The Unfortunate Betrothal

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Chapter 10: Luck is Fallacious

The loud shout silenced the crowd of people who were chanting in the stands. The piercing pain of the wolves canines released from my flesh. The tiredness that ached in my body made it feel impossible to lift my head.

Warm hot air blew onto my forehead making the loose strands of my hair dance. A searing pain shot through my body not allowing me to move. Something cold and wet pressed onto my forehead gently in a caring manner.

My eyes grew heavy as my eyesight became blurry with a fogginess clouding my vision. I weakly lifted my head slowly when I felt something wet, warm, and squishy run along my face.

I came face to face with a wolf panting and his tongue hanging out. The wolf lowered itself to the ground in a submissive manner. It whined hiding its face between its paws like he were ashamed. The other two wolves followed in pursuit completely compliant.

“What is going on?”

“How could that be possible?”

“Why are the wolves not attacking?”

Questions floated in the air leaving everyone as well as me, puzzled. I had been too weary to care though, just happy that they had stopped from eating me alive. Relief consumed me allowing me to drop my head back down and relax. For a moment, no worries occupied my mind.

I just breathlessly let out a long breath with a soft laugh of disbelief. Until the sound of the gate drawing open grabbed my attention. The unsteadiness of my body lost balance as a very large man emerges from the opening.

I blink and blink again trying to clear my vision. My mind was dizzy from concentrating on what was happening. The silence had turned into an uproar again, however it was as if the noise was farther away.

The ground beneath me seemed to be tilting to the side as the large man walked with ease. He was like a giant dressed in all black, from his head to his toes. In his enormous hand, he held a giant axe over his shoulder. As he got closer to where I was sitting he dropped the heavy weapon onto the ground.

He gripped the axe’s handle in his hand and lifted it up before he ran at me full speed. The wolves now on guard, turned around to face what they call an executioner. They growled warning him to stay back, but he pushed quicker now.

He yelled out before he was ready to strike by swinging his giant axe to kill me. A whizzing sound of something appeared above me making the large man stop in place. The crowd screams became louder with the entertainment they were receiving.

The large executioner had a spear lodged in his chest. Blood spewed out like rain showering upon the earth. The executioner yelled out in rage and snapped the handle of the spear tossing it to the side. As if nothing injured him he proceeded to swing his axe when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

The wolves moved closer to my body shielding me from any harm. A man sprinted towards the executioner unsheathing a long sword to drive it into his heart. The executioner blocked the attack with his axe and pulled a short sword out from his hip to strike back.

The man jumped back to safety, equipping himself with the broken handle of the spear that lays on the ground. With the pointed end outwards, the man runs back into action. The executioner lifts his axe and slams it down, but the other man uses his sword like a spear impaling the left arm which he holds the axe in.

The axe falls to ground with a loud thud while the broken spear is shoved under the executioner’s chin. Slowly, he stumbles back and simply falls to the ground in defeat. The man in front of me is breathing heavy while the people cheer at the fight.

The man turns around to face me, his green eyes staring at me with an anger not directed towards me. His fists clench up with a burning rage as his fury filled eyes snap over to the Peacekeepers.

“Clyde...” I manage to call out. Tears wanted to fall, but nothing came.

My weak body tried to move, but I found myself falling forward instead. He rushed to me catching me before I hit the ground. I finally felt like I could rest, like I could leave myself in his hands. He held me close to his chest, while my body trembled in pain.

“Princess, forgive my late arrival.”

I awake without warning, eyes flung so wide they take in every ray of light. My head turns to see Clyde sleeping on a stool with his head resting on the wall. His legs are spread out and his arms are folded against his chest. He looked peaceful.

I smile at him only for a moment when everything flashes back to me. The death sentence by the Peacekeepers, the execution, the wolves, and Clyde killing that man who would’ve killed me. Suddenly, I felt nauseated at what I had been through up to this point.

I stare down at my dirtied hands looking for the wounds that the shackles gave me. There were no marks, just dried blood remained. Stunned, I frantically checked my shoulder. No pain. I tossed the blankets off my legs and let out a gasp.

The wound of the wolves bite marks were completely healed. No puncture marks or anything. The only evidence that it had happened was the blood that clung to my body.

My trembling fingers reached for my left eye to feel that the lump that was forming was gone. The throbbing pain of everything was just gone. It made no sense to me how, but I was just relieved.

“There are a lot of unimaginable things in this world,” a voice catches my attention, “but you, Artemis, you are the most intriguing thing I have ever seen.”

Ignatius curiously watches me with his sun-like eyes. They were like peering into the brightest fire, yet it was soothing and somewhat warm. His black raven hair was cut shorter on the sides while in the middle it was longer. His high defined cheekbones and perfect nose fit well with the strong structure of his jaw.

“How did I end up here?” I ask ignoring his strange comment. He smiled pushing himself off the wall that he was leaning on to sit on a stool next to the bed I lie in. The room was small, plain, nothing decorating the emptiness of it.

“Clyde, he stopped the execution,” Ignatius simply says, not giving any other reason why I had still been alive. There was a moment of silence and me staring blankly at him.

“You, however, have caught my interest. I am quite curious to know how you commanded those wolves.” It wasn’t a question, but he clearly was waiting for an answer.

My gaze at him didn’t waver, I stared in silence unsure how to explain to him. The wolves only did what they wanted, right? Or I suppose that’s just my excuse. There was something off about how they stopped attacking me after I screamed at them to stop.

“I honestly don’t know, perhaps it was just luck.” I truthfully admit. He didn’t seem convinced at all when the color of his eyes appeared darker, like the color of blood. He narrowed his eyes, his face scrunching up into a scowl.

“Luck is fallacious! Anyone who presumes such atrocities has not yet come to understand that life only brings misfortune upon us!” Ignatius snaps angrily, the calm atmosphere changing. The room had unexpectedly became warm almost to the point it felt like a furnace was right next to me.

“The reason you survived, I assure you, was not luck! With my own eyes, I watched you fight back and you won. Clyde had only ended the execution because I let him, not because you were lucky he showed up on time.” Ignatius was fuming, like a flame catching fire to dry leaves. A deep burning rage ignited inside him like he lost all hope in believing that luck existed.

“We will be keeping a close observation on you,” He adds throwing me a glare before he stands to leave, “as well as reuniting you with Prince Ayden. He requested that you be returned to him.” Ignatius shows me his wicked grin.

He takes a couple graceful steps to the door leaving while flashing me a devious smirk. He was so dark, like he himself were the devil. The man gave off such a strange aura, leaving me utterly confused. He had turned from normal to dangerous in mere seconds. His temper was intense.

“Ignore him, everything can easily set him off,” I hear Clyde speak out next to me.

Slowly, I drop my head not wanting to meet his gaze. There was nothing I could say to him besides a simple ‘thank you’. Even that seemed pointless. He was always saving me from my terrible misfortunes.

How could I repay him?

It was becoming difficult to keep my composure. The warm room made it hard to breathe. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead as my nerves were making me uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but just stare straight down where my hands rested on my lap disappointed in myself.

“Right, I suppose I owe you an apology Princess.” His words held sorrow. “As well as an explanation of who I am.”

My head snapped towards him, he was leaning forward giving me a small smile. He looked as wild as ever, his hair everywhere like he had been running his fingers through it’s thickness. His green eyes dazzling with greatness and confidence.

The room held silence as I wait in anticipation to hear the truth come from him. My breathing becomes steady as I focus on what he’s about to say. He takes in a deep breath like he’s preparing himself.

“Princess I—”

A loud thud of a door slamming against the wall cut Clyde off. The small room unexpectedly was filled with maids who graciously curtsied. They all seemed to be in a hurry.

“I am Abigail!” A blonde yells.

“I am Agatha!” The red head follows after.

“I am Arona!” The brunette salutes as they each take turns frantically introducing themselves.

“And we are your assigned maids!” The three young girls yell in unison.

“Assigned maids?” I question looking to Clyde for assistance.

What was going on?

He let out a deep sigh. “I suppose they have had a change of heart.” He shrugs.

What does that mean?

“Excuse me! Forgive us for intruding, but Lord Ignatius has specifically asked that we wash up the filthy girl in this room!” Abigail spastically announces while the other two seem to be in dreamy land.

Filthy girl? I think with my mouth agape.

“Oh lord Ignatius! Such a kind soul of him to think of another other than himself!” Agatha praises while Arona holds her hand up to her head like she were about to faint.

“Lord Ignatius! If only he were to look upon me with those gorgeous radiant eyes! How awfully wonderful of him to peer at such a distasteful looking woman.” Arona gleamed.

“Arona! How dare you insult the Princess! Especially the one Ignatius has deemed worthy to look upon!” Abigail snapped at Arona.

“You want to tussle, Abi?!” Arona pulled the sleeve of her dress back revealing her flexed arm with her eyebrows furrowed and teeth clenched.

“The nerve standing up to me!” Abigail proclaims standing tall against her opponent.

“Excuse me, Sir?” Agatha is in front of Clyde giving him her sweet innocent smile. “I have to ask you to leave, so we can get her lady ready before the meeting starts.” She politely tells him whilst the other two girls are pulling at each other’s hair.

“Absolutely,” He calmly gets up heading for the door when I stop him.

“Wait!” I call after him when he stops abruptly in front of the door standing in the opening not looking back. “How is it possible that my wounds are gone?”

The question had been boggling in my mind, but I was too distracted when Ignatius snapped and Clyde was about to confess.

“Ignatius healed your wounds,” he lowly says and rushes away disappearing to who knows where.

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