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Don't worry about the darkness in my soul. It ignites me like an embered coal. I would never dream that my life would turn out like this. I was having a close group of friends and having the usual arch-enemy in school. But things are not what they seemed. From being a normal teenager and having the most boring and normal existence, I change into something else. Something that I could have never foreseen.

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My name is Paola and I'm an aspiring writer. This book was written by the 16th-year-old me. I decided to upload it here on Inkitt to see what reactions I could get from readers. I know that the story needs to work in grammar. I wanted to put it out there because gaining readers and seeing what people think of my craft is what inspires me to keep fighting to become a successful writer. This is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. It is my passion. So, I hope you enjoy what've done so far and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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