Love Bites

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Chapter 25

Dylan carried me inside. I was trying so hard to keep my wolf in check, but it was the most difficult thing I’ve had to do. When I glanced up at Dylan, I saw that his eyes where slowly changing from his normal chocolate eye colour to black. I screamed when another wave of pain hit me, Dylan clutched me tighter and picked up the pace. I thought that the pain was meant to fade; I hated this feeling so much. I saw lustful glances from all the unmated males. I knew that they couldn’t help it as I knew that when a female is on heat, the smell is really alluring and considering I am the Luna Queen it must have been stronger which is worse for them.
As soon as we were in our room Dylan slammed the door shut and placed me on the bed. I was longing for him, I needed him and so did my wolf. Being on heat was such bad timing. Dylan’s eyes were changing from his normal chocolate brown eye colour to black very fast. He leant over me and kissed me gently, but I didn’t want gently so I pulled him closer to me and deepened the kiss. I felt Dylan smirk against my skin, and I loved it. I tugged at his shirt and he took it off without hesitation I took mine off as well and pulled him towards me. I loved the feeling of our skin touching, it made me shiver in pleasure.

Dylan left small kisses from my neck to my mark, the pain was slowly going away, and I sighed in content. Dylan kissed my mark which made me shiver in pleasure. He looked at me with his normal eye colour and smirked at me. “Tell me baby, what do you want me to do?” I grabbed his hand and guided it down to the wetness between my legs. Dylan looked at me with a predatory look in his eye and all I wanted him to do was devour me.

“It’s time for you to keep your promise to me.” I reminded him. Dylan smirked as he leant down and kissed me.

When he kissed me again, I felt all of his love pouring out of this one kiss. Both my wolf and I were content now. The next two hours, Dylan spent making sure I was satisfied, and I loved every moment.

When I finally woke up, my heat pain had vanished, and I was lying naked against the chest of my naked mate. I blushed as last night’s events came to mind. I snuggled into Dylan’s chest and he tightened his arms around me. I thought to myself how lucky I was that I had Dylan as my mate. I mean, it was difficult at first, but I was pleased at how my life was turning out. I now had a little daughter and a caring family along with a loving mate.
A knock on the door made me sit up abruptly and Dylan sleepily sat up as well.
“Um…. mummy and daddy, can I come in please?” Grace’s little voice asked.
I looked at Dylan in shock and then quickly looked around the room, clothes were everywhere, we were naked, and bedsheets were thrown across the floor.
I told Grace, “No Grace, mummy and daddy are getting ready.”
I heard her sigh and walk away. Damn it, that didn’t go to plan. Sighing, I picked up Dylan’s shirt off of the floor and rushed into the bathroom where I quickly showered and got ready. When I came out Dylan had put all the clothes away and cleaned up. He was changed as well. I let out a sigh of relief. He came to me and kissed me on the top of my head, “Come on, let’s go and find Grace.”
I nodded, and we walked out of our room. I couldn’t hear her laughing anywhere and asked all the maids where she was, but no one knew. My worry increased and Dylan squeezed my hand in reassurance, and we rushed off in different directions to find Grace. I went outside and heard a little cry.
Turning to the side, I saw Grace sitting there her curly ginger hair over her face. I went over and sat next to her. She looked at me but then turned away.
“Oh Grace, I’m sorry honey. I know that we haven’t been spending enough time with you but we will now It’s just that mummy and daddy are very busy but we promise to spend all day with you today.”
Grace looked up at me with tear filled eyes, “Promise?” She asked.
“I promise.” I smiled at her and picked her up. We started heading upstairs to get cleaned up when Dylan rushed down the stairs as well. He looked relieved to see Grace and held out his hands, I gladly gave Grace to him. It made me happy to see Dylan with Grace. We went into Grace’s room which was already decorated, I looked at Dylan, but he shrugged his shoulders.
“I did this with Aunty Aria and Aunty Alison when you were busy.” Grace said with a smile on her face.
I felt a little guilty, but I was happy that my two friends had done this for me. Grace wouldn’t know the real reason me and Dylan were “busy” as it would probably scar her for life. I got Grace ready and Dylan was on the phone the entire time. I know taking out yesterday evening must have meant he lost out on a lot of work. Grace looked upset but she wouldn’t understand how much work her daddy has to do.
When Grace was ready, we walked out of the room and Dylan joined us as well. We walked down the stairs and Aria and Alison appeared out of nowhere. “Heyy guys, we are coming with you on this family outing!!” Aria said smiling.
I smiled at my two best friends; they act like excited kids themselves. Grace looked happy whilst Dylan just raised his eyebrows at them. I held Dylan’s hand and we left the pack house only to be greeted by a stranger who said with a smirk, “Long time no see Alpha King.”

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