Love Bites

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Chapter 27

I looked in front of me at Adam and analysed him in my mind. He looked like an average person with his brown hair and blue eyes but you could see that he had been through a lot due to the fact that he had various bruises and scars that still had to heal and he didn’t belong to a pack, you could smell that he was a rouge. Adam stepped towards me but before anything could happen, Aria and Alison stepped in front of me and growled at Adam. I knew that they would put their lives at risk to save mine due to the promise that they made when they joined the pack but I also knew that they were doing this because they really did care for me and I would do the same without hesitation.
“Don’t you dare come any closer, you monster.” Aria growled out.
Adam looked a little taken back but stepped closer and smiled. “Wow Aria. You’ve grown since I saw you last. Although I hardly got to see you as you were always round Scarlet’s. How lucky for me that I have Chris’ mate right here. How unlucky for you Aria, I’ll do the same thing to you as I did to, oh who was it again? Oh, that’s right, Isabelle. But this time I won’t have to spike any drink.” He smirked in our direction.
Aria looked shocked and I growled this time. I looked in Adam’s eyes and could see his intentions very clear. My wolf tensed and told me to be very careful. She warned Dylan’s wolf. I heard his growl and felt his anger through the mate bond, I couldn’t help the smile that made its way onto my face. Adam tensed for a moment before the smirk returned to my face and my blood ran cold. In a flash my friends pinned down by two wolves who also belonged to no pack, rouges. Just as I was about to run over and help my friends, a little voice made me stop in my tracks. “Mummy? Why is it so loud out here?”
I turned in shock to see Grace standing there covering her ears and looking at me with a tear stained face. My wolf whimpered at the sight of Grace. It made me upset too. I was about to tell Grace to go back to her room when Adam said, “This is such a pleasant surprise!”
I turned to see he still had a smirk on his face, and it made me sick to the core. Warning bells were ringing in my mind. Just as I was about to say something, a loud growl made my heart start beating fast. There’s only one person who can do that. Dylan.
I turned to see him looking angry, his chocolate eyes slowly changing black and his chest rising up and down quickly. I couldn’t help but think how hot Dylan looked. As if hearing my thoughts Dylan looked at me and smirked, causing me to blush and blame my hormonal wolf for making me think that in such an inappropriate time. Dylan was accompanied by Chris and Jason. It was very noticeable that Chris as already very angry and the desired to rip Adam to pieces was evident in his eyes.

It didn’t help Adam that Chris saw Aria being held down by a male wolf as he let out a growl and no doubt the desire became even stronger. Adam looked pleased with the turn of events and foolishly took a step towards me but couldn’t get any further as Dylan stood protectively in front of me. I knew that he was daring Adam to come closer and see what happens. I could feel Dylan’s anger and knew that I could calm him down although it would be very difficult to do so, and I decided against trying but instead focusing on protecting Grace who was my main priority. Dylan was more than capable of handling himself, but Grace wasn’t. I felt guilty as I hadn’t been a good mum to Grace by breaking promises and not spending time with her. I didn’t want Grace to grow up thinking that her parents didn’t have time for.
I quickly pushed those thoughts behind me and scanned the room for Grace. I saw her in the corner crying.

My heart broke at the sight. Dylan made the first move pushing Adam to the floor. Jason and Chris knocked the two guys off of my friends and helped them up. I ran over to Grace but was tackled and fell to the ground. A female smirked at me and picked up Grace. Grace started screaming and I jumped up and kicked the female in the shin causing her to fall. As if I would let this bitch take my child away from me.

Quickly, I picked up Grace and started running somewhere safe but was pulled back and punched in the jaw by the same female. The surprise attack caused me to stumble and she took Grace from my arms again. Grace started shouting, “Mummy, daddy please. Don’t let her take me.”
Dylan stopped punching Adam as he heard Grace’s cries but was then pushed. Adam ran off and Chris went after him. I got up and started to run after that female who had taken my child from me. Dylan was not far behind me, but I didn’t realise that one of the guys who had tackled my friends to the floor was standing by the stairs waiting for me.
I ran to the stairs but was pushed before I could comprehend what was happening. Everything was a blur and I heard Dylan shouting, “Scarlet!!”
I fell down the last stair and felt blood pouring out of my head. With the last bit of energy, I turned to my side and reached out at the retreating figures of my daughter and her captors and faintly said, “No” before losing consciousness and letting a tear fall....

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