Love Bites

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Chapter 7

My lips moved in time with Dylan’s. I loved the feeling of his lips on mine. Of course, the sparks that shot down my spine made it more enjoyable. His warm hands slowly travelled up my back. I held back the urge to moan and broke the kiss. Dylan smirked at me while I stared right back at him and his swollen lips and smirked too. I had in my own way claimed Dylan. Tanya stood there with her mascara smudged and her mouth wide open, whereas Olivia came right up to me and smacked me. Her false nails scratched the side of my face and I fell back, her attack completely surprised me. Aria and Alison ran towards me and caught me before I fell. My cheek was throbbing, and I screwed my face up in pain. Aria went to touch my cheek, but a growl stopped her. I turned around to see Dylan, but it was actually his wolf. His eyes were pitch black and I could see his anger directed at the two girls.
Before I managed to go up to Dylan, that idiot Olivia ran up to Dylan instead and hugged him. “It’s ok Dylan. Calm down. I know that you are mad that the servant girl kissed you. I am here now, I sorted her out. She won’t bother you again. I told her we have a past together that no one can change.” She said, hugging him.
Growling, Dylan pushed her away roughly, so she fell into Tanya and they both fell on the floor screaming. I let out a little laugh, serves that bitch right. My cheek started throbbing, so I stopped laughing and held my cheek to stop the pain. Dylan looked at me holding my cheek and then back at Olivia.
He slowly walked towards Olivia. She started screaming and tried to get up but kept tripping on Tanya’s body. I sighed. I knew that I wanted to see this girl die but it wasn’t right. I wasn’t going to let Dylan add another name to his kill list. Shaking my head, I walked towards Dylan and stood in front of him. His eyes were pitch black, but I knew that his wolf would never hurt me. His piercing black eyes stared into mine. I held my ground and shook my head. Dylan’s hand rose above his head and out of instinct I closed my eyes but opened them as soon as Dylan’s hand touched my bloody cheek.
He carefully touched my cheek and I shivered by the number of tingles rushing through my body. Dylan lifted me up in his arms and I let my eyes close and my head lean against his shoulder. I heard Dylan harshly tell Olivia, “We had a past but that is all it means to me and all it is. A past. You need to get that fucking delusional idea that we will be together out of your mind. If I remember correctly, I said no to you so many times, but you never understood. But understand this, if I see you here again, you will die, and no one can stop me.”
Dylan made sure that I was comfortable in his arms before carrying me upstairs and to our bedroom. When I felt myself being placed on the bed, I reluctantly opened my eyes. Being in Dylan’s embrace was the most amazing thing.
Aria was standing there with a cotton bud and some antiseptic. I knew that it would hurt me, and I panicked. Dylan sensing my panic lifted me up and placed me on his lap. He wrapped his hands around my waist.
He started to rub soothing circles on hands that he held. That alone caused my body to react in a way it never had before. It was the perfect distraction for Aria to come over and dab the cotton bud on my sore, bleeding cheek. I hissed in pain. It hurt more than I thought it would. Dylan held me down and whispered words into my ear. It calmed me down a bit and I relaxed. Aria put some cream on the scratches. The scars would only take an hour to heal. Dylan picked me up again and turned me around so now I was staring right at him. Now that everything was sorted, I could be angry at him. It was clear I was angry, and Dylan looked at me in confusion. Was this guy serious?
Rolling my eyes, I stood up and walked out of the room. Dylan wasn’t that stupid, was he? Maybe he just didn’t want to admit to me he had a girlfriend before. Even the mention got my wolf all angry again.
Dylan’s arms pulled me back into his embrace. “What have I done Scarlet?” He muttered while kissing me on my neck.
I would have shivered and given into his touch but right now, I was beyond pissed. Without a second thought I pushed him away and looked at his pissed face.
“Really Dylan? I just found out that you have had a past relationship, but you never told me, and you probably never would have unless that girl showed up here.” I said, jealously and venom lacing my voice.
Dylan understood what I was saying and took a step towards me,” Oh right that. I am so sorry Scarlet but trust me that girl was crazy. She couldn’t take a hint and you saw how crazy she was. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember her name because the only girl that has been on my mind is you”
His last sentence made me blush and I smiled at him before saying, “Fine, I forgive you. One because I witnessed first-hand how crazy she is and two I can see in your eyes that you’re not lying to me. But just a quick question, are there any other girls I should know about?” I raised my eyebrows.
Dylan growled when I said about Olivia being crazy, but I just rolled my eyes. I placed my hands on my hips and looked at him in question. He took a while my question, but he finally shook his head to say no. I slowly nodded my head and took his hand. I couldn’t stay mad at him forever; I knew there was a possibility that he had previous relationships. All that mattered now, is he was my mate and I knew that he would never cheat on me. We headed downstairs to meet with our friends. Dylan was introduced to Alison and Alec; he knew that my brother Matthew was upstairs. The maid had told us that he was currently sleeping. I made a mental note to ask Matthew about this whole drama.
Alison being the great best friend that she is, gave a few stern words to Dylan. I laughed at Dylan’s face, he looked serious as he listened to Alison. Alison wasn’t even phased by Dylan’s serious face as she warned him about the consequences he’d face if he’d ever hurt me.
We all went and sat in the living room. I sat with Aria and Alison and we gossiped about girls in this pack thinking they own the place. Aria made us laugh, talking about how she couldn’t understand what the hell Dylan ever saw in a fake bitch like that. Obviously, I had to agree. Who knows what was going through Dylan’s head at that time?
I loved hanging out with my girls. But the boys looked like they were having a more serious conversation and Dylan looked very stressed. Something I hadn’t seen before. It was also unusual for them to have a conversation in the living room. Important conversations normally took place in the study. I wanted to go over there but I saw a maid telling me that there was someone at the door. I told her to go and open it and I will come in a minute. The girls looked at me and I told them I would be right back.
As I walked towards the door, I could feel the breeze and shivered. I wondered who could come at this time of the night. Where was the maid? And why was it so dark? The maid should have turned the light on when she was going to the door. As I approached the door, I felt my socks step in something wet. Sighing I put on the light and to my horror found that what I had stepped in was blood. My white socks were now stained with the blood, but whose? I looked around and saw the maid who I had sent to open the door lying dead with an arrow sticking out of her hip. Blood was everywhere.
I felt my eyes watering up and fell to my knees. If I didn’t make this poor innocent girl open the door then she wouldn’t be dead right now. It was all my fault. My breaths were coming out short as I desperately tried to control my emotion. I couldn’t help the scream that left my mouth. Within seconds Dylan and the others were by my side. I heard gasps and Dylan came to my level and I put my head into his neck. I sobbed and said things like “All my fault” “If she hadn’t listened to me”. I felt my body shutting down and before I knew it, I fell into darkness....

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