Love Bites

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Chapter 6

SURPRISE!” shouted my little brother Matthew and he jumped into my arms. I caught him but was still shock that I didn’t hug him properly. Behind Matthew stood Alison- one of my childhood friends who moved to London with her family, she was holding hands with a boy who I guessed was her mate. I recognised him from somewhere, but I just couldn’t remember where. I carefully put Matthew on the floor and rushed and gave Alison a massive hug. She laughed and hugged me back. Both Aria and I were best friends with Alison before she left. After hugging I walked over to her mate and offered my hand to shake. He smiled and shook it. “Hi nice to meet you, my name is Scarlet.” I introduced myself.
“Hi my name is Alec and I am Alison’s mate. I am also the head of all the warriors” Alec said. I smiled and nodded my head. It all made sense now, I had seen him training some warriors yesterday. Matthew started tugging on my leggings. I laughed and looked down at him. His innocent little face was no longer there, instead his eyes had a mischievous glint to it and I wasn’t very comfortable with it. Alison came to me and said, “Scarlet I know all about your mate and I know Aria found her mate too! Where is Aria?”

“I’ll call her. When did you get back? And how did you meet your mate?” I asked.

“I only got back a week ago. I met Alec at a restaurant, not the most romantic way to meet but I am so happy I found him.” Alison looked at Alec and smiled.

Before Alec could say anything, a high-pitched voice caught my attention.
“Omg, I’m finally here. Where’s Dylan? I’ve missed him so much. Tanya get over here. Maybe the beta will have you. Urgh move out of my way servant.” A girl with long black hair said followed closely by another girl with straight blonde hair with pink highlights.
Great, I really cannot handle more drama. I walked up to these two girls and politely asked them, “Hi, who are you and what are you doing here?”
They looked at each other and the girl with black hair stepped forward and answered, ” I’m Olivia and this is Tanya. We’ve been away from our pack for a very long time, it’s nice to finally be back. We are looking for the Alpha King and the Beta. We have a past with them.”
I heard Alison gasp behind me, and Matthew try to hide his laugh. I forced a smile and nodded my head. Well that is something I never knew. Was Dylan ever going to tell me? A new found emotion rushed through my body along with anger. My wolf started itching to get out and I realised what it was. Jealousy.
Before I could say anything to these girls, Aria’s voice projected across the hall saying, “Alison? Is that you??” I stopped in my tracks and saw Aria at the top of the stairs and holding Chris’ hand. Good now one of these girls should take the hint.
Aria came running down the stairs and hugged Alison. Chris chuckled and walked down the stairs and sent me a friendly smile. Tanya was looking adoringly at Chris and she was shell shocked when Chris didn’t even acknowledge her. Olivia pushed Tanya towards Chris and Tanya nodded and walked towards Chris swaying her hips in a way that made me want to gag.
Tanya patted Chris on the shoulder, and he turned around with a confused expression on his face and turned to me for help. “Scarlet is this one of your friends?”
I laughed while the girls looked shocked probably because they had a “past” with the beta and the Alpha King, but the Beta did not even recognise them. “Nope Chris, they both actually came in here to see you and Dylan because apparently they have a past with you.” I replied.
As soon as those words left my mouth Aria turned around like lightning leaving Alison is mid conversation. Aria false smiled at the girls and turned to and asked, “Who do these girls have a past with, Scarlet?”
“Well its actually Chris and Dylan, Aria.” I replied, loving my best friends’ reaction to this news. I swear I was worse than my little brother who was obviously enjoying this drama too much.
Aria went over to the girls and said daringly, “Chris having a past with one of you. You both are so fake. Remember Chris is my mate, meaning he won’t even look at either of you!”
I held in my laughter whilst Chris calmed Aria down. Tanya looked absolutely petrified. I turned to see Alison trying to hold in her laughter too and leaning on Alec. Alec looked super uncomfortable. My dear brother Matthew still had that look in his eye, something told me he knew more than he let on. But I didn’t want him here for the drama. It could get messy, so I motioned for a maid to take him away and she did so. Matthew tried to protest but I glared at him and luckily, he didn’t say anything else. Knowing my brother, he would have wanted to stay.
I’d rather be in his position, going away from this drama instead of having to deal with these girls and their annoying high-pitched voices.
Olivia was standing there smiling and looking pretty pleased with herself. “Well that’s a shame that Chris is taken, but that’s ok because I didn’t come here for Chris. I came here for Dylan. I know that Dylan hasn’t forgotten me, I mean we did have a good relationship”
As if on cue Dylan came down the stairs and he looked confused. I hadn’t forgotten what Olivia had been saying about a past relationship and I didn’t show any emotion on my face.
I looked at Dylan, trying to work out if he knew this girl and he looked a little scared and nervous. That answered all my questions.
Olivia without warning strode over to Dylan and kissed him. My blood was boiling, especially since they did have a relationship. I strode over and pulled Olivia back by her hair and stood in front of her. I didn’t even get a chance to speak as Olivia rudely butted in.
“Who the hell do you think you are? You get out of the way. Hey, wait one second, are you wearing Dylan’s shirt? You are obviously just one of his flings. Well sorry love but that shirt doesn’t belong to you. I’ll take it back now.” Olivia said, reaching for my shirt and trying to rip it off.
I took her hands off of my shirt and let them go, she looked at me in anger and shock. I hate bitches who think they own the bloody place. She clearly was the stupidest person on this planet if she couldn’t smell my scent all over Dylan and his scent all over me. My brain was trying to understand who just storms in and kisses an old fling anyway?
Dylan was looking uncomfortable and I sent him the dirtiest glare. I sighed and turned to Olivia, “Look, I know this may seem hard to believe but I am actually Dylan’s mate.” I decided it was good to be calm and polite before losing my temper.
Olivia just laughed and went to Dylan, “Oh wow! The lengths people will go to! Like this pathetic girl is your mate. News flash darling, I am his mate. No one here knows that I am, but they will soon.”
I sighed. Clearly, she needed more than me being polite. However, before I could say anything, she pushed me out of the way, put her hands around Dylan’s neck and kissed him again. This time my wolf took control she rushed over and pulled Olivia’s hair and pushed her against the wall growling in her face. Olivia screamed out, “Help! Dylan, Help! Her eyes are pitch black. I am going to die!!”
“Don’t touch what is MINE otherwise I will kill you.” My voice came out as angry and fierce. My wolf picked her up and threw her across the room. I was breathing heavily and finally my wolf gave me control of my body. Normally, I hated my wolf taking control, but I wasn’t hating this. Seeing Olivia on the floor and clearly shaken made me smirk. When I turned and faced Aria, she looked shocked but proud and Chris looked impressed. Clearly my calm approach to things did not work out. Dylan was smiling at me and his eyes showed pride. He isn’t forgiven yet, but I need to sort this out and get this bitch out of the house. Then I would deal with Dylan. One thing at a time.
I walked over to Olivia and said, “I’ll prove that Dylan is mine and that you are a delusional bitch.” I walked over to Dylan and without me doing anything he immediately pulled me into his warm embrace and put his face in the crook of my neck. I suppressed a moan. Dylan lifted his head up to meet my eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down, my longing lips meeting his....

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