Love Bites

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Chapter 28

The steady beeps of machines bought me back to reality. I opened my eyes, only to be greeted by a bright light. Groaning, I blinked a few times to adjust my eyes to the light. The throbbing in my head caused me to let out a groan and before I knew it Dylan was by my side and he helped me sit up.
I touched my head only to find it bandaged all the way round. I looked at Dylan confused. Dylan looked upset, he looked as though he hadn’t slept for ages and hadn’t eaten either. His clothes were dirty, and Dylan had bags under his eyes. Aria rushed into the room and cried as soon as she saw me. I had no idea how I even ended up in this hospital, the last thing I remember was me telling Grace that we were going to go out on a family day out. Her smile made me smile. What the hell happened?

I turned to Dylan and asked, “Dylan, where’s Grace?”
Aria and Dylan looked at each other, horror written all over their faces. It made me feel uneasy. Dylan turned to me and I could see how nervous and scared he was, but I didn’t understand the reason why. “Scarlet, do you not remember how you ended up in the hospital?” Dylan asked, confused.
I shook my head and Dylan tensed along with Aria. My heart was beating fast now. I took off all of the wires and got out of bed; I swayed a bit but regained my balance. I was about to walk out of the room when Dylan pulled me back. “You need to lie back down, don’t push yourself.”

“Not until my daughter is in my arms. I don’t know why I am so worried.” I replied, pushing past Dylan.

Dylan didn’t let me get very far, he pulled me back into his arms and looked at me with tears in his eyes, “Scarlet, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Grace was kidnapped.”
“Grace was kidnapped” …. “Grace was kidnapped.” Those words replayed in my mind until I realised what they actually where.

I looked at Dylan in shock, “No. Tell me this isn’t true. Tell me you’re lying, and Grace is upstairs in her room.” I begged him with my eyes.

Dylan didn’t do that, he looked down at the floor and my blood ran cold. He wasn’t lying. Suddenly his dirty clothes, the bags under his eyes, all made sense. Grace wasn’t upstairs, she really had been kidnapped.

My head started throbbing painfully and I cradled it, closing my eyes and begging for the pain to go away.
Dylan was by my side in seconds and he rubbed my head until it calmed my pain. Once I opened my eyes, flashbacks appeared and with them my memory of how I ended up here and how my daughter ended up being kidnapped. Adam coming in, Dylan fighting along with Chris and Jason. How could I forget that female rouge taking my baby away from me and that idiot tripping me up? I felt anger building up inside of me. They wouldn’t get away with this.
My wolf wanted blood, more specifically Adam’s blood. A single touch from Dylan calmed me down considerably and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Grace’s tear stained face replayed in my mind. Her eyes were full of fear and her begs and pleads for Dylan and I to save her, caused me to break down.
I had failed Grace as a mother. Guilt rushed through me; if only I had followed through my promise to Grace then she would be here, safe in my arms. Now I only knew three things, I was going to save Grace, make everything up to her and kill the bastards that took her away from me. Breathing out, I wiped away my tears and stood up. Dylan watched me wearily and I said to him, “Let’s go and get back our daughter.”
Dylan stood up and hugged me briefly before dragging me out of the hospital room and showing me all the people who were lined up ready to go. “We were just waiting for you to say the command.” Dylan said, smiling at me a little.
I nodded my head and looked at all the people who were ready to go. I was so grateful that so many of them were willing to come with us even though it is very dangerous and there was a chance that some may never come back. Looking at the other families hugging made the tears come back. I missed Grace, a lot. I felt so bad for even letting them lay a finger on her, but right now wasn’t time to dwell on what I should have done. It was time to focus on getting my daughter back. When she was back safely in my arms, I would spoil her rotten. All I wanted was her to be unharmed when we got to her. I don’t know how I would react if she was harmed. Even Dylan wouldn’t take the news well.

A part of me wanted Adam to be worried about the fact we would be coming but the other part of me wanted him to think he had won; think he had gotten away with it. Seeing his face when he realised that he underestimated us would be so satisfying.
Dylan motioned for everyone to start heading off. Apparently, Dylan already knew where we were going, Jason had told him where he had saw Adam. We wanted to be discrete so many people were taking public transport. We took a car, along with Aria, Alison, Alex and Chris. In the car we had weapons and protective gear. Werewolves stand a very strong chance whilst in their wolf form but not so much in their human form, unless you were of a higher rank. So,a the weapons were there in case we needed them whilst in our human form.
I looked out to the road and said to Dylan, “It’s time to kill those bastards who took our daughter away from us.”

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