The Blood Moon Luna

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Chapter 2

For Evony the week flew by in a blur. Between keeping up appearances at school so that her friends didn’t know the inner turmoil that was wrecking havoc, and sneaking around the pack house to find anything in regards to the last thing her father had said, she was exhausted. It was her personal mission to avoid Alpha Morris, including blocking him from connecting with the mind link. Unfortunately, she couldn’t avoid the people he’d send to communicate with her. Especially the Beta that was sent that morning to tell her that the Alpha had taken care of her acceptance fee, student amnesty paperwork, and the transportation for her school. Beta George also dutifully congratulated her on her upcoming nuptials and reminded her about the banquet for the night. As if she could forget.

It took her three days of waiting for the perfect opportunities to go through offices and her mother’s things in the attic until she finally hit jackpot. But it wasn’t the jackpot that she was hoping for. She found a journal that belonged to her mother that described in detail her affair with an alpha from another pack, an alpha that her mother was in love with but like Evony, was forced into marrying another. She read how her mother feared for her life if her husband ever found out that the child she carried was not in fact his, though she could never be sure.

Evony cried hard when she came to the last entry of the journal where the alpha that she was in love with had ended their affair to marry another, he’d found his mate. Her mother was devastated that she could no longer have him, that she was to give up her love, even when she tried to talk logically to herself that it was unfair to him that she was married to another while he had his mate to care for. Evony cried for the woman who was desperate for love to show her a way out, and clung to the hope of the child she carried, who was to be birthed in just a few short days, that she’d never have to go through the torment that she herself went through.

There in that attic, a few short days ago, Evony determined that she would never be like her mother. That while her mother who died giving birth to her, never revealed who it was that she had an affair with or even which pack he belonged to, she was determined to find out that information.

And so there she was, with a plan in her head, Evony stood next to Alpha Morris in the receiving line, in her strapless black ball gown. The shape really looked like it was better suited to be a wedding gown, but the color made Evony wonder if she could recycle the dress for the actual wedding that Alpha Morris had planned for her. It was evident that he didn’t want anyone to know that she wasn’t his daughter, and for her own safety she played along with it. Only a few members of the Silver Fang Pack had noticed that she had taken to calling him Alpha Morris instead of “daddy” or that she refused to look him directly in the eye, but they just chalked it up that she was showing respect to her father’s position. But Evony didn’t care what anyone thought, as long as they continued to think that she was his daughter.

‘Calm girl,’ Evony’s wolf started getting anxious and riled up. And judging by the next guest, it was easy to see why. “Alex.”

“My Evony, you’ve definitely grown up from the tall weed you were the last time I saw you. I must admit, I had reservations about this, but you look you’ll be a lot of fun.” Alex ran his finger down Evony’s cheek while she struggled to not kick him in his groin.

“And you’re still a prick with no manners.” She whispered so that only he could hear her. Since her alpha was standing next to her, she outwardly smiled and said, “welcome! Have a great time this evening,” the same thing she’s had to say all evening.

“It’ll be a great time when I get my mannerless prick inside you and place some pups in your belly.” Alex took her earlobe and sucked it in between his lips. Evony closed her eyes and tried to will the bile back down her throat. Even if the likely hood was that she wasn’t the biological daughter of Alpha Morris, he still raised her as if he was her father, and for the life of her, she couldn’t understand why he would condemn her to a life that was her own mother’s undoing.

Thankfully, Alex didn’t linger and she was able to fulfill her duties as the Alpha’s daughter to Alpha Morris’ liking. Ever since she found her mother’s journal, she made a personal vow that she would no longer refer to the man who raised her as her father. She was quite certain that he never really considered her his, so why shouldn’t she show him the same courtesy?

Since her only other duty for the evening was to mingle and look pretty, Evony did just that, though she kept mostly with the teens that were her age. Several times, Alpha Morris pulled her towards a conversation with some of his allies and friends, but as long as she was still able to avoid Alex she was fine with the dutiful daughter charade. That was until everyone was halfway through dinner.

Evony could feel her anxiety levels rising with each word that Alpha Morris had prepared for his speech. It was increasingly hard for her to swallow as the speech crept along towards the alliance with the Grey Sky Pack. The alliance that was to be sealed with her marriage with Alex. Evony couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“And with that, it is my pleasure to announce that not only our we here to celebrate the Summer Solstice, but also to celebrate that the Silver Fang and Grey Sky packs will be forged together with the immediate engagement and upcoming nuptials of our children, Evony Jaymes Morris and Alexander Paul Daniels.” Thunderous applause welcomed Evony and Alex as they walked to stand on the stage next to Alpha Morris and Alpha Daniels. Only serial killers have three first names as their full name, Evony thought as Alex her hand and slipped a ring on her finger, and then kissed it as if he was the loving fiance.

Evony put a smile on her face and prayed that she didn’t look constipated. She needed everyone to believe that she was going along with the plan that was set forth without her consultation. Her wolf growled at Evony for allowing Alex to even touch her.

As expected, once the applause died down, and Alpha Morris opened up the dance floor many of the partygoers came to congratulate the new couple. Evony could see that outside of Alex’s parents, Alex, herself and Alpha Morris, no one seemed to know that this was a forced arranged marriage. Most of the women wanted to see the ring, and Evony realized that she was on the receiving end of a few glares from some of Alex’s admirers. If only they knew that they could have him. But no, she was the happy, glowing girlfriend, ugh, fiance of Alex Daniels. Evony swallowed her tongue as she proudly showed her ring off. Evony didn’t wince as if she was in searing pain with each time Alex wrapped his hand and clung around her waist.

“You’ve had a change of heart, I see.” Alpha Morris whispered to her when the crowd had thinned enough from the “happy couple.” Evony looked into the hazel green eyes of the man who she thought was her father for so long, as the crowd looked on at the father-daughter duo. It sickened Evony that they thought he was the loving caring father who simply wanted a dance with his daughter on the eve of what should be the happiest night of her life so far.

“Well, I figured the life of an alpha’s daughter is better than that of a bastard wolf. Since that is what you think of me, isn’t it?” Evony ignored the shocked look on Alpha Morris’s face, even when it twisted to show hurt before once more returning back to a blank slate. Evony made sure to keep her voice to a whisper. She didn’t want any of the other shifters that were dancing near them to overhear.

“And what exactly are you getting worked up about?” Alpha Morris hummed. “You were the one who said I wasn’t your father and then stormed out of my office like a two year old. In fact you’ve been acting like a child this whole week.” Alpha Morris continued to sway and twirl around the dancefloor, never once letting up on his hold on Evony.

“When I stormed out of your office like a two year old, as you put it, I heard you say that I wasn’t your daughter. How could you even think I’m not yours when I look just like you? Though it doesn’t quite matter anymore since you’re shipping me off to a school I don’t want to go to, to be with a wolf I don’t want to mate with, let alone touch.” Her anger rose to a new level when she saw the alpha before her roll his eyes.

“We’re back to this again? This is for your own protection.”

“Then what’s the threat?” Evony asked. She felt she had every right to know if a decision was being made on her behalf for her safety. However, the stunned look that Alpha Morris failed to conceal proved to her there was no threat. Just his arrogance. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell people that you think I’m not your daughter. I’ll keep your stupid secret, just please don’t make me marry him.”

“It’s done.” Alpha Morris coldly responded.

“Did you love her?” When the alpha looked down at Evony, his hardened heart thawed a little. “Did you love my mother?” Evony asked again.

“I did.”

“Then why would you condemn me to a life that she lived? You knew she was in love with another man before being forced to marry you, and you saw how miserable she was. And you’re doing the same thing to me, only I haven’t had the chance to even experience real love.”

Alpha Morris sighed before speaking, “The man your mother loved was my brother. So arguing that you look like me won’t get you anywhere.” Evony gasped and didn’t even attempt to keep up the appearance that she was happily dancing with her father. Her mother was in love with Uncle Lawrence, twin brother to her father, and former alpha of the Blood Moon pack. He died in a plane crash when Evony was about twelve years old. She didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with her uncle before he passed because he was busy with his own pack. Not to mention he hardly visited Silver Fang. Was it guilt and shame that kept him from visiting? Was this the source of her father’s hatred for Blood Moon, or simply that the current alpha, Reed Nelson was just as intimidating as the rumors?

“I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t know.” She lowered her eyes so that she could collect herself before attempting to show the remorse that she felt. “I won’t put up a fight on this,” Evony smiled up at the man before her as he wrapped her up in a hug. He kissed her forehead before pulling back completely.

“That’s my girl.”

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