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Don't worry about the darkness in my soul. It ignites me like an embered coal. I would never dream that my life would turn out like this. I was having a close group of friends and having the usual arch-enemy in school. But things are not what they seemed. From being a normal teenager and having the most boring and normal existence, I change into something else. Something that I could have never foreseen.

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The halls are dark and gloomy. The yale blue lockers reflect the light of the moon on its surface. The soft cold rays that sneak inside the school hallway in the middle of the night.

Her feet shuffle forward, her pace steady but wary. She doesn't know how she got here. She can't explain what she is doing in a school hallway in the middle of the night.




She jumps on her spot. Goosebumps appear on her pale arms at the awful sound. She squits in the darkness ahead of her, but she can't discern where the loud noise came from. It sounded like someone had hit the lockers with a bat, but she was sure that she was alone. She prayed she was alone.


This time the sound came from behind. A shiver runs through her as fear threatens to suffocate her. She stops on her tracks, her hands shaking violently. She has nowhere to go. Even if she ran, whatever was behind her had the upper hand already. The sound had come too close. There was no escape, she has to face whoever or whatever was behind her.

With courage, she didn't feel, in once swift movement she turned. As she did, the school poorly lit hallway disappear in her very eyes like edges of a burning photograph. Instead of the clear double doors of the entrance of the school, she had a forest. The pine trees in front and around her stood tall almost shielding the warming rays of the sun. Glancing up, the canopy of the trees cast shadows on her pale face. She tried to feel the rays on her skin, but even if she felt her face being lit by the sun, the rays were as cold as the moon was in the hallway before.

Looking down next, she cocks her head to the side as she glances at her feet. She's barefoot. Why would she be? She was sure that while she stood at the school she had shoes on. But now she didn't. She could feel the cold and damp earth beneath her feet. She felt every single stone, every single piece of bark and leaf on the skin of her bare feet. It didn't bother her, instead, she rejoiced in the feeling of being this close to nature.

She walked a few paces forward, her hands tracing the strong bark that faced the tree trunks. Everything was fine until she felt her chest constrict. Fear like she never felt before threaten to leave her without air. She felt she had eyes on her back, the very same eyes that were conjuring this fear in her heart. She started to run. The feeling of emptiness surrounded her with each hurried step she takes. She stumbles a couple of times, her feet tangling up with the trees protruding roots.

Glancing back, she tried to see what has her so frightened. She tried to see the eyes that are making her feel empty and broken inside. But she can't see anything. The sun has hidden and only darkness lays behind her.

As she turns her head to focus on where she is going, she crashes with an upcoming tree and loses consciousness.

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