. Each kiss made my skin burn and I hissed in pain.
My wolf was whimpering for Dylan’s wolf, while I was screaming out Dylan’s name. Garret began to take the straps from my top and bra down to reveal my breasts. I screamed at him to stop but he gave me a smirk and continued to pull it down. Nate started leaving kisses on my face. I begged the both of them to stop but they wouldn’t listen. This was causing me so much pain; I was convinced that this was how I was going to die.
The door was banged open and I saw Dylan, Chris, Alex and some guard’s storm in. Dylan’s eyes were already black which meant he must have heard my screams and felt my pain. Realising the situation, I was in and how I must have looked, I made eye contact with Dylan and that’s all it took for him to let out a loud growl and pounce straight at Nate and Garret. Aria and Alison ran into the room and got me up and put my top and bra on, covering me.
A new wave of pain and my body was on fire. I screamed for Dylan with tears pouring down my cheeks. I fell to the ground clutching myself. This was the worst time that the heat period could have occurred and not only that but it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life and now thanks to being mated it would occur every 6 months for 2 days but it wouldn’t occur when I was pregnant.
I saw Nate and Garret leave with handcuffs; I saw the guards and Alex struggling to stay in control. Chris wasn’t affected because he was mated whereas the others were not. Dylan growled and they all left. I looked up at Dylan from my teary eyes and gave him a weak smile.
Dylan picked me up bridal style and I already felt the pain and the burning sensation reduce dramatically. I buried my face into the crook of Dylan’s neck and breathed out a sigh of relief. Before I knew it, we were in a car and I was sitting on Dylan’s lap, he was rubbing soothing circles on my back which decreased the amount of pain I was feeling but increased the need and the desire I had for him. I wanted Dylan so badly and so did my wolf, it was so hard keeping my wolf in check. Dylan cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, it was so soft and gentle and so full of love. I wanted to deepen the kiss but had to hold back because I knew if I started kissing Dylan, there would be no way that I could stop.
Dylan seemed to notice my uncomfortable situation and chuckled before he whispered in my ear, “Just wait till we get home, then I am all yours….”

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