Love Bites

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Chapter 29

The drive to the hideout that those people were in had already been found by Dylan and his trackers but the drive there was the longest drive I had ever been on- or so it felt like. My mind was too busy deciding how to kill the people who took Grace away from me however, on the other hand, I felt as though my body was against me. My stomach killed and I felt as though I needed to throw up, yet I never did. As I inhaled slowly my head started spinning and I quickly clutched my head and hoped for it to stop. Within a second the spinning had gone, and I looked up confused until I saw Dylan’s worried face looking at mine and his hands rubbing the sides of my head.
Not wanting to be delayed any longer I smiled at Dylan and shook my head. He seemed to have got my message and we carried on. Dylan decided to park somewhere they wouldn’t find our car and decided it was best for us to walk some of the way. As Dylan parked the car and wave of nausea hit me and I shook Dylan trying to get him to open the car door. He braked suddenly and I rushed out puking at the nearby tree. I felt pathetic. How could I rescue Grace if I was sick?
Dylan came rushing over and rubbed soothing circles on my back, he passed me some water which I used to rinse my mouth. Warriors came rushing over to see if I was alright, one even offered to carry me the way. Dylan didn’t like that suggestion at all which just caused me to roll my eyes.
I smiled gratefully at them and assured them it was nothing to worry about. Dylan held my hand and promised me that he would rescue Grace, I could see how worried he was and whilst walking he tried to get me to go back to the car but I was stubborn and refused.
I could sense we were near; the smell of blood filled my nostrils and made me gag. Dylan needed to go ahead and talk to the warriors to see how we could get in but at that exact moment his phone rang. Motioning for him to pass it to me, I answered.
“Hello, Alpha King, I have some news.” The doctor’s voice came clear.
I frowned, what news? “Um… Well it’s the Luna Queen, Dylan is a little busy. What is the matter?” I asked.
“Oh Luna Queen, it’s you! You see… we just checked your reports and we need you to come back immediately.” The Doctors voice sounded urgent.
My heart was beating faster, “Why? What has happened?” I asked more quickly.
“Well whilst looking at your report we saw that some of your hormone levels had doubled.” The doctor said, it felt as though she was prompting at something.
“So what does that mean exactly? Doctor say it I don’t have time.” I snapped but straight after immediately regretted it.
“You’re pregnant Luna.” The doctors voice came out with worry and fear.
Those words echoed in my head. I was pregnant. I mean I had wanted this for a long time and for a while thought that there was something wrong with me, but it isn’t. I am carrying Dylan’s child.
A thought dawned on me. If Dylan had answered this phone, he would have sent me home without a debate. I wouldn’t be able to rescue Grace and once again break my promise to her. That was something that couldn’t happen; not again.
I had to take the risk. I sighed and pressed the end call button and took Dylan’s battery out of his phone and hid it in the car. Dylan came over to me and asked “Who was it? Who was on the phone?”
I had already blocked Dylan out from my thoughts but needed to remain calm otherwise Dylan might sense my heart beating faster. “Oh, it was just the pack Doctor telling me that I need to take a blood test when I come back, just to make sure I am perfectly fine.” I smiled at Dylan.
I noticed his eyebrows raise in question; I could feel my palms becoming sweaty. “Oh, I will just ring her back then and check.” Dylan said reaching for him phone
I pulled my hand away before Dylan could reach for it and said, “Um…. Dylan your phone died whilst I was speaking to her and right now, we don’t have time. We need to save Grace.”
Dylan looked at me once more and nodded his head and rushed off to talk to the warriors. I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God he didn’t notice anything different about me. I knew that I had to be careful but now I had to be extra careful because I was carrying Dylan’s child in my womb. Instinctively my hand went down to my stomach and I smiled thinking about the child.
Suddenly being snapped out of my thoughts, I was about to go towards Dylan when a hand clasped over my mouth and before I had a chance to scream whispered in my ear, “Scream and my men will kill all your pack members here, including your precious mate.”
I looked over at Dylan and opened our mate bond. I told him not to come right now but wait until I say so. I could feel his anger and knew that his wolf would soon take over. I begged Dylan to pretend he hadn’t seen me at all and carry on with his conversation so the person behind me wouldn’t become suspicious.
“Let’s go darling. My boss wants to see you.” The man said and I could feel his smirk from his voice.
I nodded slowly, telling Dylan to see where I was going so that he would know where I was and where hopefully Grace was as well. I knew that I was putting myself and my unborn child at risk, but I needed to do this. Grace was my top priority and I had to fix the mistakes that had been made otherwise I would never be able to forgive myself. If there was even a scratch on Grace, I don’t think I could control my wolf or myself even.

So, without even a complaint, I let the men take me away from my mate and into hell….

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