The Ballad of Crystl

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[Book 1 of The Fallasleep Series] Crystl only wanted to live a simple life. However, he was met by a tragic event that changed his fate for eternity.. How did it end up like this? There was blood everywhere and I was on the ground. The entire team was decimated by those traitors. The reapers in the squad were all dead and my master too, he had fallen. I can’t move my body and all I could do was lie on the ground until the boss of the traitors approached me. He grabbed me and lifted me up as I approach death. For a god of death like me, dying is not a part of my résumé. Once a god dies, there is no reincarnation, there is no soul, and there is no second chance, just oblivion so… How did it end up like this?

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The Death Verse



You might’ve read this one before but… picture this, a very tall and thick tree… just the tree and no soil. Can you see it, with all of its roots spread out? Now picture it reversed with the apex of the tree now at the bottom and the base, the roots, at the top.

That is the Verse.

Let us begin with the Root of Origin. Long ago, before the Verse even existed, there was a world where all of the most powerful Beings existed. That world was the origin of all of the things that made up the universe. It was a Singularity. There was some kind of supernatural event that led to its destruction. It also led to the creation of the Root of Origin. Emerging from the remnants of this destroyed singularity were the eleven Supreme Beings who would eventually mold the Verse into existence.

The first of the eleven was Lord Reax, the Supreme Being of Creation. If there was creation, then there must be an opposite to it called destruction. That title, Supreme Being of Destruction, would go to Lord Xaos. Along with them was the Supreme Being of Destiny and his name was Lord Exyd. These three Beings would eventually join together to rule over the Eastern Verse.

The next set of Supreme Beings would also join together to rule over the Western Verse. They were Lady Naxo the Supreme Being of Life, her counterpart Lord Voix the Supreme Being of Death, andLord Xpir the Supreme Being of Essence.

There was one Supreme Being who chose to become the arbiter, the equal ground for all of them and his name was Lord Exal the Supreme Being of Balance.

Finally, the Big Four. These Supreme Beings were said to be the most powerful and most intellectual of the eleven. Three of them separated themselves from the Verse while the other one remained. Lady Waxe the Supreme Being of Reality remained to rule over the Central Verse. The other three created the Sleep Verse beyond the Root of Origins. It was said that the Sleep Verse was as big as the Eastern, Western and Central Verse combined. The three rulers of Sleep Verse were Lady Xemp the Supreme Being of Time, his identical twin brother Lord Axil the Supreme Being of Space, and finally the fraternal twin of reality… Lord Xeel the Supreme Being of Fantasy.

The length of the trunk was said to have been the passage of time while the thickness of trunk was said to have been the expansion of space. The three main branches that erupted from the trunk were the three main realities of the Verse.

The Eastern Verse depicted the reality of the belief and existence of either of the three rulers. In our world, we believe in Lord Reax as God the Creator. Some other worlds or universes, for that matter, would hail Lord Xaos as their only God while some others would only hail Lord Exyd as the only God in existence. They all hid the fact that others existed and the most selfish of them all is Lord Reax for he wanted that thou shall not have other gods before Him.

The Western Verse had a different approach to their own reality. They wanted their mortals to believe that the three of them, LIFE, DEATH, and ESSENCE, were the Prime Supreme Beings of their worlds. At least, they weren’t as selfish as the Supreme Beings of the Eastern Verse.

The Central Verse is the true universe. Unlike the Eastern and the Western with their multiverse, Central Verse followed a straight line… one universe where all of the Supreme Beings are worshipped… equally. However… since Lady Waxe was the progenitor of this world, she tended to be the more popular one and the most worshipped one of all.

The Sleep Verse, mythical and mysterious, was unlike any other. At its crust dwelt the dreams of all of the gods and the mortals alive… sometimes dead. It also contained the pool of common knowledge that anyone can tap into. In our world, the Eastern Verse, it is called the Akashic Records while in the Western Verse, it is called the Donovean Library. In the Central Verse, it is just known as the Ocean of Omniscience.

Let us Concentrate to the Main Topic


Also known as the Void, this is the domain of Lord Voix. This spiral universe is designed by one the his creations. It has ten layers with the outermost layer, Layer Zero, containing the Kingdom of Death, and the innermost layer, Layer Nine, containing the universe’s core.

The Kingdom of Death is the home of the Death Beings, also known as the grim reapers. Lord Voix created the grim reapers unfairly such that there exists a hierarchy where the nobles sit at the top having most of the benefits and the commoners thrive at the bottom.

Hierarchical Order in the Death Verse

1.The Supreme Death Being

2.The Royal Death Beings

3.The God Slayers

4.The Death Knights

5.The Masters

6.The Nobles

7.The Commoners

The Powers of Death Beings are called Reaper and Resurrection. However, these gods just call them power or ability, and awakening. These gods cannot conjure their own weapons, they have blacksmiths. Ironically, the blacksmiths are all commoners. Resurrection happens when a Death Being achieved the birth of their second and ultimate power. It may come in the form of another ability or power.

Layer One is comprised of the denizens of this world, the Criminals. The criminals are the souls reaped by the Death Beings from the Mortal Worlds out there. These souls are deemed ineligible for reincarnation or rebirth, a chance to live again. They are…

8.The Criminals

… the second lowest in the hierarchy. However, since the Supreme Being is pretentiously forgiving, he gives these criminals a second chance and become pardoned. If they learned how to do good, be good, and act accordingly, they may have a chance to be released back for rebirth or reincarnation. In the history of Death Verse, there were only a handful of criminals who were released, it happens once a century… you know, after a hundred years… or so…

Layer Two to Layer Nine is comprised of the lowest of the low…

9.The Cannibals

These were the criminals who chose to eat other criminals, hence the cannibalism. These cannibals are way more vicious than that of the criminals and their minds turn into like that of a wild animal… wild predatory animal. They are locked in those layers… the deepest layers are rumored to house the Abominations.

In order to collect more data about these monstrous atrocities, an expedition is about to be made… an expedition… that would lead to a devastating tragedy…

How did it end up like this?

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