Alpha King's Daughter

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The Haze


I strolled up to the bouncer smiling confidently "hello Remi!" I waited for the girls to catch up before nodding to the ropes "fancy helping a girl out and letting my girls and I in?" I flashed my most dazzling smile at him, I didn't need to see them to know my eyes sparkled at him. He blushed "of course Miss Gray" he lifted the ropes to let my girls and I past him, they giggled and walked in ahead of me mumbling their thank yous as they passed I smiled again "Remi please Its Gianna, send my love to Anabelle and your pups" I said walking in past him. Piece of cake for several reasons number one being Remi is a fellow wolf and therefore he knows exactly who I am, as Emily stated I am in fact royalty and number two being I am somewhat of a self professed wild child and may be a regular here on occasion.... Ok! A lot!

Walking through the archway and down the stairs I had a quick look around the place was packed with both wolves and humans. Not all humans know that wolves like us exist the ones that do find the haze kinky and tend to stick around. Some wolves actually mate with humans but that's another story. I nodded happily to myself checking out the lights that bounced off of the walls and looked over at the bar packed to the brim with people looking for drinks this was gonna be a good night!

We checked in our coats and headed straight for the bar "shots come on!" Emily squealed handing out pink shots "Emily what is this?" I rolled my eyes "it's alcohol Liv come on drink up!" I said shooting my shot and ordering another round. Typical Liv always so cautious, she wasn't as wild as Emily and I, hell Emily wasn't even as wild as me. I could out drink any man well any human man I've never tried it but I'm pretty sure if I took on a male wolf considering our healing abilities I would come very close to dying from alcohol poisoning and if I miraculously managed to survive then my father would kill me for doing it in the first place so in reality. Totally not worth it! I was definitely a hit with the humans though!

Four rounds of shots later we ordered a cocktail each and found a table to drink it at. "Ready. set, DOWN" Emily roared and we all downed our cocktails as fast as possible. Shit! Brainfreeze! After squealing like idiots for about 2 minutes until our brains had decided to get a grip on reality I checked out the floor and decided I wanted to dance "Come on let's dance!" I grabbed the girls hands and lead them to the dancefloor. Tonight I wanted to let loose and forget everything. I may not haze like the other wolves but I was still a woman I still had needs.

I've never actually had sex per se I was saving that for my mate, but I'd fooled around with a few guys when I was younger and by fooled around I mean a couple of kisses a boob squeeze and a cheeky dry hump or two. Well until I was about 14 no actually 15 that was before Diego started beating the crap out of every guy who even looked my direction before I turned 16 which is when wolves experience their first haze obviously no one knew then that I couldn't actually feel a haze but that still didn't stop him "you're bringing too much attention G" he'd say concerned "another headline about your partying father will kill you when he sees this. I'm just looking out for you G can't you see?"

I always knew he meant well but we both knew the truth, I was always dad's favorite I'm a daddy's girl not even gonna deny it I'm the only girl and dad loved it "my pride and joy, my wild child, my little Princess" that's how he always introduced me and my siblings hated it.

I danced with my girls, moving my hips to the beat of the music circling my arms above my head I wanted to just get lost in the moment.

"G! Mind if we dance over there? No wolf would dare go near you after you know... Diego" I opened my eyes and saw Emily flinch at the question waiting for my response. I sighed of course she was right there was an empty circle around me, no one would dare touch me my brother saw to that which meant when they were with me no one would dare touch them simply because of association he didn't care if you so much as dared to breathe the same air as me you got a beating and he was savage about it too.

"Yeah babe course" Emily looked relieved she hugged me and scooted over to Liv and two wolves, the haze season had begun so the girls were on the hunt for their mates. They already had their casual fucks for the season but every wolf wants to find their mate the one they'll spend the rest of their lives with the one they're are solely connected to in body mind and spirit.

I closed my eyes again, and tried to loose myself in the music but it was hopeless. My mind was racing, how could I ever find my mate if no one would even be near me?

I was about to go get a drink when I felt hands snake around my waist, I tensed up, I dunno why reflex I guess. I felt hot breath against my ear "mind if I have this dance?" He purred shit this guy was brave maybe he doesn't know who I am maybe he's a blow in and better yet doesn't know who Diego is, I smiled and nodded still not turning around I grinded my hips in a circler motion against his. I felt his grip tighten around me and heard his breath hitch as he pulled me closer. A quick sly sniff told me he was a wolf hmm this could be interesting wolves never touch me because of well... you already know... Diego. I wrapped my arms around his neck behind me and pulled his lips to mine he needed no further instruction, he put his mouth on my neck kissing and exploring it.

It felt nice, we grinded to the music his hands clutching my hips to him tightly. We did this for three songs and I felt his bulge against me and smiled to myself I'd felt it starting halfway through song one and all of song two but now there was no denying it was there. I grinded into him harder swirling my hips more throwing in a body roll just to keep it interesting it was pretty fun I was really getting into it when it hit me something I'd never felt before.

I shot up straight and froze in the middle of the dancefloor eyes wide as a molten hot wave descended my whole body making my hairs stand on edge giving me goosebumps as it travelled down making my nipples stand to attention it moved slowly down to .. I gulped and closed my eyes.. My sex .. My panties were already wet.. is this it? My first haze? Is this what the haze feels like? I racked my brains trying to remember what the girls had said about when they got it. They always said the same thing the heat the goosebumps the need for cool air and freedom. I needed to get out of here, I bolted.

I ran out of the club down the street, I couldn't take this heat I needed to go somewhere anywhere. I needed a release.





Oh man


I came to a stop at the woods by my house, shit I didn't even think I'd run that far. Would I make it to my bedroom? What if someone saw me? Dad would have a bitch fit probably murder someone I shook my head I couldn't think about that now I needed to strip. I started unbuttoning my shirt my hands shaking my sex was pulsing I felt like I was suffocating in my clothes oh dear God is this it? I had just gotten the final button of my shirt open when I heard a soft whisper behind me.


I spun around eyes wide and there he was.. the guy from the club.. He must be... My mate...

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