The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 18

Micah, crying walks out of the library. She walks over to the dining table and throws herself on it and cries. She cries and sobs loudly. She wanted to let it all out. She felt her throat hitch. She didn’t care. She felt someone shaking her. She didn’t care. She felt everyone running to her. She didn’t care. She just wanted to cry and cry.

“Micah, what happened?” Aqilah asks.

“Did Amon do something?” Cael and Angelica ask.

Micah shakes her head.

“First of, stop crying Micah.” Lilah holds her and makes her sit straight and wipes her tears.

“Shh Micah.” Seraphina comes and wipes her eyes with her own gown.

“Micah, what is wrong?” Michael asks as Micah tells them everything and then cries again.

They pull her for a warm hug.

“We will fight Micah.” Seraphina says.

“Yes your mother is right Micah, we will do anything for your happiness. Lilah please tell the chief to prepare the armies.” Michael says as Lilah runs to the field.

Micah was shocked. She knew everything she did was wrong. It was all her fault. Now it will destroy everything. She ruined everything because of her silly mistake. Then all night they talk and prepare how they are going to do everything.

“Wake up Micah.” Lilah says.

“One more minute.” Micah says yawning.

“It is you wedding day.” Cael laughs.

“Wake up sleepy head.” Angelica smiles.

“Or else Amon would run away with some devil girl.” Aqilah chuckles.

“Aqilah!” Micah sits up straight her eyes wide.

“Kidding. I would kill him myself if he does that.” Aqilah says as everyone laughs.

“Get ready right now, we have so much to do.” Lilah says as she opens the closet door revealing the most beautiful gown Micah has ever seen in her life.

It had a golden fabric and diamonds were embroidered on it on the neck line and it has silver details around its waist and long silver sleeves. It had so many layers and frills that Micah couldn’t count. She was sure it would be really heavy. There were golden details all over the gown, around the waist, below the neck, everywhere. Its frills were on side which proceed down and gathered at the hem making a heart shape. It also had a long collar and then the collar cut which revealed a little area of the neck. She looked at the back of the dress. It was cross strapped. It was really beautiful.

“Is that real gold and diamonds? It is so golden and sparkly.” Micah asks closing her eyes.

Lilah nods.

“Emperor asked the royal designer to make the most beautiful gown for the most beautiful Angel.” Lilah smiles as Micah blushes.

Micah takes a closer look and gasps. It was so beautiful.

“And here are our gowns.” Angelica and Aqilah says as they open the other doors.

There laid two sleeveless peach gowns with red details and a frill which reached the knees.

“Mine is here.” Cael said as he opened the last door.

There was a red tux with a white shirt. It was really pretty.

“Wow.” Was all Micah could say.

“Come on get ready.” Lilah pushes her to the bathroom.

Micah quickly takes a shower, brushes her teeth and comes out. Then she sees Cael, Angelica and Aqilah all ready.

“Wow guys, you all are so pretty.” She says.

“Look who is talking?” Angelica says as she smiles.

“Get out Cael.” Aqilah pushes him towards the door.

“Be a little polite Aqilah.” Angelica pouts.

“Yes Aqilah be polite to Angelica’s husband.” Micah teases as their cheeks heat and wings turn peach.

Cael walks out.

Micah quickly slips in her gown and it was very light. Micah looked down. The gown fit her perfectly. It hugged her lightly and the frill was so pretty. Micah wanted to go to the mirror but Aqilah and Angelica grabbed her and made her sit on the chair of the vanity.

“Don’t you dare look at yourself until we are done.” Angelica threatens and then she takes her hands and dips them in mild warm water.

Aqilah does her makeup.

Micah coughs as the powder goes in her mouth.

“Shut your mouth Micah.” Aqilah snaps as Micah chuckles and coughs again.

“Oh dear.” Angelica laughs.

After her manicure and pedicure are done, Aqilah finishes the last stroke of eyeliner.

“What do we do with the hair, I don’t do hair.” Angelica says.

“Me neither.” Aqilah sighs.

Just when Micah was about to say something the door bursts open revealing Cael wearing the hair dressers apron with combs and who knows what.

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