The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 16

They all three head over to the hall as Lilah is preparing the table.

“Good evening” they all bow to Lilah.

“Oh you little children.” She bows back smiling.

“Where are mother and father?” Micah asks.

Lilah gestured over to their bedroom.

“May mother and father give the precious time to daughter Micah, son Cael, Angelica and Aqilah?” Micah asks.

“Come in dear.” Her father opens the door.

They bow all at once. Then they stand there.

“Sit down.” Her mother says as they all sit.

“So, we have two news emperor and empress. One of Cael and on of Micah. Whose will you like to hear first?” Aqilah asks smiling.

“Any of you.” Seraphina says.

“Okay so let us start will Cael.” Micah says.

“Then I can see you getting spanked.” Micah whispers in Cael’s ear.

“So, mother Cael and Angelica are in love.” Micah says as they both turn red their wings pink.

“Oh...and soul orb?” Michael asks.

“Given...” they both mutter.

“Well, well, well...” Michael thinks something.

Cael and Angelica look at each other.

“Are you afraid I will spank you Cael?” Seraphina laughs.

“Seraphina won’t spank Cael at any cost and congratulations you two.” Michael smiles and says.

They both smile and hug each other.

“That is not enough, you kiss her Cael.” Seraphina says with a strict face.

“In front of emperor!” Angelica gasps her wings peach.

“Of course, you two are going to kiss on the wedding day or not.” Seraphina snaps as Cael and Angelica look at each other.

Cael pulls her in and puts his lips on hers as their wings turn silver and then turn in a shade of pink. They pull away, blushing.

“Now about Micah, emperor...” Aqilah trails off.

“Okay Micah, what about you?” he asks.

“Promise me mother and father that you won’t be angry please...” Micha pleads.

“I won’t.” they both say.

“At any cost?” Cael asks.

“At any cost.” They smile and reply.

Micah thinks for a second and then snaps her fingers, her wings turning golden.

Then they all get transported in the library. Then they see everything that had happened. Then after it ends, Micah snaps her fingers again head bent low.

“Soul orb?”






“Physical bonding?”



“Silver” Micah answers all her parents’ question.

“It was the priest himself!” Seraphina says.

“I never met him!” Michael sighs.

“But aren’t we talking about Micah here?” Cael says.

“What about that?” Seraphina ask.

“Her love.” Aqilah says.

“What to talk about? That is a yes. We are no one to interfere your feeling daughter Micah.” Michael says as he smiles.

Everyone’s eyes grow wide and jaws drop. They all jump on Michael and Seraphina. They hug back.

“Be in manner children” Seraphina chuckles.

“Well I had imagined different scenarios for both cases.” Micah says smiling.

“Show us please.” Michael says.

Micah snaps her fingers as they all roll on the floor laughing looking at Cael getting spanked.

“Did it hurt Cael?” Seraphina asks as she chuckled.

Cael’s cheeks turn red.

Then Micah snaps her fingers again and they see what happens as Micah tells them.

“No!” Seraphina shouts.

Michael stands up and smacks Micah’s head lightly. Micah stands there shocked.

“I shipped you with Raphael.” Seraphina says looking down.

“You drowned the ship...” Michael says as he wiped his eyes and they all laugh.

“Amazing imagination.” Michael smiles.

They all bow and go out.

“Oh my god I never believed it would be this easy....” Micah jumps up and down.

“Congrats.” They say.

“Dinner is ready.” Lilah smiles.

“Will come from the library.” Micah smiles and turns to go.

“Yeah yeah...” Cael says.

Angelica elbows her.

“Physical bonding again huh?” Aqilah teases.

“Shut up Aqilah." Micah says as she goes in the library, wings pink.

She went straight to the curtain. She did not even remember the journey. All she wanted was to reach to the curtain as soon as she could. She went there and kneeled down. She put her hands on the curtain a smile on her face.

“Amon...” she said as her smile vanished.

Amon sat there, his head bent down.

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