Mama, Hold On

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"Soldier, my mother is up North. I don't give a damn how many men I lose on the journey, but the remainders and I will rescue my mother. Understand?" North Bu is a troubled young man who's had one goal for as long as he can remember: find his mother and attempt to save her. He's been all over the world and has now reached the last stretch and is willing to do anything to see her again. Arliss Gyran is a stressed young leader of a Lent town that's been gradually falling apart for the past few decades. And just as he thinks he's got a grip on things, a mind eraser comes to town, and starts striking people down. Now, he has to find this mystery character and keep his poor town from falling apart at the seams.

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Hold On

Hold on my child, my hands outstretched

Will save the helpless from this wicked wretch

That only the foolish call home and there they settle

Even through dire times, for the peace, they shan’t meddle

But I, my son, refuse to surrender to the one behind this

For which, I was left at the mercy of the clock ticks

I gave myself to your father, believing he’d be unlike any other

But alas, alone I find myself once more, only this time, a mother

As for you, my son, the star that guided me all those years

Hold on, my child, breathe, and blink back tears

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