I reincarnated as a maid

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In front of me is the demon king and I...am his maid? Nope, I’m not a villainous or the heroine, but just some random maid. Before dying, I was a 16 year old yakuza boss. I inherited everything from my father ,after he died when I was at a very young age. I was in the middle of taking care of some of the gangs lurking around my territory, when a hand grenade exploded in front of me. Ever since my father died, I had to go through very rough training, in order to become the perfect boss. Wether it was tea lessons or studying and sports, I was educated thoroughly on all the subjects. However, in between all of that, I would always glance a little bit towards the girls having fun together. Now, I’m dead yet alive. But still, this is my second chance. I’ll work hard and live a more girly life!!!

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

It was a stormy and dark night. The rain was pouring down in a massive amount. There was thunder and lightning, that would occasionally break down the silence in this dark room. From inside this room,you could also hear people crying. Why are they crying?

I was bending my knees and hiding my face in it. Just recently, an informant came back and told me, that my father died. It was sad, but I didn’t feel like crying. Instead, I listened to the cries of the people on the other side of the wall.

I was just another normal 6 year old girl. My mother died while giving birth to me, so my father held a certain resentment towards me. He never made eye contact with me or visited me. Even so, I never felt lonely for some reason. Either he was there or not, I never craved for anything. I felt responsible. Now he’s gone. Should I feel sad? Should I cry? I don’t understand. What are the normal emotions in such a situation?


I am now 16 years old. I am currently in the middle of taking care of some gangs causing hammock in my territory. Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Iris de Arc. My father came from a French family, so he had blond hair and blue eyes. My mother came from a normal Japanese family and I also inherited most of my features from her. I had brown hair and dark brown eyes.

My family was in charge of a yakuza group. Since my mother and father died, I inherited everything. From 6 years old, I went through strict training on every possible subject you could think of. Wether it was sports or studying, I was forced to learn everything. During that time, I never made friends or went to school, but I always craved to be a normal girl and go to school normally.

At some point, I saw two girls going into a foto booth together and I completely forgot the fact, that I was currently in the middle of fighting. As soon as I returned to myself, I was too late to notice the grenade under me. My subordinates were screaming my name, but it was too late. I died.


When I opened my eyes again, I saw a completely worn out ceiling on top of me. Once I looked around, I found myself in a very poor house. Everything was worn out and a woman holding a baby was lying on the ground dead. I looked around and found a broken mirror, which reflected me. Staring into the shard of the mirror, I still looked the same. My clothes were dirty and a little tattered. I tried to check if the woman was still alive, but she didn’t breath, so I gave up. Then I heard voices from outside.

‘Sire, this is the place.’

‘Then let’s take a look at this place.’

The straw mat, that was the door I think, was pushed inwards and a tall person entered. He wore royal clothes, had black hair and red eyes. We were now standing face to face. For an instance, he looked past me onto the dead bodies and then looked back at me. Now he raised his finger and snapped it, giving the knights behind him a kind of signal. Then he said.

‘Follow me.’

I’m barely processing the situation right now. Where am I? Who are these people? Thinking so much at once, made me completely give up on thinking and I just followed the man.

As soon as I arrived outside, I saw a whole village in dumps. Everything was destroyed and all the buildings were worn out. On the ground were many dead bodies. What happened here?

‘What’s your name?’


This guy is stressing me out. Should I answer him? Should I tell him my name? Ahhh, whatever!

Iris:’ Iris.’

‘Iris...I see. From now on, you are going to live in a better place and work as a maid in the castle.’

Uhhh a castle!! I want to see!!! I’m so excited.

‘...I’m also sorry for arriving late, you know, your family and all.’

Huh? Family? Well, that would somehow make sense. I’m in an unfamiliar place, which looks like the Middle Ages, I am wearing strange clothes and the people are speaking a different language.

Even though they’re speaking a different language, I can still understand them though. In a blink of an eye, memories started to gather inside my brain.

This girl’s name was also Iris. The village in which she lived, was on the border of heroes and demons? Don’t get it. Well, either way, it was completely demolished and damaged by people...who tried to kill the demon king? They thought we were demons? Ahhh, I don’t understand most of this girl’s memories!!! Back to the topic, the heroes had purifying swords, that could somehow take the souls of the villagers.

But that would mean, I reincarnated into this girl’s body, who looks exactly like me...

Then, a memory was playing in my head. It was about this girl. Apparently, she had a very weak body and couldn’t move that much. As the heroes arrived in this village, her constitution was already deteriorating and she died without even being purified.

In the background of this memory, I could hear her voice:

If I ever get to live again...I don’t want to be weak...I don’t want mother to go through so much pain because of me and I want to live a proper life. Please, if there is a god above, let me live a better life!! Let me have a taste of what it feels like to work, how sweets taste, I want lots of friends and I want to marry...so...please...’

The voice stopped. Somehow, we were really similar yet so different. However, we both had wishes, that couldn’t happen, because of various reasons.

I decided.

I will grant both of our wishes. You gave me a second chance and I will repay you properly with everything I have. Your most desired wish...I will grant all of them.

To be continued...

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