Alpha King's Daughter

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First Touch


"Alphas aren't supposed to go to clubs Kol!"

I rolled my eyes at my Beta Jordan he was my best friend since we were kids but sometimes he really needed to loosen up. I smacked his shoulder "Come on let's just get some drinks eh? Life is good we're young let's just have fun" I said laughing, he didn't look convinced more like deep in thought thinking of a reason we shouldn't be here probably. Eventually he released his shoulders and nodded looking around him "Alright Alpha as you wish, I'll get us some shots" I smiled as he walked away good man.

I quickly scanned the dancefloor, sure I was no Diego Gray but ladies still wanted an Alpha at least, there were a few that had wandered over to our table I was dancing with a pretty brunette I think she was human I'm not really sure maybe she was a wolf who cares? Its haze season and this girl seemed pretty into it if I'm honest but out of the corner of my eye I spotted a girl on the dancefloor with her friends. The lights bouncing off of her ice white hair, she didn't need to turn around for me to know who she was




Diego Gray's little sister, I stepped away from the brunette took the shot Jordan handed me silently and downed it not taking my eyes off of her. The other girl mumbled something bitchy and stormed off I wasn't listening I shook my head violently what was wrong with me? Focus man she's off limits. I didn't need a beating from Diego tonight or any night for that matter but I couldn't look away from her I watched as her friend said something in her ear and darted off leaving her alone in the middle of the floor the invisible ring of protection Diego had set up meant she was all alone.

What? I could hear Jordan talking to someone but didn't look to see who oh maybe it was that girl actually ah who cares? I took the drink that was handed to me not taking my eyes off of Gianna.

My god she looked... fuck she looked so hot, I put my drink down on the table and wandered towards her.

What am I doing? Have I a death wish? No I just need to see if she's ok that's all, Diego would be cool with that wouldn't he? Yeah course he would you're just looking out for his little sister she looked upset and you were a gentleman and asked if she was ok! Surely he wouldn't give you a beat down for that would he? I closed the gap between us her back was to me so she didn't see me coming, her shoulders slumped and she turned to leave. Now's my chance stop her! Without thinking I put my hands around her waist and she tensed up shit maybe I shouldn't have done this but if I back out now will that make her feel worse? Screw it I'm doing it "mind if I have this dance?" I purred in her ear, she relaxed and nodded leaning into me. My breath caught in my throat, shit she smelled good. A fruity floral scent. Like rose petals and papaya. Shit!

She started grinding her hips against mine I held them like a vice holding her close to me, if she kept this up I was gonna lose control she's hot and she moves like a goddam goddess I was lost in thought when she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face down to hers. I breathed in her scent fuck she smelled so fucking good. I couldn't help it I started kissing her neck, down to her shoulders she leaned closer to me a soft moan escaping her lips. Now I was hard as a rock could she feel it? I chanced a glance at her face, a small smile on her lips.


Diego will kill me

Fuck it

I need her closer

She grinded into me more and rolled her body against mine I closed my eyes willing myself not to rip her clothes off and take her there and then I had just gotten control when it hit me like a wave of molten hot lava a haze like I'd never experienced before. It was fucking intense, she shot up like a bullet and stiffened, panting her back to me.

I watched her hands wander her body, fuck I wanted mine to do that. I blinked trying to push down my haze focus Kol I growled to myself and closed my eyes tight forcing this insane haze down. I felt her move and my eyes shot open just in time to see her running. Without thinking I shot after her, I was too far in now to not know what was going on. What the hell was that? I ignored Jordan's calls and followed her out of the club, down the street.


She's fucking fast

I almost had to shift to keep up with her! Everyone knew the story of Gianna, her parents suppressed her wolf when she was just a child. That's why she was so wild rumour has it she had only ever shifted once as a right of passage, she had never felt the freedom of shifting whenever she pleased and running through the woods on all fours as what we were meant to be.. free.

She came to a sudden stop. Shit! We were at her house.

She stood panting. I caught up and watched her start to unbutton her blouse. My haze ignited again like never before my God I need her on me now!

"Gianna" I whispered, she spun to face me our eyes locking and we both gasped.


"Mate" we whispered together


"Mate" we whispered our eyes locked. I saw him gulp, his eyes breaking our gaze to wander my body taking in my curves. I blushed as I remembered my blouse was open I looked down trying to close it "Dont" he whispered, I looked back up and he was standing right in front of me. I could see the flecks of green in his hazel eyes. Alpha Kol. God he was, he was, the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

He's the same height as my brothers roughly 6ft 3" maybe 6ft 4" his athletic build meant he had broad muscular shoulders, bulging biceps and strong legs. His blue shirt clung to him showing off his toned form underneath his strong chest and shoulders, his beige chinos really showed off his large legs and I'm sure if he turned around his butt would look just as tasty I closed my eyes and licked my lips this was not helping the feeling between my legs actually it was fuelling it. His wolf form is meant to be a sight to behold he deserved the title of Alpha his aura alone gave off a strong authority vibe I gulped in a mouthful of air as I opened my eyes and silently looked his body up and down when our eyes met again he reached out a hand to brush the hair off of my face, the small touch alone sent electricity flying through my body and the haze rose again. I couldnt help it.

I moaned.

That was all he needed, he scooped me up wrapping my legs around his torso and slammed me into a nearby tree knocking the breath out of me and almost cracking the tree in half. His hands were roaming my body with his lips following suit, he fluttered kisses on my neck, my shoulders, my chest, he cupped my breasts in his hands and I moaned again arching my back in pleasure, my hands on his head pushing him closer.

He pulled my bra down and released my breats with his fingers he flicked and pinched my nipples making them hard before he pressed his mouth down on one nipple and sucked running his tongue along it flicking it before moving to the other side and doing the same I moaned loudly seeing stars and trying to breathe before I passed out as his lips travelled down my body and I panted, yes this is how I should be touched, my skin was on fire now, my panties were soaking wet and he hadn't even touched my sex yet but he was so close.

His lips were on my tummy now fluttering kisses everywhere he hands roaming my legs squeezing my thighs, he got to my skirt and hitched it up to my stomach in one quick movement, I groaned loudly with desire my eyes rolled and back arched in anticipatation of what he was about to do where he was about to go. Kisses fluttering, hands wandering yes I panted holding him tighter to me squeezing his waist with my legs, yes I want it now I thought


I hit the ground with a sudden force knocking the breath out of me even more, I heard the snarls before I even opened my eyes.



My eyes flew open to see both men snarling at each other pacing in circles half shifted into their wolves, fangs bared claws at the ready.



Diego lunged at Kol and I screamed "DIEGO NO!"

Kol had just dived out of the way when Diego spun around ready to lunge at him again.

"Stay away from my sister" he snarled, I gupled I'd never seen Diego so enraged did he know something? How much had he seen? I looked at Kol silently begging him to leave and live another day. I stared shocked was he? Kol was smiling! "No" he snarled back. Shit

Diego lost it and lunged at him again, they became entangled in a mass of limbs and arms flailing about, snarls and growls escaping their lips. Punches were being thrown and met their targets, Kol even landed a pretty shiner on Diego which did not go down well. He responded in kind by landing a kick to Kols ribs.

I tried to stand up to stop them but my legs wouldn't work my body was weak, I screamed for them to stop but my eyes were going fuzzy and my head was dizzy. There was a flash of blinding white light and...

Everything went dark

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