Love Bites

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Chapter 31

Horror sank in when I saw Dylan in his human form on the floor with cuts all over his body and blood oozing out of them. I wanted to run to him, but I felt frozen, I couldn’t move my feet and I mentally screamed. I watched him as he crawled over to the side and attempted to pull himself and as he fell down again. My feet moved by their own accord and I found myself kneeling by Dylan and pulled his head gently on my lap. Tears flowed down my face, as I looked at my mate who had risked his life to protect me.
I knew that it was going to be up to me to help my pack. Dylan was too weak to continue. I mind linked the pack doctor who quickly sent men to pick Dylan up. Dylan opened his eyes and shook his head weakly, but I kissed him on the forehead and nodded at the men who took Dylan away. I could see Dylan weakly protesting, but he was pushed back down by the pack doctor. Knowing that Dylan was now safe, I looked around for the culprit.
I saw him standing there with a smirk on his face, Adam. He looked so proud of himself and all I wanted to do was wipe that smirk off his face. My wolf powered that desire. I laid a hand on my stomach and made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t do anything too dangerous that would harm my unborn child otherwise I could never forgive myself.
I saw Aria, Alison, Alex and Chris all stationed at different corners of the rooms and to put it bluntly they were all beating the crap out of Adam’s army. Aria spotted me and her eyes widened in shock. She rushed over to me and started pulling me away, but I stopped her. She looked at me in confusion, so I said, “Aria, he hurt Dylan. I can’t just stand outside and do nothing, that’s not who I am.”
I knew that Aria wanted to protest but I shook my head and she reluctantly nodded. I looked around at the brave warriors who were trying so hard to defeat Adam’s army and, in the process, risking their own lives. My eyes scanned the room to find Adam, but it seems as though he was waiting for me.
His smirk grew, and he stalked towards me, I felt all my friends stop fighting and look at Adam with caution. I felt a sense of peace knowing that my friends had my back. “Well well well. What do we have here? Scarlet I thought you would have taken your second chance at life, but it seems that you have a death wish.”

“You signed yours when you kidnapped my daughter and hurt my mate.” I spat.
Adam pulled out a knife and I watched his every move with caution. Adam wasn’t going to stab me, that would be too easy. A scream made me jump and I turned around in shock, Adam’s men had Aria, Alison and Alex pinned down. Where did Chris go? I turned back round to confront Adam but he held a knife to my throat and whispered, “One word out of you and I’ll not hesitate to cut your throat.”
All the warriors had stopped fighting and were trying to come and save us, I knew it was pointless but I was so grateful they were trying. My wolf was deep in thought trying to think of a way out of this mess without causing any harm to my unborn child in the process. I could hear Aria’s whimpers and wondered again where Chris had disappeared to?
“Where are they?” Adam’s shouting jumped me out of my thoughts. Who was he talking about?
“They’ve gone Adam; we can’t sense them or see any cars around the area.” Someone said.
He was looking for Dylan. I silently thanked the Moon Goddess that Dylan was safe, and he would get the treatment that he so desperately needed. Adam’s growl made me shiver.
“They can’t have left. Dylan isn’t that stupid to leave his mate all alone here. Find them, wherever they are.” Adam ordered some of his men and they nodded and left.
A loud bang made us all jump. Adam and his men were on high alert, their eyes drifting around the place looking for any threats. My heart was beating fast as I put my hand over my stomach. I would not let anyone harm my child.
Another bang was heard followed by screams. Adam sent his men to go and see what was going on and my eyes drifted to my friends who were still pinned down. Aria sent me a small smile, but I couldn’t bring myself to smile back, I was still trying to think of a way out of here.
Men came back smelling strongly of smoke. The thought made me want to gag. “Fire.” One of the men panted. “There’s a fire.”
“Then put it out you idiots. I didn’t think you were that stupid.” Adam said growling.
The men nodded before running off again. My mind wondered to what Adam was going to do with us. “Looks like we have to move Luna.” Adam whispered in my ear.
I immediately tensed up as the knife edged closer to my throat. I reluctantly let Adam take me away. I wondered if there was anything outside that may help me, I could knock out Adam with a branch perhaps.
As Adam was leading me out of the burning place, I couldn’t help but feel hopeful. Like there was someone outside who was going to rescue us. I blamed it on my worries and reminded myself to think logically at a time of peril. “Get the cars and hurry.” Adam barked orders at the men who weren’t holding my friends back.
“You won’t be leaving here Adam.” A familiar voice filled my ears and I looked up in shock. There stood Chris with the different Alpha’s. You could sense the power coming off each and every one of them. I knew Adam could feel it too. He tensed up and put the knife closer to my neck. I gasped in shock.
Growls from opposite us made me feel hopeful that I would be able to see Dylan again. “How dare you hold a knife to our Luna Queen’s neck? To all of us that feels as though you are threatening our Kings power.” Chris said, I could feel the hatred he had for Adam starting to show but he still was surprisingly calm.
I felt my eyes look down at the floor and spotted a knife right by my foot, a wolf must have dropped it here. I looked back up at the tense situation. Adam didn’t have many wolves because most of them were putting out the fire, I knew that he would be trying to mind link them and it seemed like Chris did to.
“Don’t bother trying to mind link your wolves who went to put out the fire because they won’t be back. The fire was a way to get you out of the building and most of your men to stay in the building to put out the fire.”
I smiled proudly at Chris. There was a reason he was Dylan’s Beta and I couldn’t be happier that he was Dylan’s Beta. I could sense Adam’s unease but the knife he held to my neck wasn’t moving.
“I’ve still got your mate and your Luna here, Chris. I could just slice Scarlets neck and that would be it, Dylan’s mate would be no more.” Adam sneered.
My breath was caught in my throat. Did he really mean that? Of course he did. Adam doesn’t show mercy and if he has the Luna what would be a better way to show how much power he has. I was so stupid for coming to Adam alone, not because I might be killed but because I didn’t think of the effect my death could have on others that I loved and cared for. How would Dylan be if he knew I was dead? My parents, my brothers, my best friends who could possibly witness my death?
My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Aria’s voice, “Drop that knife or I’ll slice your throat before you can even process what is happening.”
I looked around to see the 3 men that were holding down my friends dead and saw Adam was surrounded by wolves. There was no way he was going to win this fight.
I felt the knife lower and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was quickly whipped out of Adam’s grip by Chris and placed with Alpha’s for protection, I assumed. “Don’t worry Luna, you are safe now.” One of the Alphas said, and I smiled gratefully. I saw Adam being taken away, but he had a glint in his eye.
I watched in horror as he lifted up his shirt to reveal another big knife. Without even thinking, I ran over to the knife lying on the floor and threw it at Adam. His grunt of pain and the clattering of the knife made me so relieved. I watched as his body fell to the ground and as Chris and Aria looked at the knife Adam could have killed them with. “Scarlet you saved us.” Chris said, thankful.
I shook my head and said, “You guys saved me and my child, this is the least I could do.” I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, now that I had done that. I felt as though I had avenged Dylan’s injuries and all the deaths of the soldiers that had risked their lives to save mine and Graces’.
Chris knelt down to see Adam and took the knife out. He stood up and said, “Adam’s dead, our Luna killed him by stabbing him the heart.”
I looked at Chris in shock. I actually killed him? I stabbed him in the heart? The Alpha’s looked at me in admiration and I suddenly felt myself becoming weak. “I think… I think I should have eaten something before I left…” my eyes closed as I felt a pair of arms catch me.

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