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A voiceless Slaves owned by a human sadist for longer than she remembers is taken by a demon will her fate be better or far, far worse? Pain ripped through my body as the whip crashed down on my back, I could feel the skin welting in seconds after the strike through the burning of my flesh. I released a silent scream, a moment like this was one of those times I wished I had a voice but I had been born without one.

Fantasy / Romance
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Preparation Time

Pain ripped through my body as the whip crashed down on my back, I could feel the skin welting in seconds after the strike through the burning of my flesh. I released a silent scream, a moment like this was one of those times I wished I had a voice but I had been born without one.

I had only seconds before the next strike crossed over the last. It was the fifth time my skin had tasted the whip today and the first time he had caused this much harm to me. The chains that held me spread eagle, attached to both the ceiling and floor by rings, standing before my Owner gave him every access and gave me no ability to stop or resist anything he wanted to do. Another cry rang silently out from me, my mouth wide open with my silent screams, tears running down my face. I felt the whip being caressed up and down my thigh next, his breath along my throat as he licked the top of one of the long red welted lines across my back.

He pressed the hard length of his cock behind the leather pants he wore against my ass. " My girl."

I jerked as he pressed the controller for the small dildo on low, he had slid the toy inside me before he had started to use me. The toy was held in place by a pair of panties designed to allow certain toys to enter a woman's body and be locked into place. The front of the panties was wide open allowing the lips of the vagina to be fully exposed to any and everything that could be done to them.

What my owner had decided to do was to place small clamps on the lips of my sex, two on each side and hook them to small loops on the belt of the panties so even that part of me was spread wide open and exposed. He had also put the small vibrating dildo inside of my core, and after cleaning out my insides pushed anal beads into my ass so almost every part of me was stuffed full. All but my mouth, he enjoyed watching my mouth scream silently when he caused me pain or pleasure. " We have to make sure you are all ready for our guests."

My eyes went wide. Guests? What guests? He'd never shown me to anyone before. Fear snaked through my blood. What was he going to do?

My body stiffened and he must have noticed as he slapped my ass hard. " I will give you more lashings if you even think of rejecting anything done to you tonight. That's.."

He pressed his hand to the center of the whip marks on my back, my spine bowing in pain. " Well, what these are for, so you know I will hurt you if you embarrass me. "

He slid his hand down along the marks sending more pain through my body. " And to remind you every time someone touches you that you belong to me."

He seemed angry at me. I didn't know why and I couldn't ask, All I could do was nod my head and hope that was enough to please him. Inside, however, I was terrified. He's going to let other people use me, how many? For how long? What limits will he give them?

There was nothing I could do to stop what was going to happen, I was a slave, a slave unable to make a sound of protest, and even if I could, I had no rights to be able to say no.

I didn't even notice he had moved around me to watch my face as I took in the news until he touched my face. " Your pain, your tears, Such a joy to me."

My eyes widened a little before a slap crashed across my face. " How dare you not pay attention to me. Do I need to remind you more who is the most important one here?"

I shook my head no as fast as possible. Tears falling as fear coursed through me. He turned up the vibrator that was inside me until it bussed on high. It was extremely distracting, he loved to make parts of my body feel pleasure even as he hurt me, terrified me, to confuse me and make me learn to enjoy what he did to me.

" I think I do." He walked around me, more tears spilled from my eyes, my head falling forward as a sign of defeat, my body tensing as I prayed he wouldn't use the whip again. I couldn't take my more of it.

Seconds later my prayers were answered, it wasn't the whip he chose to remind me who was more important. He gripped the ring at the end of the Anal beads and pulled them from my body, he didn't go slow or give my body time to adjust to the balls as they hit then were ripped through the small hole of my ass.

Once again I found myself screaming silently into the air, that god it was only five beads. I was panting from the burning pain of my ass when his cock was shoved inside of me. My ass was not prepared for a penis to invade it, it had been spread but was not lubed in any way, and I felt as if I had been ripped in two when he invaded me.

Every thrust he pushed inside of me rubbed against the dildo inside my core, the Vibrations had been making part of me feel pleasure, while my ass was screaming in pain other parts of my body felt good, and his cock rubbing against the vibrator through the thin walls inside me started to make even his violation of my ass feel good.

My body betrayed me, my nipples growing hard when his hands slid up along my hips over my ribs to capture my breasts, to squeeze the full weight in his palms before his fingers took a hold of my nipples pinching and twisting them until they were forced into hard peaks.

He used my ass until he finally felt his own peak hit, not bothering to let me reach the same height. I felt his hot sperm spill out inside my ass. He dropped my breasts returning to my hips so he had a better grip as he gave the last thrusts to milk out every last drop of his semen inside me. I was left shaking in the chains when he pulled out of me.

" Better." My stomach turned, wrapped in knots while his sperm leaked out of me and down my thighs, my own juices just a short distance away, leaking out thanks to the vibrator inside of me.

" They will be here soon. Be good, my pet." He left. I wanted so badly to turn my head, to wipe my tears off my face but my arms were held too far from my head for me to do so. I was just an object to him, a toy to be used and left without care unless it was something he wanted.

My limbs were burning, losing feeling by the time voices floated down the hallway behind me. The vibrator had been left on high, my insides were screaming for some sort of release, to sensitive at this point for me to even think clearly. I was afraid of what was coming down that hall, but some part of me hoped it would be better than the situation I was in now.

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