Shame on You (Spell Me series-Book 3)

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Under rewrite Thaddeus and Millicent are on an adventure, once again, but they have a new adversary to go up against. Can they bring this person down? Come find out The Houston House has found a new adversary, but will this be fatal to one of the children... As they fight in another state, they were also finding out how much power they have and it's a lot more power than they have had in the past. But not only are they fighting, but they are looking for a child, too. It's not going to be easy, even with all the help they have now. But when has it ever been easy for the Houston House? Never. With a lot of Mystery and Comedy, the journey begins.

Fantasy / Mystery
Stormie Stafford
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Chapter 1

Everyone was back at the Houston House after bringing the fight to Skylar in Florida. I knew we had to tend to matters in our own House, one being that we needed more help. We had picked up so many people from all over that our House had grown. I was just happy the kids, yes, all the kids, had added on to our House to accommodate everybody.

I walked into the kid's room where Millicent was. “Honey, we need to get more help, but where from?

Millicent turned and looked at me. “I know, let’s ask our staff. They always know people who are trustworthy."

What a great ideal. I know Mandy and Heather aren’t staff, but they won’t stay out of the kitchens or doing the housekeeping. I loved telling them they are my sisters. Their faces were priceless.”

“I remember,” Millicent said as we were walking toward the Dining Hall. “They might know of some people. Plus some of the people who don’t want to fight from Florida are helping them out.”

We walked into the Dining Hall and every one of our House were waiting on us. “Huh? I did it again, didn’t I?” I said quietly.

“Yes, and we are thankful that Kamdyn, Thistle, and the kids were here or some of would have been naked,” Mike said as he laughed.

“Oops. I am really trying not to teleport everyone with just a thought. I will try harder,” I said embarrassed.

Everyone said, “Please try harder.”

“I will.”

“I have a question for everyone,” I stopped talking as both Mandy and Heather came out of the kitchens in their aprons. “Sisters, why are you in the kitchens?”

“We are short-handed,” Mandy said irritably.

“I accidentally teleported everyone to find out if anyone knew of anyone who could be trusted to work here. I’m not sure where to find help, considering we are different and don’t want anyone blabbing about us. Does anyone know where we can find help?”

Sam said, “We would like to help. I mean, Austin and I would like to help. We have experience in the kitchen."

“Are you sure? It’s a big job,” I asked.

“We have already been helping. We also have help with some of the others who were in hell,” Sam said. “They rather help in the kitchen than go in the field.”

Mike said, "I am one that can’t go in the field. The kitchen staff knows us, and I feel like we have been a big help.”

“Thank you. Now we have thirteen people helping in the kitchens, but it doesn’t include cleaning. Everyone needs to help out. That includes cleaning your rooms and bathrooms,” I said.

Our Housekeeper, Sue, said, “That will help so much. We can clean the rest of the House and do the laundry.”

“I forgot to mention that everyone needs to do their own laundry,” I said, waiting for the excuses or griping. Of course, I heard a lot of moaning and groaning.

“As your Co-Vampyre Council Leader, I will be doing our laundry when I can. Think about how much laundry that is. We have us and the kids clothes to wash,” Millicent said.

I mumbled, “That should work. No one has as many kids as we have.”

Everyone started laughing as I joined them. I forgot to spell my big mouth again.

“Now let’s talk about the ships that are still out there. We also have hunts to do. We know there are still rogues out there,” I said as I turned to Kamdyn. “Kamdyn, do have the number of the ships still out?”

Kamdyn looked down at his paperwork. “We are down to forty-nine ships, but they are still coming and it’s not stopping. The forty-nine ships are from before, not now. I don’t have a complete list of how many are still coming in.”

“What? How? Did you plan on telling me about the ships, brother?” I exclaimed.

Kamdyn smirked. “I told the Co-Vampyre Council Leader and she told me we were having a meeting in an hour”

“So we now have someone else sending ships?” I asked incredulously. “I don’t understand why anyone would be doing this to us. Can anyone else?”

Everyone shook their head no, talking softly to the person next to them.

Mandy got everyone’s attention by clearing her throat. “I don’t know who it is or why. I just know we are tired of it. I hope whoever it is, is not sending people to hell or killing them off.”

Kamdyn very quietly said, “We need to know where this threat is coming from."

“Who would want to send ships, kill people off, or send anyone to hell?” Millicent asked.

Lily and Hope said quickly, “We know who it is, but we will let you figure it out for yourselves.”

Millicent angrily said, “What? You girls need to tell me right now.”

“Oops, got to go,” Hope said as she and Lily disappeared.

“Go where?”

We have ships coming into port right now,” Hope said.

“You girls will not go by yourselves,” I said knowing they wouldn’t listen.

We will wait on everyone, but we need to be here just to make sure,” Lily said.

“Nice evasion technique, girls, but we are so going to talk,” Millicent said angrily.

Thistle softly said, “Yes, we are.”

“Come on, Kamdyn, Thistle, Rio, Tai, and Dezzert." I looked around, "Along with Sword, Elijah, Cowboy, Axel, Jaycee, and Trace we are going to the port now.

“Boy, what a ride. I loved it,” Axel commented.

“Great another Cowboy,” I said.

Cowboy laughed. “Well, it could have been another Ghost.”

“So true. Lily and Hope, you can show yourselves now,” I said.

“How did you know where we were?” Hope asked.

Our group said, “He sees all, he hears all, and he knows all.”

“That sums it up. And I saw the dirty looks, girls. What have you been doing, practicing with your mom?”

Hope smiled. “Yes, we have, Daddy.”

“What have you seen, girls?” I asked, ignoring their comment about the dirty looks.

“We have two ships in port from daddy’s list,” Lily said smugly.

“How did you get a hold of my list?” Kamdyn demanded.

Lily smiled and said, “I read your mind, Daddy.”


“Let’s go and check out what we have,” I said quickly as I changed our clothes into the dark blue of the workers. “Half of you on one ship the other half on the other one but try to do this quietly.”

“We need to get there before the workers open the doors,” Tai said.

“No problem. I’m reading their minds as we walk so we will know what containers to block out,” I said and stopped. “Great! They just opened one of ours. We now have a lot of rogue werewolves and a lot of dead workers. I hate this! I’m going to let the Port Master know something to keep his workers out of the containers. Kamdyn with me, everyone else needs to get to the rogues and the workers. Lily and Hope, help them so the workers don’t remember please.”

“Okay. No problem,” Hope said.

As we were walking to the office, I was reading the Port Masters mind. “We have a new Port Master since the other one quit when a ship limped into port.” I knocked on the Port Masters door, which was opened by a woman.

“Can I help you?” She asked in a shaky voice.

“Ma’am, we are here to help you,” I explained.

“To help me? With what?” She asked.

“Shipping containers and dead people on ships that come into port,” I said softly.

The woman flinched. “Who told you about this?”

“We have been keeping tabs on these ships, but we got here too late. The containers were opened before we could get to them. I’m really sorry.”

The lady said, “You would really help us with the cannibals?

Kamdyn said, “If we get to the ships that are coming in from Europe and then Florida, then yes. You just need to call before the ships get into Port and we will take care of the ones doing this."

The Port Master had tears in her eyes. “I will do that.”

Kamdyn exchanged phones numbers with the Port Master and we were off as soon we get out the door.

The rest of our group was already waiting for us. They looked tired and sad.

I didn't say anything as I teleported us back to the Dining Hall. I didn't know what to say to tell you the truth. I was just as upset.

Millicent asked, “What is it?

I sat down next to Millicent. “We got there too late. They had already opened more of the shipping containers. The workers didn’t make it.

Millicent, with tears in her eyes, said, “That’s awful and I am sorry."

"For what?" I asked. I didn’t understand why she would apologize to me.

Millicent whispered, “If I would have told you earlier, you would have been there sooner—”

I rubbed the tears off her face and hugged Millicent. “Don’t blame yourself it would have too late anyway. Some of them had been dead for over two to three hours."

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Very.” I turned back to our people. “Everyone, we need to get on top of this. We will have a meeting in about two hours. I expect everyone to be there and on time. I am getting tired of being late getting to the containers. We will try harder to get to them, but in between the containers we still have to hunt.”

Millicent walked up beside me. “Everyone eat and spend a little time with your family."

Mandy waved me over and handed me a basket.“Mandy, what is this?

Mandy answered, “I know you want to go to your room to talk and you need to eat, so here you go.”

“Thank you that is very sweet of you.”

Mandy laughed. “I just that kind of girl.”

I chuckled as I saw all the food and listened to my sister's come back. I kissed her cheek.

I walked back up to Millicent and held onto her, holding her back to my front.

As soon as we got to our rooms, Millicent turned around in my arms placing her head on my stomach. “Why did we leave? I am hungry," she said as she eyed my arm. "What’s on your arm?"

I said, “That would be food that Mandy put together. She said that she knew I wanted to come to our rooms to talk."

Millicent smiled. “That was very sweet. Hand over the food, please."

“Leave me something to eat, girl.”

“Nope, I am hungry, and I am pregnant, so no way Jose’.

“Okay, I will get something, I hope,” I said sarcastically. “Someone is coming to the door.”

As I was walking to the door, Millicent said, “You really are getting stronger.”

Yes, I am.” I opened up the door. “Hey, Mandy, what are you doing here?”

“I thought about the basket I made and knew Cent would be hungry. I made this one for you,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said as I chuckled. “Cent grabbed the other basket and told me it was all hers.”

Mandy and I started laughing. We knew Millicent was eating a lot more and I, more than likely, wasn’t going to eat a lot because of it.

I shut the door, after Mandy turned to go down the hallway, and said, “Ha! I’ve got my own basket and you can keep your grubby little hands off of my food.”

“But I’m still hungry,” she said with a puppy dog look on her face.

“You already ate the whole basket?” I asked incredulously. “Oh, come on, I will share, but leave me some.”

“Yay!” She said. “I knew if I looked pathetic I would get some more food.”

I shook my head at Millicent. “You played that very well, but I will remember this.”

Millicent laughed and laughed. “You will forget before I try it again.”

“No, I will not, Cent, I’m not spelled dumb anymore. Behave or I will eat the whole thing,” I said and tilted my head. “Our kids are on their way, so we need to eat quickly.”

Tai walked into our room and sniffed. “Can I have some more food, too?”

“Boy, you just ate, and I know you filled your face. Come over here and I will share a little,” Millicent told Tai.

Forest walked into our rooms next. “I’m still hungry, can I have some of your food, Dad?”

I frowned down at him. “I definitely know you just ate. Come on, I will share, but you need to hurry before Dezzert gets here.”

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