Love Bites

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Chapter 5

I groaned and grabbed my head. It hurt so badly. I heard the sounds of machines beeping and realised I was in a hospital. Why though? What happened? Suddenly the events of yesterday rushed back to me. The grotesque image of the little boy popped into my head and I screamed. Within seconds someone had grasped my hand and pulled me into a hug. By the sparks and tingles I knew it was Dylan. I opened my eyes and saw his worried expression. His hug calmed me down and my heart was no longer beating super-fast. I looked around me and found that I was in the pack house hospital and saw Aria and Chris standing outside. Those images of the boy with that note stapled to his flesh came back into my mind and I shivered in fear. Dylan came over to me and knelt down on the floor and talked to me. There was a general concern in his voice, “Scarlet listen to me. I need you to focus on my words, I need you here Scarlet with me. You are the only person who can keep me sane, please come back to me.” Dylan’s words sank in and I smiled a little. He said that he needed me, my wolf was smiling as well.

“What happened to that poor boy? What did the note say?” I asked Dylan, tears threatening to fall as I imagined the boy lying on my floor with those eyes staring at me.

Dylan sighed and wiped the stray tear that had managed to escape. “Scarlet, I can’t tell you now. You’re still so shaken up about the whole thing. Give it some time and I will tell you ok?” I hugged Dylan and sighed, that poor boy had really affected me but hearing Dylan’s words made me forget all about it. Dylan rubbed my back and slowly I broke away from Dylan and looked up at him. He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. I got up and walked towards the mirror. When I looked in the mirror, I gasped. I looked so bad. How could Dylan even look at me? I wouldn’t be able to look at myself. Shaking my head, I washed my face and dried it. Most of my makeup had come off when I was crying. Sighing I walk out of my room only to get bombarded with hugs from Aria and my family. I knew that Dylan would have called them when I was recovering. My mum was worried but seeing Dylan wrap his arms around me made her smile. The doctor came in and said that I was free to leave. All my tests were normal.
I really needed to get changed so giving my family a quick smile; I rushed off to my bedroom. Closing the door, I took a deep breath. Sometimes family can be a little overwhelming, although I knew I wouldn’t change it for the world. Walking into the wardrobe, my hands automatically picked up on one of Dylan’s t shirts and a pair of leggings. Dylan’s shirt made me feel calm and I loved it. His scent wrapped around me like a blanket. I quickly tied my hair in a bun and put on some lip balm and went back downstairs. I was greeted by Aria first. She hugged me so tight but as soon as she broke away and realised that I was wearing Dylan’s shirt, smiled and raised her eyebrows. I smiled and shook my head. I can always rely on Aria to take my mind off of all the bad things that happen.
Dylan came behind me and slowly wrapped his arms around my waist, which sent sparks rushing through my body and I leant back into Dylan’s chest. Chris took Aria upstairs to give us some space and he sent me a warm smile and I happily returned the gesture. Dylan took me to a corner and whispered in my ear, “You wearing my shirt makes my wolf and myself really happy.”
I smiled at him and walked over to my parents with Dylan close behind me. My parents looked so relived. My mum of course was in tears and hugged me really tight, saying how glad she was that I was safe. My dad gave me a hug as well before turning to Dylan and saying, “Thank you for saving my daughter and I know that you’ll always protect her and keep her safe.”
Dylan shook my dad’s hand and said, “No need to thank me, I was only doing my duty.”
His “duty”? Those words to me just meant that he was being forced to look after me and he didn’t really want me as a mate. He was meant to say that he would do over and over again because I am his mate and he loves me not that he has to. My dad just nodded at his response. I hoped they would stay longer but it was my mum who said they should go. My dad didn’t look too happy to leave but gave me a hug anyway. Mum whispered in my ear, “Give him time. Let him open up to you and let yourself open up to him. You know him better than you think.”
My mind was still processing my mums words but she just kissed me on the forehead and left along with my dad.
I looked up at Dylan and he had an expressionless face on. I looked down at the floor and walked away slowly. Before I could even think about anything, Dylan grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him. I let out a little scream. Thank heavens no one was here. I was still confused, angry and upset about Dylan’s choice of words. He lifted up my chin so that my eyes got lost in his chocolate ones. I saw something in Dylan’s eyes that I hadn’t seen before. I saw a new emotion swirling around in his chocolate eyes, love.
I broke the eye contact and slowly started to walk away. I needed time to think about what the hell my mum meant. Maybe all these medicines were making me go crazy.
“Scarlet stop.” Dylan’s voice stopped me in my tracks, and I turned to face him.
He stood there looking at me in worry and I looked at him confused. He came over to me and pulled me into a massive hug. “I’m sorry Scarlet. I know that what I said was wrong. I will protect you because I want to and not because I have to and not because it is my duty either.”
I was shocked with what Dylan had said, it was like he had read my mind. I smiled and felt myself hugging Dylan back. I knew that it would all be worth it. We were actually going somewhere with this and that’s all the encouragement I needed to carry on.
“Well, maybe I overreacted. Today has just been a long day.” I sighed.
“Yes it has been. Even if you overreacted, I made you upset and I don’t want you to ever be upset.” Dylan spoke, his words were doing things to my body.
When we broke contact, I felt cold and lonely. Dylan excused himself and I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Whilst sipping on my water, I started to think about all those people who have misjudged Dylan in the past. I remembered the maids saying how Dylan would be cruel to his mate and reject him and me being stupid had judged Dylan before even knowing him. Without realising I had smashed the glass in my hands, from anger and frustration and there was now a big wound with blood pouring out.
I didn’t care about my wound because it didn’t hurt. I walked out of the kitchen and told myself I deserved this for misjudging Dylan, and this was my punishment. I also knew that Dylan had a deeper wound inside of him that he wouldn’t tell anyone. I will find out what it is. Sighing I was heading upstairs when I was suddenly turned harshly around by Dylan and his face looked furious. “Who the hell did this to you Scarlet? I’ll fucking kill them!” His voice projected loud and clear and it made me want to crawl into a ball.
Dylan looked like he was ready to kill, and I knew I had to tell him what really happened. What if someone walked out of the kitchen and Dylan thought it was them? There was no way I could ever let an innocent person die because of me.
“Um… It… It…. It was me. I smashed the glass in my hands.” I found myself stammering as I looked at the anger in Dylan’s eyes.
I held my breath waiting for Dylan’s answer. Instead of saying anything, he lifted me up bridal style and I breathed out. At least he wasn’t going to kill anyone. I felt tingles of excitement and I loved this feeling. He came to our room and put me down on the bed. Dylan went into the bathroom and came out with a first aid kit. I started to shake my head, but Dylan didn’t listen, and he took out an antiseptic spray and sprayed it on my wound. It stung a little bit and I let out a cry of pain. He carefully bandaged it up and I muttered a thanks. It was nice seeing Dylan do that for me. It showed me he did care, and I realised that I needed to give him time. Dylan wasn’t the typical mate I had heard of, he had a lot of baggage and I needed to give him his time and space to show me he cared.
Dylan nodded to me and before leaving the room, kissed me on the cheek and muttered “be careful”.
I sighed in content. My wolf started nagging me saying how rude it was that I hadn’t even kissed Dylan yet and she could feel his wolf’s restlessness. I stood up and started to head downstairs to get some food. I thought about what my wolf had said and before I could say anything, someone knocked on our front door and seeing no one else there I went to open it and a massive smile made its way onto my face as I saw who stood at the door...

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