The Devil's Angel

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Chapter 19

“What the hell is that Cael?” Micah asks gasping.

“First of Micah, language. Second of, girls get out.” Cael says as he walks towards Micah’s chair.

“How do we believe you?” Aqilah asks.

“Just do it, if I screw up I will let you guys chop me in pieces and throw me to the dogs.” Cael laughs as the girls go out.

Cael thinks for a minute then he starts spraying Micah’s hair with water. Micah closes her eyes. After like fifteen minutes, Cael tells her to open her eyes. She opens her eyes and gasps.

Cael had put her hand in a beautiful bun with a white net on top of it. He had left a few pieces of hair which he had curled and he had put a silver feather pin in the hair.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” Cael asks furrowing his eyebrows.

“Hell no brother, this is so beautiful. Thank you so much.” Micah says as she jumps in his arms.

He hugs her back.

“Language Micah.” He chuckles.

“Shut up.” She smacks him and keeps hugging.

Then the door opens and both the girls come and hug her.

“Now may I look in the mirror.” Micah says as she heads over to look at her overall look.

Aqilah had slipped her in a pair of silver glittering heels. She looked at herself and for the first time she thought she looked beautiful.

“Wow.” Cael and Micah say at once.

“You are so beautiful.” Angelica smiles.

“I swear Amon is going to die blushing on the spot.” Aqilah giggles.

They all laugh as Micah blushes.

“Shall we go sissy?” Cael asks taking his hand out.

Micah takes it. As she walks, the hem the dress slides across the floor and makes a light sound. Angelica and Aqilah were walking beside Micah.

Then Micah walked over to the hall were Seraphina and Michael stood both looking beautiful. Then Lilah with everyone else walk over to the library.

Micah looks back and almost faints, she sees everyone from their kingdom walking behind all the soldiers. Michael holds Micah’s hands. Then they reach the curtain.

There stood Amon in his black suit and silver shirt. His shirt as always was opened a little which revealed his bare chest. His hair was still as usual, he hadn’t bothered to touch it but still he looked so handsome that Micah blushed hard looking at him. Amon looked at Micah his jaw dropping as Micah looked down her cheeks red.

Then she saw that someone was standing beside Amon. It was Castell. Then she saw two more people. Probably Amon’s parents.

Micah bowed to them as they bowed back just a little, for the sake of bowing.

They gave her a straight look. She saw behind them, there stood there soldiers and then the people.

“Okay everyone, Micah and Amon please stand in front of the curtain.” The priest said.

They both did as said.

“You look so beautiful Micah. You always do.” Amon smiles.

“You are more handsome Amon.” Micah smiles back.

The priest says the rituals.

“May Prince Amon take Princess Micah as his partner for the rest of his life and afterlife and protect the soul orb with all his life? Micah?” The priest says.

“I do.” They both say together.

Then the priest takes his hand out and Amon puts his soul orb in his hand. Micah does the same. Then the priest clenches his fist and when he opens it, the orbs have disappeared and there are rings in place of them. They exchange the rings. Micah looks at the rings and know that they were the soul orb.

“You may kiss the bride.” The priest says.

“Hell yes.” Amon says as he leans in.

Micah laughs as he puts his lips on hers. Everyone bursts into claps. Micah didn’t know what she would do.

She knew a fight was going to start any moment. The curtain had vanished and they both were kissing each other passionately. When they pulled apart they saw something odd.

There were golden feathers falling on them from the top where the curtain used to be. The priest had disappeared. Micah now they would at any moment start fighting. But they didn’t.

“Father, listen to me before you do something I know you will regret. Amon says as his father turns his face towards Amon, still stiff as cardboard.

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