The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 10

Micah wanted to go in her room as soon as she could. She remembered that she forgot to wish a good night to her mother and father.

She went to their room. She knocked.

“May father Michael and mother Seraphina allow daughter Micah to set her foot and accompany them in their room for a minute.” Micah said as Micah’s mother opened the door smiling.

“Just wanted to say good night. Good night father. Good Night mother.” She bowed to them as they smiled and then she hurried to her room.

Angelica had gone to bed already. They had school tomorrow. Micah bumped into Cael on her way back to her room.

“What is it Micah?” Cael asked.

Micah shook her head her wings white even when she was nervous as she ran to her room and shut the door.

Micah dropped on her bed. She didn’t know what the feeling in her stomach was. Or what her pounding heart meant. Or why she blushed every time she looked at Amon. Or why she kept thinking about him. Or what she felt. She couldn’t fall for him. It was wrong. No one would accept it. Never. She shall not do that. She couldn’t fall for Amon. She told herself over and over again. Her heart was beating and beating, faster and faster. She couldn’t find a solution. She couldn’t think clearly. All she knew that she can’t fall for Amon, if she hadn’t already.

She couldn’t think of anything else than Amon that night. His smiling face kept coming into her mind. His cold and deep voice rang in her ears. That night, Micah dreamt about Amon. About her telling him how she felt. Then he laughing at how he already knew and then they both pulling each other in. But before it could go any further Micah woke up. It was morning. Micah felt sad that she couldn’t complete her dream.

She quickly brushed her teeth. She was so thoughtless that she almost brushed her teeth with face cream but she realized before actually putting it in her mouth. She was just so absent minded that day. She went to the dining table her mind still on Amon. The smell of the pancakes had always loved didn’t have an effect on her this time. She almost forgot to bow to her parents. Cael coughed lightly which was enough to make her aware. She bowed to her parents and sat down.

“Would you like strawberry syrup Micah?” Lilah asked.

Micah shook her head. She had loved the strawberry syrup but she had lost her appetite. Angelica elbowed her.

“Are you okay?” she whispered.

She nodded. Then she finished her breakfast somehow and went back to her room. She still couldn’t understand anything. She had to go to school which she didn’t feel like. But she dressed up and walked with Cael and Angelica, almost stumbling at every step. They reached the classroom. Aqilah greeted her. She nodded still thinking about Amon.

His body, his hair, his eyes, his wings, his smile. Everything. They walked in the classroom. Cael was happy that no one bowed to them this time. But Micah on the other hand didn’t care.

“Good morning class.” The teacher said.

Everyone muttered good morning. Micah was silent.

“So today we will learn about uses of feathers, wings and their relation to extra abilities and other small powers.” The teacher said smiling.

Everyone was happy their wings yellow but Micah’s wings were white from last night.

“So, the feathers have many magical uses for example they can open locks with them, they can heal wounds with them, they can communicate with it, but these all are higher ranks of magic. I just wanted to make you all aware of how much things you all are capable of.” The teacher stops and looks at Micah who was gazing out of the window, twirling her hair and not listening.

He saw her wings, pure white.

“Oh no it can’t be...” he smiles and continues leaving Micah to her thoughts.

“And the wings may stop showing emotions and remain white in two cases: first which only applies to an adult, if they learn to control their feelings which only adults are capable of and seconds if their wings have ever been silver meaning if they had fallen in love then the wings won’t show any other emotion for the day until they accept their love and say it to the person, it is a rule.”

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