Love Bites

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1 year later….

As I gazed out at the beautiful sunset in front of me, I realised how lucky I was to have such a caring pack and a loving mate. Sure, we got off to a bumpy start, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have definitely grown closer and I was so grateful for that. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist and caused a smile to spread across my lips.
“What are you thinking about Scarlet?” His deep voice still managed to send shivers down my spine. “Oh, just how lucky I am to have all of you guys in my life.” I said, turning to face my handsome mate.
He smiled down at me and planted a small kiss on my lips. I heard laughter and shouting downstairs and looked at Dylan, he seemed to be thinking the same thing. Just as we were about to leave the room, a little cry from the crib stopped us. I motioned for Dylan to go while I went to the crib and looked down at my beautiful daughter. Her dark brown eyes sparkled and reminded me of her dads’ eyes which is one of the features of Dylan I was first drawn to. Smiling, I pick up my daughter, Alexa and rocked her gently. However, she seemed in a very playful mood, meaning that she wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon.
Shaking my head at my daughter, I headed downstairs with a very cheerful Alexa. “Sorry guys, Alexa is going to gate crash our time alone today.” I announced to my group of friends who all turned and smiled.
Dylan stood up and took our daughter from my arms, she started giggling and I couldn’t stop smiling. “She’s very happy today. How comes?” Dylan questioned while smiling down at our daughter.
“Shh Dylan, don’t jinx it.” Aria said standing up to take a look at the giggling little girl. We all sat down sighing in relief that we had some time alone. Alexa was content in her dad’s arms and it seemed as though Dylan was also happy.

I looked around my group and friends and thought how lucky I was to have them all in my life. A heavily pregnant Aria and Chris sat on one sofa laughing about something that Alex just told them. Alex and a pregnant Alison sat on another sofa, with Alison shaking her head at her mate. I turned to my left to see my mate staring down at our daughter and she was staring right back at him.
Suddenly a loud bang made us all jump and Alexa started to cry. I looked at my friends and shook my head.

We all knew who caused that noise. The front door opened and in came a little boy covered in blue paint crying. That little boy was Michael, Alison and Alex’s 5-year-old adopted son. I could see the couple try not to laugh as he ran to his mum.
Sighing I stood up and waited for the ginger haired, blue eyed girl to come in and sure enough she did, laughing her head off and singing, “I turned Michael into a smurf!” Her singing stopped as soon as she saw me standing there with the most serious expression I could muster.
Grace looked at me and saw that she had been busted so she pretended to look guilty. That didn’t work on me, but it always worked on someone….
“I’m sorry mum.” Grace said, sniffling as though she was crying.
Dylan then stood up and passed Alexa to Aria, he looked at me and said “Come on Scarlet, she was only having a little fun.”
I rolled my eyes at me mate and saw the sly smile on my daughters lips. “Dylan, have I said anything to Grace yet? No, right? So, you just sit down and be quiet, you can’t always be fooled by her looks, she is only doing that because she knows that she can get away with things with it, especially if you’re the one telling her off.” I said, raising my eyebrows at Dylan, daring him to defy me.
My friends couldn’t help but laugh under their breaths as Dylan took Alexa from Aria and sat down without another word. He was sulking, I knew that, but I had more important issues to deal with. A little boy was covered in blue paint thanks to my daughter.

Sighing, I then turned my attention to my daughter who knew she had been busted.
“Grace, how many times do I have to tell you not to terrorise poor Michael? He is a year older than you Grace, you shouldn’t do that to him. So, now I want you to say sorry to Michael and give me all of your paint bombs that your stupid father got you.” I glared at Dylan and he smiled sheepishly at me.
Grace went to Michael who was perched on his Alison’s lap and his head was buried in her shoulder. “I’m sorry Michael. I won’t turn you into a smurf again.”
Her choice of words caused us adults to chuckle a little. Michael turned around and said, “It’s ok.”
I then held my hand out for Grace’s beloved bag full of the paint bombs, she grumpily gave it to me but then Aria said, “Hey kids, there are cookies in the kitchen!” And suddenly both their faces lit up and they ran to the kitchen.
“Well that sure was fun!” Aria announced rubbing her belly. I glanced mischievously at Grace’s bag full of paint bombs. Time to have some fun.

“Hey guys, I’ll be right back.” I announced.

Dylan stood up very confused and I just smiled at him. He gave Alexa to Alex and I knew that he’d follow me. That was all part of the plan.
I started to walk away and sure enough, Dylan was trailing behind me, still confused as to what the hell I was doing. I walked towards the front door and pulled out a paint bomb before stopping. I turned to see Dylan standing a few steps away from me and looking very confused. He didn’t see the paint bomb in my hand which was unfortunate for him.
“Dylan this is your punishment for providing Grace with those paint bombs.” I said smiling mischievously at him.
“What…” Dylan didn’t get to finish his sentence as I threw the paint bomb at him and it exploded into a cloud of purple dust.
I started laughing when the dust cleared and Dylan stood there with his clothes covered in purple and I clutched my side because I was laughing too much. Dylan’s face was priceless, so I quickly pulled out my phone from my pocket and took a picture.
Dylan seemed to have realised what had happened as all our friends were laughing and even Grace and Michael came in to see what had happened and couldn’t help but laugh. My laughter suddenly stopped when I saw Dylan’s eyes sparkle. Uh oh, that wasn’t a good sign.

I looked at him and started running as I heard him come behind me. I rushed out of the house but didn’t make it far before I was picked up by Dylan and swung around. He put me down and pulled out a paint bomb from the bag. I gasped in shock and before I could comprehend what was happening, the paint bomb exploded and as I looked at my clothes, I realised my clothes were covered in red.
I started laughing and so did Dylan. All our friends came out and saw us and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Honestly, you both are worse than your daughter.” Alison said shaking her head at us while laughing.
I smiled at my purple mate and looked at our friends. I was so thankful for all of them and wouldn’t change anything. This was the start of a new beginning.

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