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A supernatural story about power, betrayal, love and most of all about finding oneself in a world full of chaos. Being a witch is supposed to be cool, right? Well.. not if you suck at it.. Here we have Leighton Sparks, a girl with the full package. Family problems, love drama, a coven of witches trying to get a hold of her and a clan of vampires trying to keep her for themselves. All kinds of shifters hating her and friends betraying her.. it just seems like it cannot get better... Oh, think again! In a fight to survive, Leighton actually discovers herself and even finds allies in people she had thought to be her enemies. Follow her journey through incredible pain and unbelievable happiness and see how she changes from an insecure, young girl to a powerful creature, ready to take over the world.

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Everyone is convinced that the end of the Vampire era is coming. After the war’s finale, they are all celebrating, whilst their enemy is suffering through the loss of their people. The Vampires need more members if they want to survive, but the danger is too big for them to risk it...

One day, the leader plans an attack of a small town. He sends his best soldiers, giving them the task to choose only the strong ones, those who have some potential. And what happens when they do? Surprisingly, they find the right people and some of them actually go through the changes without dying in the process. But the fate is against them one more time. The Purebloods find out, that they had turned the wrong person. A girl, but not just an ordinary one. A witch. Will there be revenge? Of course! Because the so called girl is not only the heiress of the strongest coven of them all, but also a really special little creature. With how weak the vampires are at the moment, they can’t afford an attack from such a strong species. So, the leader sends his most trust-worthy friends to keep the girl in the shadows and to protect the secret of her existance.

But what happens when more than one complications appear on their way?

Will they stay together and fight as one or will they let the small arguments separate them?

Thats for me to know and for you to find out...

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