The Blood Moon Luna

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Chapter 3

Evony spent her last morning in her pack on a nostalgic run around the territory and saying goodbye to the few friends that she had that hadn’t left for their own colleges. After her run, Evony enjoyed a nice, long, hot shower before changing into some ripped jeans and a grey sweater. Time to pack my carry-on, I guess, Evony thought to herself. The only items that were going in her carry-on were the last of her clothes that she hadn’t already shipped. Knowing that she was probably never going to set foot in her room ever again, Evony kept enough clothes to get her through the week and shipped everything else. Evony stayed up late last night washing those clothes.

“You have everything dear?” Evony looked back at her father as he stood in the entry to her bedroom. He looked around the room that even though looked as it always looked, framed posters on the wall, and pictures scattered everywhere, looked bare. Knowing that Evony was leaving for school and would no longer tear up the hallways of the pack house was bittersweet for him.

He was happy that they had a chance over the summer to reconcile and that she finally saw things his way. No matter how much Evony had protested the pending union, Alpha Morris insisted that this was for the best and for her safety and he could see that she was starting to see things his way. There was much relief in his eyes and his heart when she insisted that they have a DNA test done, anonymously of course, and held the results in his hands. 100% she was his daughter, and he was angry with himself for ever doubting it in the first place. Let alone, waiting for so long to let the issue rest.

“Yep.” Evony zipped up her carry-on bag and laid it by the door frame, before grabbing her denim jacket, the last item hanging in the closet that she had wanted to bring with her. “Everything is all set to go. I double checked the airline and my flight is on time. The school received the boxes that I sent ahead and I’ll be able to get them out of storage once I arrive. Are you sure that Alpha Daniels was going to have a car waiting for me when I arrive? Cause I can always catch a cab.”

Her father scooped the carry-on and slung the strap over his shoulder and started down the staircase. Evony followed behind him with her purse, all the way to the SUV that was parked at the top of the driveway. She climbed in the backseat and waited until Alpha Morris placed her bag in the cargo area and then climbed in with her. One Enforcer drove the vehicle while another sat in the passenger seat looking for any complications. Evony rolled her eyes at the entourage that her father insisted upon when leaving the compound. “Dad? Did you hear me? I asked you if you made sure Alpha Daniels would have a car waiting for me?”

“I’m sorry, dear. I heard you but I was listening in on a mind link conversation. Yes, Daniels assured me that he and Alex would be there personally to retrieve you.” Evony couldn’t even help the automatic reaction to rolling her eyes. She wasn’t some package that needed retrieving from the post office. She blew out a burst of air and Alpha Morris assumed that she was attempting to ease her nerves. “Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine at college and Alex will be right by your side if you need anything. Though, are you sure you don’t want off campus housing? I’d feel a lot better if you stayed with Alex, or at the least in his apartment building.”

“Yeah I’m sure dad. Though the idea of not having a roommate that steals my clothes is appealing, I want the whole college experience. At least for the first year. We’ll see how I feel, deal?” Alpha Morris smiled his approval before opening his laptop to work on some business. Evony didn’t mind, as alpha, her father had to deal with a lot of things to run the pack smoothly. And besides, she was completely used to being shoved aside for work with him. Evony simply pulled her Kindle from her purse and started reading the book she downloaded the night before.

Aside from the constant clicking from Alpha Morris’ keypad, the drive to the airport was quiet and almost pleasant. Evony was just glad that while werewolves had excellent hearing, they couldn’t hear how her heart was crashing against her ribcage, whether it was nerves or excitement, Evony wasn’t even sure herself.

She was shocked when the SUV stopped at the check-in curb for her airline, she assumed that her father and the guards would be escorting her inside. This goodbye is going to be easier than she thought. Of course that came crashing down as the Enforcer that had sat in the passenger seat and her father both hopped out of the car with her. No such luck. With her bag again on her father’s shoulder, they made their way to the check-in line. The Enforcer hung pack and kept an eye on the father-daughter duo while little was said between the two until they got up to the counter.

“Hi Welcome to United Airways, how can I help you?” The attendant stated way to cheery for Evony’s taste. At least it wasn’t early in the morning, which really would have irritated Evony.

“Hi, My name is Evony Morris, I’m checking in and picking up my ticket.” Evony passed on her ID and Sherie, the attendant started clicking away to get Evony ready for her flight. The nerves of her flight was starting to get ot Evony or it could be that her plan could be foiled at any minute.

“Ok, you’re all set,” she passed over the ticket and Evony watched as her father held onto it. “Do you have any bags to check?” Evony shook her head no and pointed to her carry-on. She bit her lip when she saw her father trying to be sly when he opened the boarding pass and checked that her flight was in fact for Alpha Daniels territory. “Okay, thank you for flying with United Airways!”

“You too.” Sherie smiled awkwardly as Evony mentally cursed herself. Why do I always do that? She’s not going anywhere. She asked herself. “You ready dad?”

Alpha Morris passed the ticket to his daughter and waved for his Enforcer to stay back. Tears stung his eyes as nostalgia took over and he thought of all of the times he missed with Evony because he was bitter. He hated the way he had treated her prior to actually taking the DNA test, but he justified his actions with the knowledge that she turned out okay anyway. And the added bonus was that she was still doing what he wanted for her and for the pack. Maybe he did right by her by staying away all of these years.

“No, but I hope you are. College is big and I want you to know that I’m proud of you.” Evony looked up into the eyes of her father and for the first time since she told him that she was leaving, Evony felt conflicted about going. Part of her didn’t want to leave the man that had changed overnight during the summer. But she knew that it was all a farce, he only made the changes he did because he finally had confirmation that she was actually his daughter. His love was conditional and superficial. However, the tiny part of her that had wanted to be daddy’s princess, the part that sought his approval, still hoped that it was true.

Evony was about to open her mouth to speak, but Alpha Morris interrupted her, “You’ll make a fine Luna for Daniels. That boy needs someone like you to reign him in.” Evony hugged her father so that he wouldn’t see her eyes rolling. And he ruined the moment.

‘You need to get the eye rolling under control,’ Evony’s wolf teased.

‘I’m right on top of that, Rose,’ Evony laid sarcasm heavily in her retort.

It irked Evony that her father only looked at her as the future alliance between packs. As if she could never be good at being herself unless she was identified as an alpha’s mate. As if she wasn’t good enough to be his daughter unless she was an alpha’s mate. And don’t get her started on the inadequacies of an alpha who needed to be “reigned” in by his mate. To Evony, an alpha who needed to reigned in at all, was no alpha. He was barely a wolf, in her opinion.

‘That fits Alex, if you think about it,’ the wolf mused in Evony’s mind. She had no love for Alex’s wolf either.

Evony didn’t even bother with a response to her wolf, what was the point, she was right. “Dad, it’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. I promise.” She stepped away from the hug, and indicated that she should get on past the checkpoint. “I should go, it looks like there’s gonna be a long line at security.”

“Alright Evy,” Evony cringed at the nickname that he used to call her when she was younger. “Call me when you land and find Daniels. Let me know you got there safe.” Alpha Morris pulled her in for one last hug before he lost her to the crowd of people that were around them.

“I will. Love you dad.” Evony took her carry-on from her father and was glad she didn’t have a whole lot to fuss with. And with one final hug, she walked over to the first security checkpoint and showed her boarding pass so that she could move on. Once the security officer handed her the pass back, she waved her father off as he watched her leave.

There was still plenty of time before her flight was even going to be called, so Evony roamed the different shops near the terminals. This is going to work. It has to, she told herself, though to be honest she wasn’t sure if she was convincing her wolf or herself.

She checked the time on her phone, and saw that her flight would be boarding soon. ‘It’s time,’ her wolf said and started stirring with the anticipation. Evony shut her phone off and made her way to the bathroom and received a few stares when instead of waiting for a stall, she started changing her clothes by the sinks.

After pulling out a bandage dress and some heels, Evony quickly stuffed her first outfit in her carry-on. She also pulled out a blonde wig and carefully wrapped her long black tresses underneath for a completely different look.

“Honey? Umm, are you ok?” Evony looked to her right at the lady who interrupted her process. Seeing the concern on her face, Evony looked around her and saw that all of the women in the bathroom were mirroring the same concern.

“I’m sorry. I’m trying to escape my abusive boyfriend and I’m afraid he has people watching for me here. I didn’t even realize how shady this could look.” Evony cringed when she couldn’t think of something better. She only prayed that the ladies bought her story. Without looking back at the ladies watching her, Evony reached in her bag and sprayed some lavender and peppermint oil all over her body, hoping that it would disguise her scent long enough that if anyone was out there waiting for her, they’d be confused as to why her trail ended in the bathroom.

“Well if they’re watching they’d be looking for someone traveling alone right?” The lady who spoke to her asked while everyone else continued about their own business.

“Yeah, I guess.” Evony barely finished throwing the rest of her stuff in her bag before the lady wrapped her arms through Evony’s elbows. The strange lady started pulling her through the exit door.

“My name is Trisha, and I’ve been where you’ve been before. Every girl needs help to get away from that situation.” Evony felt guilty and relieved with Trisha’s help. She was such a kind soul to help a stranger in need for what she thought was an abusive situation, and Evony felt like she was taking advantage of her kindness. But at the same time, she knew that if her dad had anyone posted at the airport, Trisha’s kindness wouldn’t be in vain. Trisha linked her arm with Evony and dragged her out of the bathroom. “Now, just act like we’re the best of friends and laugh.”

“I’m Desi.” Evony gave the first name that popped in her head. ‘It’s your fault,’ her wolf scolded, ‘you wanted to stay up and watch I Love Lucy all night.’ Evony shrugged while her wolf paced in her mind on edge. She looked back at the bathroom where they’d just left and Evony saw the figure of a man enter in. He was either a guy that was waiting for his woman to come out of the restroom, or he was someone that her father had hired to keep an eye on her. Evony sighed that her instincts were protecting her.

‘We’re not out of the woods yet. Don’t fall complacent.’ Evony couldn’t fault her wolf. Trisha kept talking and Evony kept up the appearances of two friends eager to get away for the weekend. But neither Evony nor Trisha were fooled, they were both on the lookout for anyone who seemed suspicious.

“Well, this is my stop, Trisha. Thank you for helping me get away unnoticed.” Evony genuinally hugged Trisha before nodding to the attendant that was calling for first class ticket holders.

“It was my pleasure. Stay safe out there.” Evony watched as her guardian angel walked away towards her own destination before turning to the gate. Wordlessly, the attendant handed her ticket back to her and Evony walked through the tunnel. There was no turning back, not that she wanted to anyways. Her dreams were just beyond the tunnel, she knew. However, it was more than just knowing that she was headed off to college, it was a feeling. A feeling that she couldn’t describe as anything as a ‘pull.’

Evony settled into her plush domestic first-class seat and tried to relax. She couldn’t tell if she was nervous because she’s barely tolerated flying, or if it was because of the inexplicable feeling that was steadily growing, not worse but definitely bigger. Calling her move impulsive and daring was an understatement. Evony could only pray that her actions could be forgiven...someday.

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