The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 13

Their lips met and Micah’s wings turned silver again. There was a blinding light which they couldn’t see as their eyes were closed. Micah cursed the curtain. Micah never wanted to pull away. Her tears rolled down from her eyes. She had did what she didn’t want to do. She had done what she wanted to ignore. She had fallen in love with Amon.

Amon responded her kiss by pulling her even closer and wiping her tears. Their lips were perfect for each other just like their hands. Micah cried and cried as Amon held her. She never wanted the kiss to end. She wanted to be in Amon’s arms. Forever. She wanted to just once feel his lips without the barrier between them. She wanted to hold him. She wanted to be with him. Whatever she had to do to get that. She had decided.

“I love you too Amon. I love you so much...” Micah cried as they pulled away.

“There there...stop crying. Your tears hurt me.” Amon wipes the tears again.

“I don’t know if I made the right choice...” Micah said looking down.

“Could you help it?” Amon asked looking at her.

She shook her head.

“I didn’t want to...” she said as Amon pulled her for another kiss.

Micah thought her heart would explode. Their hands entangled again as Micah stood there her lips on Amon’s, heat radiating through their bodies. Micah’s wings were still silver. They slowly faded and turned pink. She had admitted her love. Never in her life had Micah thought that she would fall for a devil, let alone kiss him. Micah grabbed Amon and pulled him closer. Her hands wanted to tear though the curtain and hold him and keep holding. Never let go.

“Oh dear...these teenagers...” came an old voice from the right side of the room which made Amon and Micah jump apart.

They both looked at the right direction. The door there had been opened and there stood an old man in a golden robe, stick in his hand to support him, log beard and bald head, his eyes glistening as he smiled. “The priest my dear...” he said answering Amon’s and Mica’s shocked and confused look.

They both instantly fell on their knees and bowed him, head bent down. “This is an honor to me to meet the priest himself...” they both said.

“Stand up children.” Priest said.

Then Micah saw something weird. There was a door on Amon’s side and there was priest on that side too.

“Wait, forgive me priest but how can you be on both sides at once?” Micah asked.

“I can’t Micah, which is why I am on neither side...” Priest smiled.

“How?” Amon asked surprised.

“Oh dear, I am in between...I look like standing on your side but I sanding on no one’s side. I am just a reflection.” He smiled.

Amon and Micah stood there looking at him.

“So I see what happened here...mind explaining?” he asked to none of them precisely.

He was still smiling. A genuine smile.

“Um...from where priest?” Amon asked.

“From the starting Amon...” Priest chuckled.

“Forgive me priest, don’t you know everything?” Micah asks.

His eyes shined again.

“You think I do?” priest asked surprised.

They both nod thinking what was so surprising.

“Well let us say for a moment that I don’t...” Priest chuckled.

“So, I was here in the library at night searching information about the other world when I somehow found myself in front of the curtain then I heard something stumble and I saw Micah, her silver hair, her wings pink, her eyes glistening and everything about her. I instantly fell for her. I knew it. Even though it felt wrong. I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about her for whole day. Then I found myself in the library again. Then I saw her and I told her that I loved her. I couldn’t hide it. It hurt me. I know it would hurt either way as we could not be together but I told her anyways. I felt like I would lie if I didn’t, to her, to myself. Then she pulled me and well...we kissed and I knew what had happened to me. It was her who I wanted to spend my life with. Forever.” Amon ended.

Micah looked at him with shock. She didn’t know that it was just as same as it had been with her.

“Well dear, everything is fine but the part that you two could not be together felt wrong....” the priest said.

“But it is written in the rulebook...” Micah said looking at her feet.

“Oh Micah, I wrote the rulebook...” the priest chuckled.

“Does that mean...” Amon trailed off, immense happiness on his face.

Priest nodded. Micah wanted to run and hug the priest but she stopped herself as he was a reflection and it wouldn’t be appropriate.

“But you will have to work harder. I will put in my effort to correct my mistakes and you two have to decide if you want to live part or live together and start a war...” the priest said.

“Your fathers hated each other children, they will never agree to this...” priest sighed.

Micah didn’t know what to say.

“What is this priest?” Micah asked taking the orb out.

Amon smiled and turned away.

“Who gave it to you? Amon?” The priest asks smiling.

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