Lucille's Mate: Bane Werewolf Colony

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Lucille Nouveau has never been attracted to anyone. Even when the hottest guys say she's attractive, she doesn't feel anything. All of that changes when she goes out to plan a party for a wolf in her colony. When Lucille realizes who fate has chosen for her she tries her best to fight the attraction. How long can she keep fighting when the bond between mates is so strong, it's impossible to ignore?

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

Larson Phillips stared at the ceiling. It had been months since his fight with Rowan. The Divine Warriors Colony was on the mend but they didn’t want Larson as their alpha anymore. In a move that was quicker than what he did to Rowan, he was voted out by Jack and the others. Jack; he couldn’t remember his last name. He cursed Jack, Tzach and every other member who was left after the massacre. Larson was kicked out with only the clothes on his back and dear old dad was called in. Larson was now a rogue.

He was allowed to stay on the territory but it was a form of exile. As the new alpha of the pack, his father, Edmond gave the lands back to Rowan and merged with him. He never saw Rowan and just like Rowan wanted, Larson lived as if he were dead. He bought a low rent place to sleep since the pack wouldn’t let him have the nicer houses. Larson guessed this was his karma. He couldn’t leave well enough alone. He was too greedy for the alpha position and now he was in the same place he put Rowan in months ago.

No one at his back and no place to call home. Larson sat up. He climbed out of bed in nothing but his birthday suit. He preferred to sleep in the nude. It gave him a sense of freedom. If Larson had it his way, he would walk around with no clothes on. Clothes restricted you but they kept you warm. Larson went into the bathroom. He turned on the tap and washed his face. He didn’t think this would be his life. Why couldn’t he be satisfied with looking after Rowan? He didn’t know when it started or how but he began to hate Rowan's guts.

The bounty on the alphas Pagen and Victor was ridiculous not to mention Rowan never got his hands dirty. If it was all the same Larson felt like he did a good job getting rid of him. It was a stupid idea now that he thought about it. Rowan came back with a vengeance Larson didn’t know he had. Not only that, Rowan came back with a new crew and with a mate. Larson envied the mate most of all. Julie was beautiful for a human. He envied Victor too. Hadria was beautiful as well. Larson guessed the loneliness was starting to get to him.

He thought he was doing the colony a service by hiring stronger members and making them fight to the death to earn their spot. His ambition for the alpha position cost Bull, Tish, Chalfon, Callum, and Olivier their lives. Rowan was consumed with so much rage it blinded him. It blinded him to the point he killed the wolves that were closest to him. They went along with Larson’s plan but they never forgot Rowan. When they found out he was alive, they wanted to make amends with him and they might have if Larson didn’t keep pushing them. He hated how he could never beat Rowan no matter how hard he tried.

He hated how they saw him as just acting alpha. He hated how they pleaded with him to call off his attack on Rowan. He hated himself for not listening to them. Larson let out a sob. His tears threatened to choke him. He collapsed to the floor and curled into a ball. If only he had listened to them. If only he had made amends with Rowan. If only he wasn’t greedy for a position that was Rowan’s birthright. They would still be together.

He would still be a part of the pack. He would still be Rowan’s beta. Larson had no idea he would regret it so much. He pulled at his hair and screamed into the rug. He lost everything because of his selfishness, because of his ambition. Their voices haunted him every single night just like Rowan haunted him before he realized he was alive. If only he had listened, the guilt wouldn’t be choking him to the point he was near death.

Lucille Nouveau laughed at Karayan’s clumsy attempts to fix their broken sink. He screamed when the water splashed on his face from the pipe. Lucille shook her head. He was turning it the wrong way. Karayan claimed to be the handyman around the house. He claimed he could fix anything but Pagen and Aran would have to save the day like usual.

“Aren’t you going the wrong way?” Lacey asked, peering under the sink at him.

“I almost got it,” he muttered.

Lucille kicked his foot gently. She hoped he repaired it before Pagen came back. He and Aran went to take Hadria back to the Bane Colony territory. Hadria spent the night with them and they were able to catch up on a little girl time. Hadria looked so happy and Elara was growing up beautifully. Lucille was hoping Addison would come over too but Pierce had other plans for them.

“Got it!”

Lucille glanced at Karayan. He came out from under the sink with a big grin plastered on his face. His dark hair was soaked with water along with his t-shirt and shorts. He moved the hair out of his eyes. He stomped in the puddle of water he left on the floor. Lucille smiled. She went to the sink and turned the tap. It was working fine.

“Good job,” she said. “And it only took you three tries to get it right.”

“Come on, Luce,” Karayan said waving the pipe wrench in the air. “I got it done didn’t I.”

“Yeah.” Lacey rolled her eyes. “And just in time too.”

Pagen and Aran entered the house. Aran frowned at the water on the floor. Lucille ran to get the mop. She mopped up the mess while Pagen went upstairs. Karayan stayed behind her. It was something he did when he knew he was in trouble. He was the youngest member of the pack. Karayan was only fifteen years old when he joined them. After Pagen saved his life from another werewolf’s attack, Karayan stuck around. Pagen tried to get him to leave but he refused.

Pagen found out later Karayan was an orphan. He was living at a human orphanage so there wasn’t anything they could do for him. They couldn’t understand him so Karayan ran away. Lucille and Hadria kind of took on the mother role while Aran and Pagen were kind of like fathers to him. Hadria and Karayan were pretty close. He kind of took it hard when she moved to be with her mate Victor.

Victor seemed to understand and would let him visit her often or vice versa. Lucille couldn’t believe two years had passed since he came into the fold. Today was Karayan’s seventeenth birthday. Well, it wasn’t his real birthday but he couldn’t remember his actual one. He counted the day Pagen allowed him to join the colony as his birthday. Pagen and the pack wanted to have a party for him but Lucille had to wonder if that was off the table since Karayan messed up the sink.

“All clean,” Lacey said.

Lucille watched as she wrung out a couple of towels in the sink and took them to the washroom. Lucille took the mop outside to dry. She was glad the warm weather was coming in. She put a hand up to her forehead and gazed at the sky. It was beautiful. Life didn’t get any better than this. Lucille forgot about her own troubles for a while until she was alone. She was born in Silver Creek. Unlike some of her comrades, she had a happy childhood. Her parents were loving and she wanted for nothing. Lucille had the right to join the pack of her own accord.

Her parents didn’t make a fuss about her decision. The trouble she had was a different beast entirely. She wasn’t attracted to anyone. All through her college years and all through high school, no one stood out to her. She didn’t think anything of the hottest guys in school. When guys told her she was attractive she brushed it off. Lucille believed she was asexual. She never even had sex and that was fine with her. When she told Pagen of her preference he didn’t mind.

It was one of the reasons she liked Pagen. He didn’t give you any trouble. He accepted you for who you were. Lucille was troubled by sleepless nights as well. She didn’t know when but she started to sleepwalk. She found out when she awoke in Aran’s arms. It was something she hadn’t done since high school. It had to be the stress of being a part of the colony. She wouldn’t trade it in for the world though.

Lucille didn’t know if she would be even attracted to her mate when the time came. What if he was attracted to her but she felt nothing for him? Regardless it was cliché to say she was asexual but she didn’t want to go through life alone. She had nothing to give him if she didn’t feel the same way. It might be a stretch to claim she was asexual. Perhaps she just hadn’t found the right man yet.

“What the hell, Karayan?”

Lucille hurried back into the house as Aran got ready to tear Karayan a new one. Karayan sat at the kitchen table waiting to hear another lecture. Lucille cut in before he had the chance to say anything.

“Come on, Karayan,” she said. “Let’s get cleaned up and go shopping.”

“Shopping for what?”

Lucille rolled her eyes. “For your birthday party silly.”

Aran snorted. He didn’t bother to stop them from getting away. Lucille knew Aran was a big softy at heart. He came off like a hard ass but that was only because he cared. Lacey followed the duo upstairs. Karayan ducked into his room while Lacey ducked into her own room with Pagen. Lucille went into her room and peeled off her wet t-shirt and shorts. She sighed when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She didn’t like her body. She was flat chested and her butt didn’t stick out not even a little. Her body was toned but not to her liking. No matter how she exercised, she couldn’t get her backside to fill out. Lucille shrugged. If it got bad enough, she could always get implants for her breasts and her butt. She wasn’t sure how they’d affect her wolf and her battle skills though.

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