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Have you ever imagined what happens to you when you die? 16- year- old Beth Halls couldn't ask for a better life. She has the bestest friend you can have, sweet parents, perfect grades, and the boyfriend of her dreams. And that all ends on her boyfriend's 17th birthday, when he goes behind her back and drags her into a death cause. Now everything changes as Beth is whisked up in the land of dead, Mortema.

Fantasy / Romance
Allison C.
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Chapter 1

“Who hasn’t wondered, what happens after death?”

~ Jake Warren

(Hey guys! It’s me, the author- duh, haha. So, I just want to ask a favor of everyone that reads this to comment on suggestions and feedback. Here’s a question that you can answer: should I separate my paragraphs more? Also, please DON’T COPY THIS. It’s my own figment of imagination and work and all the Mortema and other strange words you hear are made up or inspired and twisted into my own way. Yea, follow, comment, and yea- thanks! ~From, Allison :D)

(Edit: 12/28/19: Just finished my story and currently editing! There are a lot of things I need to edit.)

*PART 1*

The first thing I noticed was that I felt damn right cold.

Like so cold as if I’d been trapped in a freezer for a day or two, shipped to the North Pole in my undies, then buried underneath mountains of snow.

Thinking and knowledge did not immediately come to me, but instead sense and touch. The sense of the bitter chills and the feelings of my dry, cracked lips and a mysterious, wet substance beneath me. Strangely, just staying here, unmoving, letting nothing but my touch of my five senses work, felt comfortable. For about five seconds, everything was alright; peaceful in fact. Everything felt calm and this state of drowsiness, where you’re awake, but everything feels fuzzy.

Then, without warning, my brain jerked awake, it’s wheels beginning to spin once more and instincts, sight, and knowledge came to be. With slight hesitation but with curiosity, my eyes fluttered opened.

I was on an island.

I could tell because of the soft water that I felt lap over the tips of my shoes, soaking into my feet and there was just this piece of land from what I could see. I rolled from my side to my stomach, my legs were starting to gain feeling, and squinted to see better and in front of me was a giant shadow of a building. I could barely see it, only it’s silhouette because of the thick fog. Slowly, I gathered my strength and found myself trembling on both feet.

What was this?

Where was I?

What had happened?

Slowly, I felt my brain return to me more and more, and more questions I couldn’t answer had popped into my head. Human instincts came in and I felt more alert as time passed by.

Had I been kidnapped?

My fists clenched at the thought. I’d always feared of that happening, but I didn’t think so, seeing I have left out here myself, with no guards or anything. I wasn’t tied up or held back, restrained in any way either.

So where was I? I tried to recall my last memories and I saw flashes of light and blurs of the world. Everything was so confusing. My brain struggled to keep pace with the world and I begin to think of basic facts. My name Beth Halls, my school, my age, my parents, and this boy…

I tried to speak, to scream for help, but my throat was dry.

“H-help…” It came out like a squeak.

I squinted through the fog, and through the mist, I saw a silhouette of a person slowly rising to their feet. In fact, I saw hundreds and hundreds of people climbing to their feet and more voices were suddenly heard. I found myself yelling questions with the rest of them.

“Hello?! Anyone?!” I cried. “Does anyone know where we are?”

My mind seemed blurry, and I pinched myself a few times to see if I was dreaming. I simply flinched. “W-where are we?!” I yelled at anyone that I saw. I was answered with shaking, terrified looks, and ‘I don’t know.’ This confusion was driving me mad and made me even wilder as I saw more people popping up laying on the sand. I ran over to them and tried to look for answers, just to receive more questions from them.

I glanced down at myself and saw me wearing a cropped jean Pinet, along with a white top, and a flowy light blue dress. My shoes were smashed in sand that was all wet and sandy. But what seemed more terrifying was that I was covered in splats of blood, nothing hurt though- just blood.

The island suddenly erupted with screams of confusion and anger from thousands of people. People were fighting, and demanding answers, all thinking everyone was their enemy. I was dodging and yelling, and feeling anger coursing through my veins.

Nothing made sense.

Nobody knew anything.

It was absolute confusion and tumult.

Then when everyone seemed to be about to lose their sanity, a voice blasted hundreds of miles away. My hands found their way to my ears, cupping them.

“UGH, I DIDN’T HAVE ANY COFFEE TODAY! WHY IS MY SHIFT TODAY?!” said the mysterious voice where nobody knew where it was coming from. It sounded male, deep, and annoyed.

The voices slowly died down at the sound of the loud voice and all movements paused. All eyes drifted over to a shadow slowly making it’s way towards our group. As the fog cleared and the shadow stepped closer, I saw it was a man with a bulging stomach in a white, thin shirt along with gray sweatpants. He had sloppy golden-blond hair with slight hairs growing on his chin. The man waved his megaphone around and yelled once more.


People exchanged looks of confusion, as the man turned his back and began walking towards the giant silhouette of a building. Nobody moved. The man seemed to notice and whirled around, rubbing his chin.


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