The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 14

Micah nods.

“Well dear...close your eyes, you fist closed and rest your it...” priest says as Micah did what asked.

She closed her fist, closed her eyes and concentrate. But her mind didn’t rest. It kept revolving around Amon. Then she felt something in her hand as he gasped. She open her hand and saw the exact same orb as Amon gave her. With blue mist in it, glistening. Priest and Amon smiled. Micah was still confused.

“This is soul orb Micah. Every devil and angel has it and it is meant for your soulmate. It will only come in possession when you think about your soulmate without thinking about them meaning when it is true love. And it belongs to your soulmate. This means you two are bounded together for life and afterlife and no one would apart you. I wrote this rule too ‘As the orb produces, the possession of it will make the other bound by soul by the one after the completion of physical bounding and no power ever present in this universe would break the bond, ever.’ You teacher didn’t tell you. Think he didn’t.” priest said as he smiled.

Micah was still shocked. She went to Amon and pushed the orb through the curtain as Amon caught this and put it in his pocket. The rise gave her the second orb and looked at the two of them.

“Priest, I want to go on the other side!” Micah said as she was herself shocked the priest head shot up, his eyes wide.

“For what Micah?” he asked as shocked as Amon’s jaw dropped.

“You know ‘physical bonding’...” Micah looked down he cheeks red as she shifted her weight form one leg to another.

“Oh won’t be able to come back...” priest said as Micah’s head shot up this time.

She was speechless.

“Kidding, kidding...” priest laughed.

Micah smiled.

“Okay let’s see what I can do...” Priest said as he pushed Micah towards the curtain.

“Close your eyes and take each other’s hand.” They did as told.

The priest snapped his finger and Micah felt the fabric vanish from the between of her hands. Amon pulled her slightly towards him as she opened her eyes. She was on the other side with one hand in Amon’s hand other on his chest as his hand was around her waist. She looked in his eyes and smiled. She had did it.

“Enjoy...” the priest said and went to his room.

“Call me when it is over...” the priest laughed and went inside.

Behind her Micah saw the black curtain intact, unharmed.

She bent her head down thinking what the priest said, her cheeks red. Amon brushed her hair aside and pulled her chin up, their lips centimetres away. Micah’s heart was till pounding hard as she had ran a marathon. Her knees were wobbly.

“Tell me you won’t regret this...” Amon whispered quietly.

Micah shook her head as she closed her eyes and their lips met. This time it was not as soft as it had been. Micah was craving for the taste of every inch of Amon’s lips. Amon licked her lower lip as she didn’t even have to think twice. She allowed him. Now there tongues were exploring each other’s mouth.

Micah pushed Amon slightly as he slightly fell on the ground slowly as Micah landed on top of him, their lips never breaking apart. Her heat was radiating off and mixing in Amon’s heat. Her legs entangled in Amon’s. Then they turned around and Amon was on top of her.

She broke for a second to catch her breath looking in his eyes as she hungrily put her lips on his again.

The orb sparkled and radiated heat and light.

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