Love Bites

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Chapter 8

Muttered voices bought me back to reality. I groaned and forced my heavy eyelids to open. My head hurt and I clutched it in pain. The voices shushed each other and suddenly it was silent. I saw blurry images of 5 people but had to blink several times to realise who they were. Dylan, Aria, Chris, Alison and Alec were standing there looking very uncomfortable. Dylan was the first person I saw, and he immediately rushed over to my bed and crushed me in a hug.
I couldn’t remember what had happened before this. All I remember was having a good conversation with my girls but why I couldn’t remember anything else was beyond me. I looked at my arms and found myself hooked up to fluids and medicine. There were tubes in both my arms. Being in a state of shock, I didn’t hug Dylan back but instead pushed him away and asked everyone, “What happened to me and what were you guys talking about”?
My friends nervously looked at the floor and didn’t meet my gaze. I knew they were hiding something from me, but I couldn’t get it out of them. Dylan stood up and looked at me. His eyes suddenly were void of any emotions and I found myself wondering what happened to him. He was just here giving me a hug, what suddenly changed?
I thought we had moved past this. Dylan walked out of the room before I could ask him anything. My friends all gave me sympathetic smiles before leaving as well. I didn’t want their sympathy, I just wanted answers. My mind felt like something was missing. Something important.
I felt so alone and isolated. Looking around the painted white walls, I found myself crying. As hard as I tried the tears wouldn’t stop. I remembered that when I cried at home, Matthew used to come to me and give me a big hug and tell off the boys or girls who made me cry. I found that so sweet. I then remembered that Matthew was here. I jumped out of bed and wiped my tears away.
Detaching all the tubes from my body, I walked out of the room. Surprisingly, no one stopped me from leaving. I was thankful for that. Matthew’s scent took me towards the room he was in. No one was around as I trailed through the house, looking for my brother. His scent was there, although it was faint which I didn’t understand. As I walked past the hall, my head started to kill. I groaned and held my head with my hands, but the pain didn’t stop. Braving the pain, I walked up the stairs and the pain suddenly stopped. Breathing a sigh of relief, I walked to Matthew’s room but when I opened the door no one was there. It was clean and it looked like the bed covers had been changed already. His scent was barely there which now made a lot more sense. But the question on my mind was where was Matthew?
A shy maid walked past the room and I stepped out to ask her about Matthew, but my head started killing. This time it was so unbearable that I screamed out in pain and held my head with my hands trying to get rid of the pain. The poor maid rushed off and my knees gave way and I fell to the floor screaming and holding my head. Dylan was by my side before I knew it. He picked me up and I put my head against his chest, then the pain disappeared. I heard a loud shout and knew that Dylan was shouting but at who? “Don’t let her out of this room! Understand? She is not well, and you know that. Don’t let her leave.”
His sharp and emotionless tone made me flinch. I wanted to shout back and scream at Dylan. Why can’t I leave this room? It isn’t fair. He isn’t my dad. But before I knew it, I was back in the hospital room and Dylan carefully laid me on the bed. I was about to call his name, but he walked out not even sparing me a second glance. What was wrong with him?
Tears threatened to fall but I held them back, refusing to cry for my pathetic mate who can’t even look at me or stay in the same room as me. I sat up in the bed and watched the nurse nervously attach back all the tubes in my body. I looked at her and tried to make eye contact, but she looked down at the floor and as soon as she finished rushed out of the room. Why is everyone avoiding me? Have I done something so bad that no one wants to look at me?
I remembered about Matthew and tried calling out but stopped myself. They would probably think I am crazy, if they already don’t. Sighing, I looked over to the bedside unit and found my phone. I reached over and turned it on. I could finally see where Matthew was.
After reading my messages, I rang my home phone, but no one answered. Then I tried my dad, then mum, after my brother, his mate, my alpha and his mate but no one answered. I felt a hole in my stomach and an uneasy feeling fill my body. Why was no one answering their phones? I passed it off as stress from my situation and how everyone was treating me.
I looked around the hospital room and got lost in my thoughts. I didn’t understand what was going on. Suddenly the door opened, and I was pulled back into the harsh world of reality. I looked by the door where a shadowed figure stood. I didn’t recognise who it was but before I could ask. They left something by the end of my bed and left swiftly.
Curiosity got the best of me and I reached to the end of my bed where the note lay. I picked it up and turned it over. It said:
“You are being kept in the dark Scarlet. Your so-called mate can’t even stay in the same room as you. Why is that Scarlet?”
I re read this note about another 2 more times before the uneasy feeling returned to my body and I felt myself getting anxious and worried. I tried calling Dylan, but he wouldn’t answer. This person, who dropped off the note, knows what is going on to me but I have to ask my mate. The person is right if he knows something that is important to me then why isn’t he telling me. What kind of mate is he?
Doubts were rushing through my head but a part of me was still trying to reason with my other part of my body saying that maybe Dylan was trying to protect me, and he might be lying to me because he cares. But then I said out loud, “If he really cared then he wouldn’t just turn his back on me.”
My mind was made up. I would go and ask him what he was hiding from me. Why was life so hard? All I wanted was a mate who would love me and care for me and never leave my side. I got stuck with a mate who doesn’t show any emotion, who keeps secrets from me and who leaves me when I need him.
Again I found myself detaching myself from these tubes. I peeped out of my door and found two guards standing outside. Crap! This time I played my cards right and rang the reception from my phone making sure my number was blocked. I said that Alpha King Dylan needed all the guards to protect the palace now. I saw the nurse tell the guards outside my room to go and they hurried away.
Smiling wickedly to myself, I walked out of my room and followed Dylan’s scent. He was in his study. It was time to get some answers. I found myself thinking what if I got answers that I didn’t really want to know??

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