The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 17

“Amon what happened?” Micah asked as she gasped when she saw a drop of tear fall on the floor.

He was crying.

“Priest...” Micah muttered as she heard a snap and the curtain for a second vanished. Micah threw herself in Amon’s arm. She cried in his arms.

“Calm down Amon.” She said as she herself cried.

“He...he...didn’t allow...allow me...” Amon said through sobs.

Micah rubbed his back as he hugged her tightly.

“We will find a way Amon, be strong.” Micah said.

“Micah, I can’t live without you. Please Micah do something.” Amon said as he hugged her even tightly.

Micah pulled away and held his face in her palms. She looked in his eyes.

“Everything will be alright. Okay?” she asks as she wiped his tears.

Amon pulled her close and kissed her.

“I am so sorry Micah.” Amon said as he broke apart.

Micah shook her head and kissed him again.

“My father allowed.” She smiled when they broke apart.

Amon gave her a weak smile. Micah, at that moment wished if Amon’s wings showed emotions. But they didn’t.

“What do we do now?” Amon whispered holding her hands.

“I don’t know. We need priest.” Micah said slowly.

“Here I am then.” The priest’s voice came as Micah looked behind.

Priest stood there holding his stick, smiling. Micah ran to the other side and bowed him.

“Thank you so much.” She said.

She looked at Amon. He without hesitation, crossed the curtain and walked over to her side.

“Priest, what do we do? My-.” The priest cuts her off.

“I know Micah. There is only one way now.” The priest says looking down.

“What is it priest?” Amon asks curiously.

“What everyone fears my dear. War.” The priest said as he sat down slowly.

“War!” Micah and Amon were both shocked.

The priest nodded. Micah wanted to ask if there was another way. Any other way. But the priest had said there wasn’t. There was a feeling in her stomach. A weird feeling. She wanted to throw up.

“Look, as Amon’s father did not agree then even without his agreement, you two can still marry but that won’t be right. A devil and an angel have never married each other in history, ever. Your father would be enraged and for as long as I know him, he would start a war dear. A destructive war. A war maybe no one would be able to stop. A war that would destroy everything. It would wipe out the devils’ and angels’ existence unless there is a way to stop it.” Priest sighed.

Micah couldn’t believe her ears for what she had heard.

“Is there no way Amon that your father would agree?” Micah asked as her palms were sweating.

She wiped them quickly on her dress. Amon shook his head.

“I believe in you Micah. You sure have the right solution buried inside in you.” Priest said.

Micah couldn’t say anything else. What was so wrong in marrying Amon that it would start a war? This wasn’t fair. At all.

“You two have to marry tomorrow. Here when there won’t be any curtain and just as you two share the kiss, the war would start.” The priest sighs.

“What do we do then?” Micah and Amon ask.

“You two come here tomorrow, be ready for the wedding and the war and Micah you find that idea hidden inside you. After all you are the Angel of Miracles, you have to do one.” The priest says and vanishes.

Micah stands there, her mind numb from all the information she couldn’t process. Amon, beside her was equally shocked.

“What do we do?” Micah asked as her voice choked.

“Just what priest said.” Amon says as he starts walking to the curtain.


“I believe in him and you Micah, we have to do this. Please.” He says as he walks to the curtain without turning back.

“Everything will be fine, I know.” Amon says as tears fall down Micah’s cheek when she sees his wings glisten.

He was lying.

He himself didn’t know if everything would be alright.

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