Honey Pot

By Kobi de Tijger All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Honey Reed is a twenty-something Chaos Witch who majors in sex magic. Sex magic, of course, is very fun until it gets you in trouble. And let me tell you, trouble came knocking hard for our Honey Reed. One auspicious night, Clark Carter, a boy from the college she attends, and virgin, answers her invitation for a night of coupling that would leave his socks standing erect. After some unavoidable banter, things get hot and heavy, and before you know it, Clark finally experiences some 'under-the-clothes-action'. But we all know that kind of action only leads to sin, right? So, unable to control what had been set underway, Clark ends up a little more stiff than he had bargained for, leaving Honey, to not only mop up the mess she's made, but to take care of the bundle of murderous joy they seemed to conjured up in the heat of the moment. In book one her journey takes her to the edge of Heaven. In book two she takes her ass there. Honey Pot is the first book in a series of novels each more engrossing than the last. Horror, Erotica, and Pagan Comedy; all by yours truly: Jacobus Nieuwoudt - Boere Punk, Frankenkim, and Outlaw Romantic.


"What the hell have I got,
that makes you want to love me?
Is it my body?
Or someone I might be?
Or somethin’ inside me?

You better tell me.
Tell me!
It’s really up to you.
Have you got the time to find out,
who I really am?" - Alice Cooper

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