Love Bites

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Chapter 9

I confidently walked towards Dylan’s study and prepared a speech of what I was going to ask him. Stopping outside his study, I sighed and walked in. Dylan wasn’t there. I looked around confused. I followed his scent and it took me here. Where is he?
Sniffing the air, I found out that his scent was more prominent in the direction of our room. Making sure that no one saw me, I stealthily came to our room and pushed open the door without hesitation.
Dylan looked up, angrily but as soon as he saw me he looked pissed. I didn’t care. This behaviour of his had to stop, he needed to know I wasn’t just anybody. I was his mate and he left me when I needed him, which was not ok. He had to tell me the truth, I needed answers. This new found confidence took over my body. I locked the bedroom door and walked over to Dylan. He stood up, folded his arms over his chest and attempted to say something, but I stopped him. I didn’t need his pathetic excuses, I needed answers and I would get them today.
I put my hand over Dylan’s mouth and spoke, “Listen. I am here for answers and I won’t leave until I get them. Why did you just leave me in the hospital room when I needed you the most? Why is everyone acting weird and why are there guards, protecting my hospital room? Where is Matthew, Dylan? And why can I not remember how I ended up in the hospital room?”
Dylan looked at me then he looked down at the floor. He was avoiding eye contact with me. I sighed and tapped my foot impatiently. Dylan finally met my gaze and I saw in his eyes, fear and worry. I had never seen these emotions in his eyes before, so I was speechless. It also got me scared and nervous. What kind of information was Dylan hiding from me?
Dylan took a deep breath and he held my hands. I looked up at him confused by his sudden display of affection towards me. Dylan seemed unfazed by my reaction and he cleared his throat before answering my questions, “Scarlet. I had hoped that I could tell you this tomorrow, but I should have known that you are a very impatient person and you would want answers. This is very hard for me to say, that’s why I wanted to hold it off as long as I could. Scarlet we had to give you a serum that makes you forget the incident that had occurred because you were hyperventilating. You were so bad that I thought I might lose you and that scared me. You nearly died.”
Dylan took a moment while I was in shock. I nearly died. I swallowed the lump in my throat and squeezed Dylan’s hands as a gesture to continue. He sighed and continued, “Whilst you were recovering your parents came to see you. They thought that I had done the right thing and they thought it was best that for a while they leave you alone. You needed time to recover and they trusted me. So, your mum took Matthew even though he was fighting with her to let him see you, your parents told me it was for the best.”
I sat there shocked. My family had decided to leave me alone. I had to digest this fact. Why? Tears poured out of my eyes and I let them fall. So that’s why they weren’t answering their phones. I looked at Dylan for answers, but he looked down at the floor. I sat there just staring into space. After all I’ve been through, I would have really loved my family to be by my side. I sniffled and Dylan jumped up and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back and cried in his shirt. Dylan was being affectionate towards me and I felt maybe I was getting somewhere with him, finally getting through to him about the importance of having a mate. But then I remembered how he just left me alone in the hospital room. I pushed him back and he had a surprised look on his face, “Why did you just leave me in the hospital room, straight after I had woken up?” I asked him with my arms crossed.
“I couldn’t bear to see your face and your eyes pleading with me to answer your questions. I wasn’t ready and I knew that you weren’t either. So, I had to leave.” Dylan said looking at me apologetically.
I sighed and ran my hands through my hair. I decided that I needed to have a shower to relax after all that I have heard. I went to my wardrobe and picked out some clothes with clean undergarments. I went straight into the bathroom without looking back at Dylan. Right now, I decided that I need time for myself and to take in the fact that my family have left me alone.
Turning on the shower and getting undressed, I looked at myself in the mirror and traced a fading scar on my cheek that I got from that bitch. I saw a mark on my arm which is where the serum was probably given to me from. I saw all the marks over my body from the tubes that were attached to me. I hoped they would fade soon because I really didn’t want to be reminded of my hospital experience.
I stepped into the warm shower and felt my muscles relax. I took my time, shaving and washing my hair and body. It felt so good and I forgot about my troubles. I reluctantly got out and dried myself and got dressed. As I came out of the bathroom, I saw Dylan lying on the bed sleeping. I looked at him and smiled. I thought that he would have left by now to do some pack work, but he stayed and waited for me. His sleeping face was so relaxed, and he was smiling. I wondered what it was that Dylan was dreaming about that made him smile. I decided not to wake him as I knew that he spent all his time with me and probably didn’t get any sleep as he was too worried about me. Smiling to myself, I put my dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket and went over to my dressing table. I silently towel dried my hair and brushed it. When I was done, I went towards Dylan but found he was awake and smiling at me.
I looked at him weirdly and he got up. “When you were drying your hair, the flicks of water splashed me, so I woke up. It was nice seeing you so relaxed though.” Dylan said, smirking at me.
I blushed and looked down at the floor. How embarrassing. My wolf was howling in happiness that our mate was watching us. Dylan lifted my chin up so my eyes met his chocolate ones. I missed his eyes. I found myself longing to be kissed by Dylan’s warm lips again. I tried to shake my head free of those thoughts, but they didn’t go. Dylan looked at me and he closed his eyes and bent down. My eyes automatically closed, and I waited for his lips to meet my longing ones.
The kiss was soft and full of love. I felt my arms go around Dylan’s neck and Dylan pulled me closer. It was a nice feeling and I didn’t want it to end. But all good things have to end.
Dylan pulled back and our eyes opened, and we smiled at each other. Dylan went out and shouted some orders before coming back and making me sit down and relax on the bed. He opened the door and took a tray of food from a maid. He came to me and sat down next to me. “As much as I would like to continue where we left off, you need to rest and recover.” Dylan’s deep voice whispered in my ear. I shivered. My body reacted to Dylan’s words because I too wanted to continue where we left off but he was right.
I nodded at him and Dylan fed me pasta. It was nice having Dylan caring for me and maybe I was wrong after all. Maybe Dylan was the perfect mate, but he just needed some time to get used to.
After he had fed me, I snuggled into his chest wanting to be close to Dylan. Dylan lay down next to me and pulled me closer to him. I sighed in content and hoped that this would last forever.
I forgot about my worries and let blackness consume me, happily……

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