The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 11

"The wings will be white until the person accepts their love and tells the person about it." The teacher stops again.

Micah turns her head towards the teacher her eyes wide but wings still white.

“Oh dear it is...” The teacher smiles again.

“Well continuing...” the teacher says as Micah was still looking at him her jaw dropped and eyes wide.

She was completely aware that her wings hadn’t changed color from the night.

“This can’t be true...” Micah muttered to herself.

“What isn’t true Micah?” Cael, Angelica and Aqilah said all together.

She was surprised by the sudden notice. She shook her head.

“The touch of an angel also has magical powers as again opening locks or calming a person or reading minds only by the other person’s approval.” The teacher ends.

Everyone nods taking notes.

“We would explore these powers in other classes until then you all are free to go.” The teacher smiles.

Everyone goes out and the teacher stand there thinking about Micah’s behaviour. He was sure and he was happy. Micah walked to the exit not saying a word to anyone. She was thinking about teacher’s words.

“The feathers change in two situations so if as I am not an adult and probably can’t control my emotions, does that mean I am in love?!”Micah muttered to herself.

She bumped into someone as they grabbed her waist and stopped her form falling. Micah looked at him in his eyes her wings still white even though she was embarrassed.

“Are you okay Princess- I mean Micah?” the boy asks.

Micah nods as she pulls away from his hold.

“Thanks.” She mutters.

“You are welcome, I am Raphael.” He smiles his wings pink.

“Now don’t tell me you like Micah!” Cael, Aqilah and Angelica all say together looking at Raphael.

“I...I don’t!” Raphael said his wings pinker.

They were still talking to Raphael as Micah walks home.

“Lilah, can you bring me a gown, the blue one?” Micah asks Lilah.

“Sure. Where are you going Micah?” Lilah asks smiling.

“Library...” Micah says.

She wasn’t lying. She was going to the library. But not for the reason everyone goes. She made sure to take the pocket watch with her to come back before dinner. She wore her glistening blue half ball gown. Her favourite one. It had a white hem and mixed in blue hue in between, her hands having frilled sleeves. She checked herself in the mirror and walked to the library. She plucked another wing, it hurt her as she hissed but she didn’t care. She walked in pushed the bookshelf ignoring the fact that there was sweat on her neck. She then touched the door and muttered darkness as she walked to the curtain as the door opened. She walked over to it disappointed.

She hoped to see Amon there but didn’t. He wasn’t there. What a fool she was thinking he would be there. Why would he be there? He didn’t know she was there. And even if he did why would he bother to come. Micah sat beside the curtain her head bent the wall looking at the curtain. What was it? What was everything that was happening to her? She sighed. She closed her eyes. She was so clueless. She didn’t know what was happening at least she did not want to know. Then there came a whisper that startled her.

“I wish she was here...” Micah at once recognised the deep and cold voice.

It was Amon’s. She stood up startled and looked at the other side and saw Amon his head on the wall, eyes closed. Her heart started pounding and her throat dried. Her hands were sweaty as she looked at him. In the dim light, Amon’s hair was glistening as water and on his body, drops of sweat rolled down as pearls. His head was bent down as he was sad. Micah’s heart felt like it would burst out of her chest. She never have felt this when she looked at anyone else. She went close to the curtain and kneeled in front on it her hand on the curtain. It was cold

“Prince...Prince Amon...” she whispered looking at him.

She was so happy to see him and confused at the same time but her wings were as white as snow. Amon opened his eyes and looked at her startled. He came near, kneeled down and his hand connected to Micah’s, the curtain being the only thing in between. His touch made Micah’s hands tingle. It sent sparks down her body.

“Princess Micah...” he said looking in her eyes as a smile appeared on his lips.

“Who were you looking for?” Micah asked not pulling away.

“You. Who else?” Amon laughed and said.

This was the first time Micah was so close to him. She could smell him. He smelt of almond and cherries. Micah sat there looking in his crystal black eyes.

“I came here looking for you too...” Micah said as her heart couldn’t pound any faster.

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