The Unfortunate Betrothal

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Chapter 7: Yes, Captain!

The morning chill in the air only grew colder even as the sun rose higher in the clear sky. It’s warm bright aura had no affect on the cool breeze that blew against the sails.

Every part of my body shivered at the coldness that pricked at my bare skin. My lower lip had began quivering even though I attempt to press my top teeth over it. The only way I could enjoy the view of the sea and stay slightly warm was to sit on the deck with my legs pulled to my chest.

After we watched Blaive’s death, we boarded the ship waiting for us far from the shore. Now I sit wondering how many more deaths will come too soon for everyone.

How will death sneak upon us? Will the death of these men be because of me?

It was a thought that I wished to refuse thinking about, but it bothered me. The thought of their lives on the line made me feel responsible. If anything were to happen to them, it would be like their blood on my hands.

If I hadn’t ran away from the Prince, would Blaive be alive still? Were his siblings safe?

If they were all slaughtered, would that be my fault?

Is Serena really safe from Ayden?

The anxiety that I had bottled up to hide my feelings were released. The fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen surfaced and I shook more, not because I was cold. It was fear creeping upon me and consuming me into a dark nightmare that I have created in my mind. It feels like a bright light envelopes me, but a darkness inside devours and spreads like a disease.

How much more fear and sadness can I take? Why must innocent lives be taken?

“Lady Artemis,” Tristan calls as he walks up to me, “May I sit with you?”

“Of course,” my voice cracks and I quickly clear my throat in order to cover up my sorrow filled voice.

Tristan’s eyes fixate on me like he’s trying to figure something out. I turn away from him to cover my face and wipe away any remaining tears. The warmth of something covers my shoulders making my trembling body calm.

“You’re cold and scared,” Tristan points out causing me to look up at him. He had rested a blanket over my shoulders and wrapped it over my arms and legs. He smiles gently down at me which brings me back to the realty of things.

“Did Blaive deserve to die?” The question slips from my mouth, but I do not regret asking.

“He made mistakes, but no, I do no think he deserved to die. Which I’m sure won’t make you feel any better than before,” He gives me another smile, except this one was different. He seemed sad himself.

He was right though, it didn’t make me feel better. However, it did make me feel better knowing Tristan had told me the truth. Blaive came off as a bad person, but deep down he cared about his family. He was only protecting the people he loved.

“It is okay for you to feel sorrow when someone dies. Hiding your feelings does not always make you look weak.” Tristan reassures me.

“Thank you, Tristan.“I whisper out as soft as the wind blowing straight on us. He watches me quietly like he had something he wished to say, but he remains quiet in the meantime.

As he watches me, I look out to the unending sea of dark blue water that sparkled under the sun. It almost seems unreal, however I knew this was not a dream. If it were, I was at least happy to know that it is very vivid and detailed.

Yes, there was confusion and sadness that aches in my heart, yet there was still hope of finding happiness.

“You can keep that by the way,” Tristan breaks through my thoughts drawing my attention on his hazel eyes.

“The blanket?” I ask, unsure of what he’s talking about.

He lets out a hearty laugh before speaking again. “The necklace, my Lady. It suits you well. It brings out the unique blue color in your eyes.”

“Oh?” My eyes drop to the aquamarine latched securely around my neck. “I must have forgotten I had it all this time.” I say and reach for the necklace to give it back to Tristan.

His hand caught mine stopping me before I could attempt to remove it. Instantly, Tristan’s hand flew back almost like he had touched a hot iron. “Forgive me, I should not have grabbed you like that.”

His eyes averted my gaze embarrassed by his actions like he committed a crime.


“Princess, please come with me.” Clyde’s voice spoke over me. My head snapped his way, annoyed that he still calls me Princess.

“Hurry, I do not have patience right now.” Clyde annoyingly rolled his eyes from my irritated look.

Before I stood from the ground, my eyes fell on Tristan who was still looking away and gave him a small thank you. He nodded his head with an awkward smile before I left to follow Clyde.

My bare feet moved slowly over the wood floors as the blanket that Tristan provided me dragged behind. Clyde led me to a set of stairs leading down to a door.

“This is where you will stay, make yourself comfortable.” Clyde opened the door revealing a beautiful room, but slightly unorganized room. There was a large table centered in the spacious room. A beautiful rug lay under the table with large cushioned chairs around it.

Behind that was a long expanded window looking out to the sea behind the ship. The room was decorated with expensive fabrics of red such as curtains, pillows, and blankets. To the left of the room was a short shelf with a mirror and some belongings on it. Next to that were a set of stairs that spiraled upwards to who knows where.

To the right of the room was large shelves with many books accompany them. There were barrels of maps and trunks of clothes. Between the large shelves was a bed in the side of the wall. It appeared small from the front of the room, but it was massive, like a bed for a King.

“Well, does it fit your requirements Princess?” Clyde asks pulling out a chair and plopping down onto it.

“Artemis,” I correct him once again, but he ignores me. “And it will do perfect. I appreciate you giving me my own private room.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s completely private, I will do my best to stay out of your way though.” Clyde winks at me as he throws his feet onto the table.

“Are you saying you will be sharing a bed with me?” I fold arms and raise an eyebrow.

“What’s the matter sweetheart? You shared the bed with me before and as I like to recall you were the one who were all over me.” Clyde wiggled his eyebrows jokingly.

“You are despicable.” I huffed.

“Do not fret, I promise there is no meaning behind it other than protecting you. You will be safer near me at all times,” he clears his throat before continuing, “I would never take advantage of you like Ayden did.”

There was a sudden darkness in his voice when mentioning the Prince’s name. His emerald green eyes looked fierce, like a ravage beast ready to pounce his prey.

“Of course, unless you want me to.” Clyde’s aura quickly changed back to him teasing me. His fierceness turned into a playful look of desire as he eyed me with his mysterious eyes.

“As I recall, I remember you saying that I do not have a big enough chest for you. Or a nice bosom, so not even in your wildest dreams would I wish for you to take advantage of me,” I narrow my eyes at him, ”Clyde.”

“Perhaps, I will take that as a challenge,” Clyde smirked teasing me even more.

He really is something else early in the mornings.

“Do you happen to have a change of clothes for me?” I change the subject, or at least I thought.

“Are you going to put on a show for me?” Clyde’s smirk went to a wide devious grin.

“I assume, that’s your way of telling me the challenge was accepted.” I annoyingly drop the blanket from my shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

Clyde’s eyes skimmed me from head to toe as my fingers fumbled the neckline of the dress. He didn’t say a word as if he were actually waiting for me to take my dress off.


“As if I would give you a show,” I drop my hands down and rest them on my hips. “Now please, I would like to get out of this dress. Do you have clothes I can borrow?”

“Fine, you can wear whatever you can find. There’s a couple trunks of clothes,” Clyde stood from his sitting position walking to the set of stairs in the room.

“Thank you!” I gleefully smiled.

“I will be up here if you need me, as Captain I must help plan a navigation route.” He sighs in defeat.

“Yes, Captain Clyde!” I shout throwing my hand up to salute him as he heads up the stairs.

There was something about him that made me feel comfortable ever since I had met him. Even though he would mess with me, it didn’t bother me. Deep down, I just knew he wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt me.

It was always hard putting my trust in people, somehow with him it was not. In a way, it felt like he has gone through something similar. Like he could relate to how I felt when he found the Prince taking advantage of me.

That day, when he stopped Ayden from ripping my clothes off, was the King really requesting Ayden’s presence? The Prince of Aridor did not seem like the kind of man to listen to someone like Clyde, let alone follow instructions from a retiring King.

Clyde had been so angry at the way Ayden was treating me. And the way Ayden glared at Clyde at the beach felt like they had history together.

Clyde is not just some son of a Revolutionary Army leader. He is something more than that and I was going to find out what it was.

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