The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 15

After what felt like ages they stood up, pulling away. Micah’s hair was a mess as Amon had a red mark on his neck. Micah still was craving him. They went to the curtain and Amon coughed loudly. The door flew open and priest came. They both were a hot mess as they blushed.

“Oh dear...I almost died waiting...” the priest joked.

Then with a last peck on Amon’s lip on which the priest coughed, Micah walked on the other side.

“Now what?” she asked the priest.

“You have to tell your parents.” The priest said to both of them.

She gasped. Her father would kill her.

Amon was gasping too.

“You tell them to accept the fate and where it took you and when they don’t understand just open page 189b of the rule book and show them.” The priest winked and vanished.

They both stood there looking shocked as hell. Micah’s wings were orange from shock.

“We can do it. I will do it. For you.” Amon smiled and said.

Micah nodded. She had to do it. She will do it. She looked at her pocket watch. It was time for dinner.

“I have to go for dinner, I have to talk to parents too...” Micah said.

Amon nodded.

Micah wanted to pull him through the curtain again and kiss him but she was already tired. With a smile and bye they went back.

Micah held the orb in her hand.

She came back and shut the door behind her putting an innocent smile on her face. She went to her room and held the orb in her hands, her wings pink. There was a knock on her door, proceeded by two other knocks.

“May sister-.” Cael is cut off by Angelica as Micah shoves the orb in her pocket.

“Stop being formal, and get inside.” She says.

“But is it bad.” Cael says.

“It isn’t.” Aqilah says as they three enter Micah’s room.

Micah sat on her bed looking at her book, she had managed to grab at the last moment as her wings were sea green as she was really nervous.

“What the heck is happening?” Cael says as he snatches the book out of Micah’s hand.

“I was reading...” Micah mutters embarrassed as her wings turn peach.

“I never knew you could read books upside down!” Angelica says as she puts her hands on her hips glaring at Micah.

Micah swallowed. Now they know. Micah has to tell them now. They must know something.

“Why are you lying?” Aqilah asks.

“I am not.” Micah looks down.

“ this?” Cael asks as he takes out the soul orb from her pocket as it was glistening.

“I thought you knew...” Micah mutters, looking at her feet.

Cael, Angelica and Aqilah sit beside her.

“I know. I want to know what this is doing in your pocket.” Cael asks looking at her.

“Who gave you?” Aqilah asks.

“Don’t tell me you are already in love...” Angelica smiles.

“What about you?” Micah smiles at her.

“That is not we are talking about.” Cael says as his wings turn pink as well as of Angelica’s.

“So I have to tell you guys?” Micah ask still looking down.

“You would right?” they ask.

She nods thinking where to start as her heart pounds.

“Okay so...” she tells everything except the ‘physical bounding’ part then she stops.

“I knew it!” Angelica smiles and hugs her, wings yellow.

“And the physical bonding part? You did it too?” Cael asks.

Micah’s head shoots up. How did he know? She looks down and nods her wings pinkish.

“Oh dear...” he hugs her and smiles.

“So now what?” Aqilah asks.

“I don’t know. I have to talk to mother and father who will probably kill me...” Micah mutters.

“I will help.” Cael says as he stands up enthusiastically as something falls out of his pocket.

“Soul orb?!” Aqilah asks shockingly.

Cael picks it up instantly and puts it in his pocket.

“Oh Angelica....what about the ‘physical bonding’?” Micah teases as her cheeks go red.

Cael stutters when he speaks.

“Um...uh don’t know...I happened...the orb appeared like that...” he says.

“I knew it.” Micah says as she jumps on two of them.

“I swear I will be the maid of honor.” Aqilah laughs.

“Come on we have to talk.” Micah says as she stands up.

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