Love Bites

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Bonus Chapter 1

5 years later (from the epilogue)

“MUMM! Tell Alexa to stop going through my stuff.” A voice shouted from upstairs.

I sighed and turned to my 5-year-old daughter Alexa and crossed my arms. This was a regular occurrence with Alexa, for some reason she loved to go through Grace’s things in her room. Grace who was now 10 was coming up to her teenage years and it seemed as though it started early in our household. Grace wasn’t moody all the time, but she definitely had her times and it was fine for me to deal with, but Dylan didn’t know what to do. I found that hilarious as I wanted to see him deal with Alexa’s teenage years who took after her dad in terms of personality.

It has been 6 years since Dylan and I finally settled down with our lives and it has been an amazing 6 years. Dylan of course, was still Alpha King and he took his duties very seriously. I had a year off when I had Alexa but then I also came along to meetings and helped Dylan. I also loved to see everyone and mingle with other pack members, so I felt more connected.

The council, however, liked to make my life difficult as they kept insisting to Dylan that he needs a son to take over his duties as Grace can’t because she isn’t our daughter by blood, which angered me so much and Alexa was a female so she couldn’t run a pack. I was furious and so was Dylan, he really wanted us to not have any more children so Alexa would have to take over. I knew that he did want more children though and so did I.

It may have been a surprise pregnancy but when Alexa was 3, our son Dimitri Gabriel King was born on the 10th of September at 3:30 pm. It was only a 5-hour labour which seemed nothing compared to the tremendous 15-hour labour I had with Alexa.

I knew I was having a boy, but Dylan didn’t want to know, and it was hard keeping it from him, but I managed to, and I was glad I did because his reaction was priceless. The council straight away said they were happy it was a boy because it meant Dylan had an heir, but Dylan and I had already discussed this and we decided that if Alexa wanted the position then she will get it because she is the eldest out of her and Dimitri. We wanted to consider Grace, but it wasn’t allowed which made me upset because I didn’t want Grace to feel like she was being discriminated against just because she isn’t our biological child. If Alexa didn’t want the position, then it would go to Dimitri, but we wanted our children to decide not some age-old laws. After having Dimitri, I was told that it would be unwise and dangerous for me to have another child, for the sake of my own health, doctors advised me against it. It hurt to know that, but Dylan was very supportive and told me he was happy and content with our 3 children. I wanted one more and was thinking about adoption, it would warm my heart if I could give a child a home.

Aria and Chris were also happy, they had twins, Sapphire and Hanson. They were 4 years old and such sweethearts. Aria and Chris decided they were content with 2 children as did Alison and Alex. Alison gave birth to a little boy, Trent who was also 4. Michael who was now 11, loved being an elder brother and also loved teasing Grace which was the opposite of how it was a few years ago! Grace was always teasing Michael but suddenly something changed. It was amusing for all us adults to see Michael teasing Grace.

Talking about family, Matthew my little brother, although he was 15 now, was very protective of Grace when he came around. I remember thinking all those years ago that there might be something there. Grace was totally oblivious to Matthew’s behaviour, probably because she didn’t understand much about mates. Matthew didn’t like to leave when he came, and I had a strong feeling that it was because he was leaving Grace. Of course, we won’t know if they’re mates until Matthew turns 18, Grace is still far too young, and I think Dylan is freaking out about his daughters finding their mates as well.

Anyway, after telling Alexa to stop going into her sister’s room for what felt like the 100th time, I cleaned up Dimitri from his lunch which he managed to get all over his clothes. His chocolate eyes reminded me so much of Dylan and I knew that he would be the spitting image of his dad as he grew up. Both my children inherited their father’s eyes and honestly, I loved it.

Alexa came downstairs moody since I told her off and I had to stop myself from laughing. Her attitude made me wonder if she really was a teenager sometimes. Chuckling to myself, I put Dimitri down for his afternoon nap and went to check on Grace, who was sitting on her bed reading a book.

Exhausted, I sat down on my bed and managed to get some precious time to go through my phone. A rare occurrence when you are a mum of 3 or just a mum in general. Dylan had texted me saying that he may be back late as the meetings were running late. I sighed, just what I needed. Dylan had gone to a pack about 4 hours away yesterday for these important meetings to sort out an issue that had arisen. He was meant to be back today but if the meetings finished late, they’d probably stay until tomorrow. My heart sank, I know that’s silly, but I really missed him. This mate bond was a blessing and a curse sometimes, although it did help that I had my kids. They kept my mind off of Dylan, which is sometimes what I needed.

Alexa came into my room and broke my thought process. She climbed up onto my bed and lay down next to me. Both girls were at school but since it was Sunday, they didn’t have school. Grace loved school and she loved making friends, Alexa loved school as well but could get a little shy at times. Dimitri was at nursery part time and when I had no kids, I would go to the pack house and do my Luna duties.

Alexa soon fell asleep next to me and I decided to nap with her, I mean I don’t get this opportunity every day. However, life never ends for a mum and just as my eyes were about to close, a knock on the door made me groan in frustration.

I went downstairs to open the door and was surprised to see Aria and Alison. I smiled and beckoned them in.

“Where are your kids?” I asked.

“Oh, in the car. We are going to the zoo and came to collect your kids.” Aria said, smiling.

“Oh, the zoo! They’ll have so much fun. I’ll go and get ready and get the kids ready as well.” I replied.

“No! Just the kids. We aren’t taking you!” Alison said laughing.

“What? Why?” I replied.

“Well one, we want you to have some alone time without the kids and two, you can’t leave the pack, there is no Alpha King and no Beta! You have to stay as the Luna Queen!” Aria said.

I sighed. She was right. I couldn’t leave, if something happened there had to be someone of higher authority here and right now that was me. It would be bad if I left. “Ok fine, I’ll go and get the kids ready.” I responded.

Grace was ready to go already, and she helped me wake Alexa up and get her ready. Dimitri was already awake and giggling and laughing as I changed his diaper and got him ready. We were in the process of potty training him but for this occasion, it would be easier if he had a diaper on. Grace was a massive help to me as she helped me back a bag for Dimitri and Alexa, with extra clothes for both kids, diapers for Dimitri and bottles of water for both kids.

Once all three kids were ready, I gave them all hugs and kisses and helped them get into the car and car seats. I waved goodbye as Aria drove away. I didn’t know what to do with myself now. I had no kids, no mate, I was completely alone.

So, I cleaned my house, just as any person would. I had no distractions though and I felt proud when my house actually looked decent for once. Of course, this wouldn’t last very long. Since I was sweaty and gross after cleaning, I decided to take a quick shower to clean myself. Then I realised, there were no kids, so I didn’t need to have a quick shower, I could have a relaxing bath instead and that is exactly what I did!

Getting into the hot bath was amazing. My muscles felt relaxed and so did I. I spent about half an hour in the bath just relaxing and it felt so good. But I didn’t like to spend ages in the bath because the water would start to get cold. So, I got out and dried myself and got ready in some pyjamas. Might as well make the most of this time alone.

I came out of my room and heard voices downstairs. My heart started racing. Had someone broken in? Armed with a bat, I quietly headed towards the stairs but stopped when I heard a very familiar voice.

“Thanks so much for taking the kids. Yeh, she’s in the bath, I think. I can’t wait to surprise her.” Dylan’s familiar voice drifted up the stairs.

So, he got Aria and Alison to take the kids! And he lied to me saying the meetings were running late!

I quietly went back into my room and rushed into my cupboard. He thinks he has surprised me, but I think I should surprise him instead. I put on my black Victoria secret lingerie and put a red silk gown on top but left it open so you could see the lingerie. My hair was left down in its natural way as that is just how Dylan likes it. I then put on some makeup and red lipstick as well. Spraying myself with perfume, which was Dylan’s favourite, I was ready.

My guess was that Dylan would never expect me to dress like this if I was home alone, so I would make him jealous but also seduce him at the same time.

I sat at my dressing table and waited. It wasn’t long before my bedroom door opened and just to piss Dylan off even more, I said “Oh, George you are finally here.”

Of course, there was no guy called George in my life, but I knew that Dylan would not be happy with my calling out another guy’s name when I was meant to be alone.

The door was banged open and I turned around to see Dylan glaring at me, his chocolate eyes now black.

“Who the fuck is George?”

I should have acted scared, but I just couldn’t because I was trying not to laugh instead.

“Is this what you do when you have no kids and no mate?” Dylan growled out.

See, to some mates that may have been offensive but not to me. I knew that there was no other man in my life and that I would probably have the same reaction if Dylan did something similar to what I am doing to him.

I couldn’t help it; the laughter escaped my lips and then Dylan’s face turned from anger to confusion to realisation.

“You tricked me?” He asked.

“Yep. You shouldn’t talk so loudly if you want it to be a surprise.” I said, smiling.

Suddenly his eyes darkened again, and I swallowed the lump in my throat. That dangerous look was something I hadn’t seen for a long time.

“So, you got all dressed up for me?” He asked, coming closer.

“Maybe.” I replied, watching his every move.

He pulled me into his arms and breathed in my scent. “You wore the perfume I love?”

“Maybe.” I replied; my voice become softer.

Dylan started to slide off the red silky gown and he kissed the bra strap.

“You wore this sexy lingerie for me?” He kissed the skin above my breasts, and I shivered.

“Maybe.” My voice became quieter.

Dylan never broke eye contact with me as he moved the silk gown off of my shoulders and as he kissed my mark and I shuddered. He looked at me and smirked. Well that couldn’t be good. Dylan started leaving small kisses from my mark to my breasts then up again to my neck and I leant my head back to give him more room. It had been a while since we had been able to be alone like this and I missed this, more than I cared to admit. After Dylan’s attack of kisses, I saw Dylan’s chocolate eyes were swirling with love and lust. I watched as he slowly took off my silk gown and chucked it away so now, I was just standing in front of him in my Victoria secret lingerie.

I watched as his eyes travelled down my body and back up to my eyes. “Whatever you would have been wearing, nothing could have stopped me from what I want to do to you. But I have to admit, seeing you like this makes what I want to do to you 1000 times better.”

I didn’t even have time to ask what he meant as he crashed his lips to mine and I couldn’t help the moan that came out of my mouth. It had been so long, and my body craved his, just as I knew his body craved mine. Dylan carefully lifted me up and placed me on the bed. He broke the kiss and slowly started taking off his shirt.

I groaned and sat up. “You take too long.” I said, before tearing his shirt off and crashing my warm lips to his.

I felt his smile in the kiss as I pulled him down, so he was on top of me. We broke the kiss so Dylan could take his jeans off which thankfully didn’t take him as long.

“I love you so much Scarlet.” Dylan said, not breaking eye contact with me.

“I love you too Dylan. Now show me how much you love me.” I replied with a wink.

“Gladly.” Dylan responded before capturing my lips with his...

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