Love Bites

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Chapter 3

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. Those words still echoed in my head and my body and wolf were begging me to go back to him. He would reject me. People said that he didn’t want a mate and I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain of rejection. It would hurt too much. I was scared. Would he still kill people when I am his mate? Would he love me and care for me like I wanted? Was he even capable of love? Could he make me blush and smile? All these questions were running through my mind but before I could even think about the answers, I ran straight into a hard chest.
I knew it was him because of his scent. I started to shake in fear; I kept my gaze on the floor. I didn’t want to make eye contact with him at all. He lifted my chin up to his eyes and I had no choice but to look. His eyes were a dark brown colour and they reminded me of chocolate. I found myself completely lost in his eyes and he was staring right back at me. He broke the contact first and said, “I don’t appreciate my mate running away from me, you’re mine beautiful and always will be.” His voice sent shivers down my spine.
“Yours? You actually want me? But I heard the cooks saying that you would reject…….”
I didn’t get to finish what I was saying because Dylan had me backed up against a tree and growled loudly. Although my heart was racing like crazy, I wasn’t scared of Dylan. My wolf wasn’t either, it was like we knew he wouldn’t hurt us.
He stared in to my eyes and asked me, “Who the hell said that? I would never reject my mate, ever. Don’t forget that we have our whole lives together and that you are mine. If any male even comes near you, I will rip his throat out and feed it to the rouges in the cells.”
Great, my mate is possessive. That shouldn’t be something I was excited about. My traitorous body liked that he was possessive. This was not normal but then again, nothing about this situation was. I was against a tree with the Alpha King who had been sent away for murdering loads of people and he was my mate.
For some reason there was something about Dylan that I was intrigued to. It felt like he was misunderstood. There was a truth behind those eyes, something that he has kept for a long time. I will find out but in time. I was shocked at how I was thinking about the future already. Dylan backed away from the tree and grabbed my hand. That action alone sent shocks down my body and I couldn’t deny how good they felt.
“Just so you know, I know exactly who you are Scarlet. You have no idea how long I have waited for this.” He whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver.
He knew who I was? How? Maybe Aria told him? Looking at the emotion swirling in Dylan’s eyes, my mind refused to believe that was the case. It felt like Dylan knew who I was for a completely different reason. One that I couldn’t put my finger on. Not yet anyway, I would find the answers to the questions that were already bugging me.
As we were heading back to the hall, I got nervous. Dylan kept me close to his waist and I didn’t even bother putting up a fuss, I didn’t want to admit but I loved the feeling of being close to Dylan. My mind thought it was wrong because I had only just met him, but my heart was telling me something different. It was like my body knew Dylan, which seemed impossible.
The tingles that I felt were probably the main reason my body refused to move. For some reason, my wolf was so happy that we have finally found our mate. After everything, I thought finding my mate would be the best day of my life. Never in my life did I think that my mate would be the Alpha King. There were lots of unanswered questions that were bugging me. I wanted to find the answers before I let myself fall for Dylan. Something inside me told me that I would fall for Dylan even if I didn’t want to. After all, the mate bond was so powerful.
I thought when I find my mate that he will whisk me off my feet and we will spend the whole day getting to know each other and maybe even having our first kiss. I highly doubted that this was how my evening with Dylan was going to go.
When we stepped in the hall, people’s gazes were all on us. I shifted uncomfortably and Dylan nodded at them, obviously sensing my discomfort.
“Don’t expect me to tell you all who this. I think it is pretty obvious and don’t stand and stare.” Dylan’s sharp tone made everyone stop staring and continue their conversations.
I saw the looks of sympathy, jealousy and happiness from various people. Dylan still had his hand around my waist. The looks from everyone felt suffocating. My eyes wondered around the hall trying desperately to find my mum’s comforting gaze. There were just too many people and I found it impossible to find mum. Sighing, I detached myself from Dylan and decided that I needed a drink to cool down. Dylan didn’t say anything as I left but I felt his gaze on me as I walked towards the bar. My eyes were still searching for my mother, but I decided that I would look for her after a drink.
I reached the bar and asked the bartender for a coke. He smiled sympathetically at me and I closed my eyes. These looks from people were so annoying. I didn’t ask for the sympathy and nor did I want it. When I opened my eyes, the ice-cold drink was sitting there waiting for me.
I picked up my coke and sipped it. A boy next to me asked for a beer. He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. Just as I was about to go, the boy grabbed my wrist and my eyes widened. I turned around to see the boy coming closer to me. I tried to take his hand off my wrist, but he came closer and closer. I could feel his breath on my face, and it smelt like beer. Since he was clearly drunk, it didn’t take a lot of strength on my part to push him away. Did this dude have a death wish or something? A nagging feeling told me that Dylan wasn’t just going to let this go. I turned around and walked away from the bar. I kept looking behind and to my horror he was getting closer. That was all I needed to know that he wasn’t making it out alive. The alcohol must have really affected him. I wasn’t looking were I was going and ended up walking straight into Dylan- again.
I nervously looked up at him, but he was growling at the boy who was chasing me. My eyes followed Dylan as he approached the boy and picked him up by his dirty blonde hair.
“I will spare your life because you are clearly drunk, and I don’t want there to be any more death tonight. Make no mistake, if I see you near my mate again, I will rip your throat out and feed it to the rouges.” Dylan spat.
There were gasps and mutterings from the crowd. Clearly, none of this made a difference ti Dylan. He chucked the boy out and whispered something to the guards. When he came back, people were still silent and watching his every move. Dylan came over to me and suddenly picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I gasped and that set off the talking and whispers. I bet it was a sight to see, the king with this mate thrown over his shoulder like a bag. I lifted my head up and frantically glanced around at someone to help me. My gaze finally found my mum. She just sent me an apologetic smile, but she wasn’t shocked or angry at how Dylan was treating me. It took me back to how she had that glint in her eyes, but I didn’t have time to think about everything as Dylan ploughed his way through the crowds. My eyes caught a glimpse of Aria who stood there in shock. I would have laughed at her expression, if I wasn’t feeling dizzy and angry at the same time.
Dylan started to head upstairs, causing me to feel even more dizzy. The fact that now Dylan could see my arse made me blush. His hand held me in place, and I felt myself enjoying this. This was insane, how could I enjoy something like this? Why was I even letting him do this to me?
I asked him to put me down so many times and even begged, but he didn’t listen. I wanted to hit him, but I didn’t think that would be appropriate as he was still my king. He came to a massive room and dropped me on the bed. Before I could even say anything to him, he walked out of the room and locked the door!
I jumped off the bed and banged on the door shouting at him, “You open this door right now! Who do you think you are, bloody locking me in a bedroom? Let me go right now, this isn’t funny.”
My screams weren’t heard by Dylan. He had already left; I heard his footsteps walk away. No one came to my rescue. They probably heard my shouts and screams but didn’t come. Not even my parents, my siblings or my best friend. I bet that Dylan threatened them or compelled them, so they had no choice but to leave me up here.
I groaned in frustration and gave up. It had been half an hour since Dylan left me here and after all my yelling and screaming, my voice hurt. It was clear no one was going to come so I lay on the bed, angry.
Of all the mates, fate paired me up with the one guy who is so possessive and went on a killing spree when he was 13. Great. Thanks a lot. All I wanted was a mate who loved me and cared for me. Instead I got a mate who locked me in a room and was clearly super possessive over me.
Thinking about all of this, made me so angry. I had been in this room for hours and even my wolf was getting annoyed as well. Urgh, who does he think he is locking me up like this? I am his mate not his prisoner. Guests were leaving as well. So, what was his issue? Surely, he could let me out now.
I was so not looking forward to spending the rest of my life with this Alpha King. My mind tried to understand why he would do something like this, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. The only thing I came up with, was that my mate was insane. I glanced at the clock and it read 12:56.

All that shouting and screaming, coupled with the long and unexpected day had made me exhausted. It was clear that Dylan wasn’t coming back for me. So, instead of moping around I walked into the bathroom and washed off my makeup before getting into the warm covers. I reminded myself to show Dylan he messed with the wrong girl, before sleep took over…

My eyes flung open and adjusted to the light. I stretched and sat up. As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, yesterday’s events came rushing back to me. Dylan was my mate, he locked me in a room and never came back even though I shouted and screamed. I moved my hands from my eyes and sure enough, I was still in this room. Dylan wasn’t here, not that I would expect him to be.
I was so angry; I went into the bathroom and found that someone had put all my things in here while I was sleeping. Confused, I went to this massive closet and found all my clothes, shoes, jewellery and underwear and bras were all here. I was shocked. I decided to think about this later, this was to much thinking for first thing in the morning. Seeing as though all my stuff magically appeared, I decided to take a warm shower to relieve the tension.
My shower wasn’t a long one, after all I had business to sort out. Business with a very possessive mate of mine. Today was also not the day to spend ages picking an outfit, I just picked up the first pair of jeans I saw and some random top. I brushed my hair and tied it up in a bun. I then walked towards the door, praying that it wasn’t locked. Thankfully, it wasn’t, and I walked out. I really didn’t want to scream and shout anymore. My throat was still pretty sore after yesterday.
As I looked around, I saw a guard approach me and bow in respect. This was unexpected and made me feel uncomfortable. I really wanted to go home and talk with Marie and Jessica. But I couldn’t. I highly doubted that Dylan would even let me leave the pack house with his possessiveness because he would be afraid that a male would come and have sex with me. I scoffed at the thought. He was too possessive and clearly had some serious trust issues.
I honestly had no idea where I was going but I caught Dylan’s scent and followed it. I ended up outside a study and without knocking I entered. Dylan’s first reaction was a scowl but that faded as soon as he saw my facial expression. Instead it looked like he was a little bit afraid. Good, he needed to know that I will not be treated like a prisoner and locked in a room just because some drank male was misbehaving. Dylan was misguided, he had no idea what it was like to have a mate. To respect them, to care for them and to love them unconditionally. Right there, I decided that my mission was to get Dylan to love me, to care for me. To make Dylan understand what having a mate really means, the trust you have in one another.
I knew that there were risks involved but even though he locked me in a room for the whole evening, he is my mate. Plus, I can remember looking into his eyes and seeing something- a truth that I will figure out. Those questions that were bugging me, I knew I would only get the answers from Dylan. Why my body felt like I knew Dylan longer than just a day. Why my mum had that twinkle in her eye and why I felt so connected to Dylan after such a short time.
Dylan slowly approached me and reached out to touch me. I slapped his hand away and he growled at me. Instead of shaking with fear I growled back at him and said, “Who the hell do you think you are? Why would you lock me in a room? I’m your mate not your prisoner. You cannot keep me locked up like this. I want to go home.”
Dylan’s facial expressions quickly changed, he started to shake with anger and roughly grabbed my wrists, pulling me closer to him. “You aren’t going anywhere. You will stay inside this house so I can keep my eye on you at all times. I put you in that room last night so other males know that you are off limits and to protect you. Also, that room that you were in is ours. It is your room just as much as it is mine. Rest assured that I will sleep in the same bed as you tonight. You are my mate.”
I gasped and tried to pull out of his grasp. Dylan’s strong grip did not loosen, and he kept staring into my eyes.
All I could feel was pain and I could also feel that my wrists were bruising. Tears formed in my eyes and I tried so hard not to let them escape but they did. After that they wouldn’t stop. Dylan suddenly loosened his grasp on me, and I immediately stood back and rubbed my sore wrists. I thought about all the dreams and hopes I had when I finally found my mate and they just vanished leaving behind just pain.
“Just so you know, I am not a possession and not your slave who you can do anything to either.” My croaky voice said.
Before Dylan could stop me, I ran out of his office and all the way to the woods and placed my clothes behind a tree. It had been ages since I shifted, and my bruises needed to heel. Without hesitation I shifted into my wolf and ran towards the lake, howling in pain....

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