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Werewolves, Shapeshifters and a mafia Capo, oh my! Life with amnesia gets even more complicated with a bounty on your head and a mysterious Alpha. Reid is like the sun in my solar system; he's a bright, burning ball of gas that will eventually implode and destroy everything. His propensity for destruction is inevitable, but he's still completely necessary to sustain life. He uncovers the dormant part of my personality and makes me feel like the sixteen years I can't remember are so close I can almost touch them. He is the singular, center of gravity in my little universe, and I am a planet that's constantly in orbit around him. I get close, but never enough to actually interact with him. If I did, the collision between a star and one of its planets would be cataclysmic. I would burn and dissolve in an instant, the nuclear reactions swallowing me whole. Even knowing this, I still I want him to ignite me more than anything. I can't stay away from the man no matter how hard I try.

Fantasy / Romance
Zoe Rose
4.0 4 reviews
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A letter to Raven

I’m sorry I abandoned you for so long.
You deserved all of my attention, and in that aspect, I failed.
I’d been stuck between a rock in a hard place for a while,
so long, that I’d almost given up on you.
I’d almost let you become nothing more than an unfinished idea.

But, that’s not what you are.
It’s not what you were ever meant to be.

I’ve always longed to give you a breath of life;
to grace you with a resilient personality.
You deserve more than I’ve been giving,
and I won’t let you go unnoticed anymore.
I will revive the piece of my heart that’s always been meant for you.
I will work to become whole again.
I will give you wings.

I will make you fly.

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