BANE - From the Chronicles of Blue Moon.

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He loved the darkness, until its shadows reveal why he ever did in the first place.... His family history bore blood on its paws, but he was destined for greater than the evil planned. Ashur Michaels, the lost Lycan with a war to fight and a battle to win, goes barreling claw-first into a world among mortals, to uncover the truth of his African lineage, and stop it from planting further seeds to infect the world. Tossed into a world of beasts and magic, Ashur must fight his nature, his true father, and an intrinsic connection to a celestial power that comes back unannounced.

Fantasy / Adventure
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“Power corrupts. I’m content with prancing through a wet forest, chasing a goddamn supernatural frisbee.”

A. Bane - Blue Moon. (Second Edition).

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