Love Bites

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Chapter 26

“What are you doing here Jason?” Dylan said with a growl. I pulled Grace behind me in a protective manner.
“Ahh yes, this is the girl who has tamed you. The girl everyone wants to meet. Your mate.” Jason said, attempting to reach out to me.
Dylan growled and pushed him back. I placed one hand on Dylan’s shoulder to calm him down. Well so much for our day out with Grace, if this is what I think it is then we won’t be going anywhere today and I would have to deal with breaking a promise to Grace which I really did not want to do.
Jason’s smirk was suddenly replaced with a serious expression, “I found Adam roaming around on my territory.”
Dylan who I had just calmed down pulled me closer to him and growled loudly. Who was this Adam person? I looked at Aria and Alison and even they looked scared. This day was not going to plan at all.

I motioned for them to take Grace in and as I expected she was crying and screaming. I sighed in frustration. Why can’t we have a normal day like a normal family? Was it too much to ask?
I beckoned Jason inside and dragged Dylan inside as well, he looked like he was going to kill this Adam person. Chris was already on his way as I had mind linked him. Dylan didn’t seem like he was in a position to coordinate anything, so I had to take over. We walked past Grace’s room and I heard her crying and my friends trying to comfort her. It broke my heart to hear her cry and I saw Dylan’s posture now looking upset. He looked at me with regret in his eyes which I am sure I had as well. We were not doing so well with this parent stuff at all.
I stepped into Dylan’s study and everyone took a seat. Dylan pulled me into his lap and breathed in my scent. “I need you to keep me calm.” He said.
I nodded and stayed in Dylan’s lap. Who was Adam? That was the one question running through my mind. Jason sat down and I glared at him. “Your arrival has made me break my promise to my daughter so for your sake, it better be so important. I hate breaking promises, especially to my own daughter.”

Jason looked shocked but nodded and replied, “I wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t.”

Chris came in with a serious expression on his face. This was the point that I expected Jason to get to the point and say what the issue was. Of course, impatiently me wanted to know who this Adam guy was. However, no one said anything, and I was so confused. Dylan sighed and said, “Scarlet you need to leave.”

Excuse me? I need to leave. I was the one who got everyone up here, Dylan would have just gone on a rampage but now I was the one who was being kicked out. Glancing up at Chris and Jason, they both looked down.

Typical men. Fine then, if I had to leave then I would but not without making a scene. I got up angrily and slammed the door behind me.
My feet took me outside Grace’s room, but I realised she was sleeping as I heard her even breaths and my friends weren’t in there. Following Aria’s scent, I ended up outside Aria’s room.

When I entered, Aria was sitting on the bed looking anxious and Alison was too. I made my presence clear my coughing my throat. They took one look at my facial expression and sighed in defeat. There was no way that they could escape this one.
I took a seat and waiting for an explanation to who Adam was. Aria cleared her throat and said, “Um… Adam… well… Adam used to be Dylan’s best friend when he was younger, he was here when we were kids, but you won’t remember him. He still stayed in contact with Dylan, but Dylan didn’t know what he was up to here. He used to use girls and chuck them away and start fights. He wanted Chris’ beta position, so he did the unforgivable. Chris had a younger sister, Isabelle who he loved more than anything and one day Adam spiked Isabelle’s drink and she wasn’t conscious, so he took advantage of that. Isabelle tried to tell everyone that she had been raped but no one believed her. Chris did of course but Adam was the nice boy who everyone loved so they didn’t see his fault. Chris wasn’t here all the time either, because he was away at training. Unlike Dylan, he came back to see his family and I think not having her brother here really took a toll on Isabelle. Chris used to protect her from all the harsh words and bullying she was sentenced to. But as soon as he would leave, it would start up again. My dad would always try and stop it, but kids are mean, they’d always find a way to terrorise poor Isabelle. They wrote awful things on the wall, calling her a slut and all sorts.

One day a maid came across the vile that contained the drugs in Adam’s room and rushed to tell my dad. The drugs matched the ones that were found in Isabelle’s system. Adam was arrested and when my dad went to tell Isabelle she had hung herself in her room and wrote a note saying how tried she was of people not believing her and the constant teasing. Chris of course was heartbroken, but I did not know him at the time otherwise I would have comforted him. Adam was sentenced to death, but he managed to escape, and Dylan and my dad spent months trying to track him down, but he vanished. Dylan was angry at himself as he felt that he could have prevented it and that’s why he gets furious at the mention of Adam’s name. You can imagine how hard it is for Chris, knowing his sister’s rapist is still out there and hasn’t paid the price for his horrendous crime.”
Aria looked at me for a reaction but all I was doing was crying. That must have been really hard on Chris and I felt sorry that because of a single position, his sister had to pay the price. Now that I had a better understanding, I walked out of Aria’s room followed closely by her and Alison.

All this had happened, and I didn’t even remember. Stupid memory loss. My mind needed some time to come to terms with everything, but I needed to check on Grace first.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice anyone and bumped into a stranger who I couldn’t recognise.

The sudden gasps of horror from my best friends made my blood run cold. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I realised who this was. Adam.

“Long time no see Scarlet.” He smirked at me.

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